"Dragons are raiding!" and that was enough to get everyone out bed, and already start fighting the beasts even without weapons. All-around the village is being surrounded by dragons as they started dive-bombing after the sheep and torching houses with their fire breaths. Stoick was already battling a Hideous Zippleback, which is nothing more than double trouble mainly for its two heads.

"Stoick look out!" somebody called out as a Nadder than appeared charging at him from the air.

"Is that the way you what to play then, then have this." Stoick said as he dodged out of the way causing the Nadder to collide with the Zippleback, and both roaring as they both fell down off the cliff.

Since Astrid and the others are not really trained 'dragon slayers' they are put as fire fighters (sorry could not think something better) as a fire was engulfing a building they came along with buckets of water trying to die down the flames (even though it failed miserably) then a boy at the same age running towards them, "Hi guys what am miss." the boy said "Nothing much but the whole village is being attack by dragons." Tuffnut called out to the boy.

"I know that, I have eyes and ears." said the boy

"Enough arguing we got to help." Fishlegs said, everyone agreed by nodding

"Oh, by the way has anyone seen my dad." the boy said

"He is over their" Snotlout said pointing to the right

The boy rushed over to his father, "Prepare the touches!" his father cried out, the Vikings started lighting up the giant touches to make them see the dragons much better, so they can strike them much harder with the catapult.

"Give me a stasis update." Stoick said

"We got Nadders, Zipplebacks, Gronckles, and a few Monstrous Nightmares" one Viking said

"Any Night Furies" Stoick said

"No sir." The Viking replied before going back to battle, with a war cry.

"Dad, Dad." The boy called out making Stoick turns his head to see his son coming towards him. "Ah Draco, what the matter are you hurt?" Stoick questioned, "No Dad, I'm fine it's just…"

Then a familiar whistling sound started to be heard, and every Viking known's what it belongs too. "Oh no" Draco said to himself.

"NIGHT FURY!" a Viking cried out to everyone.

Then the 'unholy child of lighting and death' came hurling a fireball at the catapult.

KABOOM! As the fire melted through the wood causing the catapult to crumble into the sea.

"Dammit!" Stoick said very angry "Every time we are doing well that blasted demon comes and ruined it."

Meanwhile with the teenagers,

"AHH" Tuffnut cried as he was being chased by a Nadder, "Somebody help me", as they are running thought the bottom end of town.

"Hang on I'm coming" Astrid said grabbing her axe and coming in very fast with a war cry. The Nadder picked by the cry and started heading towards Astrid.

WKACK, SWIPE and (sorry could not think anything better)

As Astrid and the Nadder battle went ahead, Astrid went on the offence swinging her axe around trying to hit the Nadder, while the dragon kept on invading waiting for the perfect moments. And those moments could have not come any sooner for the girl (in the dragons mind) got distracted for a moment by something.

In Astrid P.O.V

Her battle with the Nadder is going well as she kept swinging her axe at the beast, and just when she was going for a perfect hit, Astrid saw something on the dragons, shining from the heat, and it was somewhat of saddle, on top of a DRAGON! Astrid was confused; the Nadder took its chance and hit Astrid with its big horn.

"Ouch" Astrid said was she went on the floor, BAMB the dragon's huge foot went on top of her, trapping her from escaping.

"Back off beast" Astrid said crossly. But the Dragon would not listen instead it was started ready to ignite its fire.

"Is this it than, killed by a monster" Astrid said in her mind, and just when the Nadder was about to fire, an arrow went flying past hitting the dragon on the side, the Nadder shriek in pain by the arrow and went off to retreat into the forest.

Astrid went around seeing the person who has just saved her and it was not what really what she thought would save her. There standing on a small hill with a bow and arrow was Draco smiling gladly.

"I thought the gang and I was about to lose their best warrior." Draco said

"Thank you for the help" Astrid said, as the rest of the gang caught up.

"Thank goodness I thought I lost you sweet checks" Snotlout said grinning, Astrid just rolled her eyes.

So what caused you to lose against the Nadder Astrid? Fishlegs said a bit worried

"You're not going to believe this, but I saw a saddle on top of it. Astrid said

"So did I." someone said causing the gang jump a little and turned to see it was Gobber.

You did? Astrid said, making the gang a bit worried

"I did on a Monstrous Nightmare." said Gobber now putting them into shock

"Which idiot would do that?" Ruffnut said

"I really have no idea, unless…" Gobber said

"Who is it Gobber." Astrid said

"I want you six to go follow any injured dragon and after that tell me what or who of that you saw, you got it? Gobber said

"Yes Gobber I believe we got this in the bag." Snotlout said very confidently.

Unknown to own six friends it's going to be a long night a head.

Meanwhile far away from the village in one of the many cave on the tall mountains which stands in the middle of Berk. Thousands of dragons are resting and going in a pattern, and in the centre of the cave there is Hiccup looking after a Zippleback.

"There, there it's alright, let me just help you." Hiccup said to the dragon.

"Please hurry Hiccup you known how much I like going into battle." the Zippleback said.

"And this is why you came with five arrows on your body every time." Hiccup said as he pulled an arrow from his belly.

"Ouch! That hurts do it a bit slower maybe." The Zippleback said in pain.

"Alright that all of them, and can you please be a little bit more careful." Hiccup said as the Zippleback flew off. "Oh boy, that 5 dragons in half an hour." He said "This going to be one Hel of a night."

How right Hiccup is, how right he is.