No More And Yet No Less

This story starts right after the song Beneath A Moonless Sky, cause I always wondered what might have happened if Gustave hadn't interruped Erik and Christine. Will she finally accept her feelings for him and send Raoul away for good?

Chapter 1:

Christine's POV:

„And now?" he asked, his face only inches away from my own.

"For us...there is no now" I said, slowly turning away from him.

"Christine, please-"

I said nothing, just continued walking over to the balcony, staring out in the distance.

"Christine, I love you. Ever since the moment I saw you first at the Opera and I can assure you that I always will." He said "Our love would have had a chance if only-"

I knew what he was about to say- that he and I would have had a chance for a life together if only Raoul hadn't shown up, but that was only halfway true.

"That's not true, Erik!" I interrupted him, turning to face him

"Don't blame others for the things you did!" I cried. I was suddenly so upset, for it was his fault!

He left me after that night!

He looked at me, totally confused.

"Don't forget that you left me after that nigth!" I cried.

"Christine, I had to and we both knew why." He said, pointing at his mask.


"No Christine! You know what I am! Look at this monstrous face of mine! Look at me and you know why I had to leave you even though I loved you more than anything!" He went on before I could say another word.

The despair in his voice and eyes almost broke my heart.

"Erik, I loved you! I would have followed anywhere you led!" I said, moving one step closer to him, my hand caressing his cheek.

He looked at me with pure astonishment in his eyes. "I thought I knew how our story would end, but maybe I was wrong" he said, his astonishment turning into a sad smile.

"We all made mis-" I began but he interrupted me by getting hold of my throat, causing me to gasp in pain.

"How dare you call what we shared a mistake!" he yelled, letting go off me, turning to walk over to the piano on the other side of the room.

"Erik-" I begged him. "listen to me!"

"Don't Erik me!" he shouted

"You slept with me and now you dare to tell me that spending the night with me was a mistake!"

What?! He thought I was about to say that spending that night with him was a mistake? Why? Why would I say such a thing?

"Let me explain!" I tried to interrupt him but he just ignored me.

"Probably the biggest mistake of your life?!" he brought his frist down to the piano.

"That's not what I said" I cried, approaching him but that only caused him to grab my wrist.

"Do you know what's the worst thing about it?" he asked, "I thought you loved me! After all we've been through, I thought you had finally learned to love me… After all these years spent with me at the Opera. After that night!" he cried "And now you call it a mistake!"

"No Erik! That's not what I said-" I started but he interrupted me once again.

"Why Christine? Why did you sleep with me out of pity?" he asked, getting a firmer hold of my wrist, causing me to gasp.

"Out of pity?!" I cried, getting free of his grab, raising my hand to slap him across the face.

How it upset and hurt me that he thought me capable of doing such a thing! "Erik, what do you think who I am?!"

He looked at me, obviously shocked that I just slapped him.

"Do you honestly think I'd spent that night with you if I still wanted to marry Raoul the day after?" I questioned angrily.

"The only mistake I did that night was not to tell you that I'd decided to leave Raoul for good! I chose to leave with my true love-" I grabbed his hand as he removed it from my neck, pressing my other hand on his own. "with you"

"Christine, I-" he began but this time it was my turn to interrupt him.

"I loved you, Erik! Yes, I loved you! I would have followed anywhere you led!"

Once again he stared at me in amazement and shock, unable to say a word.

"And you know what? I still love you!"

With that I stepped closer to him, pressing my lips against his.

He wrapped his arms around me and joined the kiss, the most passionate kiss we ever had.

Oh that kiss! How I missed him those 10 long years!

I loved him! Yes, I loved him!

Ever since the day I left him in his lair beneath the opera to start a new life with Raoul I knew that I wanted to spend my days with him instead of Raoul. I came to realize as soon as we were free to leave the Phantom's lair.

On the night before I was to marry Raoul, I went to find Erik to tell him I had to go. That's what I told Raoul anyway, for I couldn't tell him the truth.

The turth was that I wanted to find Erik and confess my love for him and leave with him for good.

And that's just what I did.

I went to Madame Giry's and asked where Erik was, for I knew she would most certainly help him to get out of Paris.

Once I arrived at Madame Giry's she told me where I could find him and I immediately headed towards his hide-out, reaching it when night was already closing in.

As you will recall, we spent that night together. Oh that night! The most wonderful night I've ever had.

Yes, I would leave with him when tomorrow comes. I finally accepted my love for Erik.

He might have been the Phantom and yes, he had a horrible temper at times but then again, whenever I was with him, he was so caring, so kind, so loving.

He wasn't the infamous Phantom of the Opera anymore, he was Erik.

My love!

His face held no horror for me anymore. After all, I learnt to see the beauty underneath his deformed face.

I woke the next morning, about to swear my love to him but found him gone instead!

"Erik?" I called his name, hoping he would answer but he didn't.

I rose to my feet, looking for him all over his hiding place but he was nowhere to be found.

"Erik! Where are you?" I cried, tears streaming down my cheeks.

I cried for my love had left me for good, when I was finally willing to do what I should have done all along.

That one thing was to confess to him that I loved him with all that I was.

But it was too late, he left me after that beautiful night.

Oh how upset I was!

But that was ten long years ago…

Erik and I were finally reunited. I could no longer be upset that he left me. No, instead I was happy to have him back. We were standing at the balcony window of the hotel room at Coney Island, kissing each other tenderly. Oh, how I had missed him…my angel!

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