Note: I read some online chat fic, mostly from my favorite story, Rocky Horror Facebook Show by Magenta-A-Domestic and VeronaChat by Eupa. I desperately want to try making one. First online fic, perhaps it is lame and whatever. Please be gentle with me, hahaha. Hope you all enjoy Christmas and Happy New Year! ^^

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Romance Dawn Facebook Thingies

Hancock's Status



Real Life:

Boa Hancock turned her head, covering her beautiful face. She was far too nervous to ask something from Monkey D. Luffy. Yet, she had to do it. There was no other chance. Then again, Hancock braced herself, asking the man she loved the most, "I—I have just one request, Luffy."

"What is it? I won't marry you." Luffy replied with flat tone.

"No! That's not it!" Hancock blushed when she finally spill it, "would you please approve my facebook request, Luffy?"

"Oh? Is that all?" Luffy replied cheerfully. "I've never refuse friend requests! Besides, I want to chat with you sometimes!"

Hancock quickly covered her mouth in disbelief. Her face turned red this time. Luffy wants to chat with me! Was that a proposal or something?

Elder Nyon shouted behind her, dragging Hancock to harsh reality, "NO!"

Facebook Online:

[Handsome-Chivalrous Cook] posted on [Monkey D. Luffy] wall: Luffy, check out Hancock-sama wall. ASAP!

[Handsome-Chivalrous Cook] posted on [Monkey D. Luffy] wall: I'm going to KIIILLLL you if it's true!

[Monkey D. Luffy] commented on his own post: her walls are okay! No leaking!

[Handsome-Chivalrous Cook] commented on his wall post on [Monkey D. Luffy] wall: Not that walls, you dumbshit! Look at [PirateEmpress] status, the one that got many comments!

[Monkey D. Luffy] commented on his own post: Ride on! Don't forget to cook meats for me tomorrow!

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[Handsome-Chivalrous Cook] poked [Monkey D. Luffy]

[Monkey D. Luffy] poked [Handsome-Chivalrous Cook]

[Handsome-Chivalrous Cook] poked [Monkey D. Luffy]

[Monkey D. Luffy] poked [Handsome-Chivalrous Cook]

[Handsome-Chivalrous Cook] sent a message in [Monkey D. Luffy] inbox: CRAP! Stop poking me! Just go and read her status!

[PirateEmpress] updated her status: Luffy, I'm so glad to have babies with you~ love~ your Hancock.

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[Sexy Marigold] commented on [PirateEmpress] status: I'm going to be an aunt! ;D

[Margaret] commented on [PirateEmpress] status: that's wonderful news, Hebihime-sama! I hope the best for you. Kikyo and Ran sent greetings from Grand Line!

[Blue fan] commented on [PirateEmpress] status: hihihihi…

[Super-Hot Bikini] commented on [PirateEmpress] status: SUPPPERRRR! Luffy is the man!

[Hancock is Bitch] commented on [PirateEmpress] status: I bet you drugged Luffy and forced him to have sex with you, bitch! You are damned old, ugly and your boobs are all FAKE! Everybody hates the shit of you!

[PirateEmpress] also commented on her status: it is natural for people to hate me, for I'm the fairest in the sea. Open my clothes and you will see. :P

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[Mysterious Smile] commented on [PirateEmpress] status: despite of his immature bearings, Luffy is actually wise and smart. He knew what best for him. I guess there's nothing wrong of him having sex with woman he loves. [Hancock is Bitch] please change that username, it is very childish of you.

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[Boa Sandersonia] commented on [PirateEmpress] status: [Hancock is Bitch] IS the REAL BITCH. You don't have a life, do you? Go bitching somebody else.

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[PirateEmpress] also commented on her status: No worries, that's only Elder Nyon faked someone else for bashing me. That old witch must be whipped thousand times.

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[Sadi-Suki] commented on [PirateEmpress] status: Let me be the executor, honey. :D

[Silvers Ray] commented on [PirateEmpress] status: Next time told ask Luffy to wear good condoms. Trojans or Lifestyles have well reputation for reliability, comfort, and sensitivity for rubberman like him. CONGRATS!

[Silvers Ray] shared a link on [PirateEmpress] wall: 99 ways to teach your boyfriend how to have safe sex and 101 sex styles to prevent pregnancy.

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[PirateEmpress] also commented on her status: Rayleigh, you made me blush... XD

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[Monkey D. Luffy] commented on [PirateEmpress] status: Hancock! What are you saying!

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[Handsome-Chivalrous Cook] commented on [PirateEmpress] status: Luffy: I knew you wouldn't. You wouldn't touch that God's sexiest masterpiece. Nami the Cat: why do you like Luffy's comment but never like mine!

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[Handsome-Chivalrous Cook] commented on [PirateEmpress] status: Duval, you slimy bastard!

[Nami the Cat] commented on [PirateEmpress] status: Sanji, I'm not yours. It's my right to fall in love with anyone, including that stupid, idiot captain!

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[Sogeking] commented on [PirateEmpress] status: Chopper! Stay away from this! This is adult conversations! This is not for someone like you!

[Chopper-chopper] commented on [PirateEmpress] status: [Super-Hot Bikini] said this is good for my education. Which one for adult, anyways? ^^

[Super-Hot Bikini] commented on [PirateEmpress] status: SUUUUUPPEEERRRRRR! ROCK ON, CHOPPER!

[Nami the Cat] commented on [PirateEmpress] status: go to bed, [Chopper-chopper], NOW. [Super-Hot Bikini], I'll rip your iron skin off tomorrow, you'll see.

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[Monkey D. Luffy] commented on [PirateEmpress] status: Hey! You aren't pregnant, right, Hancock? We did it only several times!

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[Red Yonko] poked [Monkey D. Luffy]

[Monkey D. Luffy] commented on [PirateEmpress] status: marrying you?

[PirateEmpress] also commented on her status: ;-(

[Monkey D. Luffy] commented on [PirateEmpress] status: I'm heading to your isle.

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[Monkey D. Garp] commented on [PirateEmpress] status: Bhahahaha… That is my grandson!

[Mighty Dragon] commented on [PirateEmpress] status: …

[Emporio Ivankov-sama] commented on [PirateEmpress] status: Apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, Dragon. Fufufufu… *death wink*

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