The Pinocchio Effect
Written by Silent Soul Ken
Rating: M for Mature
Reason: Explicit Sexuality, Growth, Swearing, Explicit Nudity
Summary: Naruto goes to see a Fortune Teller for a view into his luck however after his insult he'll find that he has a big problem and it's just getting bigger and bigger…

Chapter 6
The start of a new beginning

Naruto and Hinata stood in the living room the windows had the curtains drawn, the door was locked, and the door to the patio also had the curtains up. They both had their clothes off, and were eyeing each other silently measuring each other coolly, Hinata, with her large 37 DD cups, and Naruto with his 10 inch schlong the two smiling at each other. They were going to do this without interruption, distraction, or fear. Both were looking at each other wondering who would start their confession of their love for each other. "When we were on the train I thought everything would turn out perfectly/When we were at the ice rink I thought you were a terrible skater," They said at the same time, instantly her breasts gained a cup, and his cock an inch. With that they began to lie, every lie fueling their growth slowly but surely.

10 minutes had passed and the two were panting their body electrified. The flooring was groaning audibly as Hinata was on the wall her massive breasts a wall of its own. Naruto was also on the wall his massive cock and balls also a wall the two having grown so much that they were touching his length deep in her massive cleavage. Sweat covered their body, they were so aroused their monstrous additions throbbing. "Naruto-kun do you think could you ever imagine anybody this big?" Hinata suddenly asked.

"Not really kinda silly to be honest… I'm almost going nuts I'm so big." Hinata giggled.

"All right ready?" She said smiling gently.

"I love you," They both said and their organs deflated rapidly when they were back to normal size the two ran to each other and came to an embrace kissing each other hotly and clumsily. Hinata's breasts rubbing against Naruto's skin sliding easily due to the sweat. She could feel his hard meat rod on her abdomen, throbbing, and red. She gave a gasp as Naruto suddenly grabbed her butt and lifted her!

"Let's go upstairs," Naruto said and Hinata wrapped her limbs around his body holding tight as Naruto walked to and climbed the stairs easily as if she weighed no more than a piece of paper. In truth to Naruto she did weigh no more than a piece of paper, years of fighting, exercising and training had toughened his body though it had dulled slightly due to office work he still had his strength. He carried her up the stairs into the bed room he looked at Hinata who was smiling gently as she held on he walked to the bed and bent forward as he neared the bed and set her down softly. She felt the soft silk and disengaged her hold looking up at him admiring his muscular sweat covered body. He was on top of her kissing her again. "The sweetest of sweets," Naruto murmured as he broke her kiss.

"You tease," Hinata said coyly giggling slightly, "You meet many girls in your younger years?" She asked Naruto's body was low she could feel the heat of his dick on her abs.

"Yeah," She felt his dick head brush her abs. "Pretty good-looking ones too," Again now in her middle he was grinning. "And what about you? How many boys looking to grab you?" Hinata smiled slightly.

"Not really," her chest swelled, "Nobody cared for my looks," He smiled as he felt her nipples; she was blushing now it was clear she wanted to fuck. "Could you hurry up? I want to finish this before it gets dark!" Her breasts were heavy, with their current size and love for Naruto.

"This'll be over quick," She could feel his balls now on her stomach she was so wet that it seemed overflowing her entire being ready prepared years for this one moment, a moment she never would've thought possible. Her ultimate dream, to marry, bear children and live a life with this man all made reality. He was moving now his balls sliding against her skin as he aimed his cock at her wet slit, he looked at her eyes she nodded and he was in her. Hinata's breath came out in a painful gasp as he broke into her sanctum despite her vibrators she never was able break her virginity. But Naruto did with his new organ she expected the pain but even so it felt like a dagger was in her gut. She was moaning her breath coming in quick painful gasps.

She felt Naruto's arms wrap around her body holding her gently. "I'm here." He said gently Hinata whimpered sobbing slightly her hands rising to hug him. After a while the pain was less now but still present. "I'm gonna start," He said and she felt his body raise itself breaking his hold he looked at her and she looked at him. Naruto could see her dry tears and was determined to make this enjoyable. He was so huge, and sensitive he could feel every muscle and wall of Hinata wrapping around his length, squeezing on it. He moved his hips pulling out then pushing in. He went slow watching Hinata's breasts slowly start to move in tandem. Hinata's pain was dulling now as a new sensation filled her.

"Yes!" Her blood was on fire her hands now clenching his skin tightly. "More!" He was moving harder now the bed rocking slightly to his motions. Her breasts were waving wildly now as Naruto pounded into her grunting his hot breath coming in waves against her skin. He could feel her nails starting to dig into his skin he was thankful she was not a woman of fashion who liked their nails long. He was close to cumming his enlarged organs more sensitive than the norm.

"So… GRUGH Close!" He grunted Hinata's legs came up and wrapped around his hips locking herself in.

"Do it!" She screamed, "Cum inside! Make me yours! Your love, your wife, your object! Make me yours!" She screamed her mind in throes of pleasure her body twitching trying to maintain its grip. She could feel his muscles tighten on his back as he gave a thrust inside roaring. Hinata could feel the hot powerful spray entering inside of her. She came, suddenly without warning screaming her fingers digging even harder into Naruto as her juices sprayed against the tide of sperm entering her. The two waves caught each other, some of her juices and Naruto's sperm came out and some was pushed in. The two stayed tense and tight holding to each other feeling each other's heartbeats. They were silent both not wanting to separate but Naruto finally did. He pulled away and looked at her.

"You were amazing," he said and his cock shrunk now flaccid and popped out of her pussy and a slightly gush of cum and juices spilling out as it did becoming a trickle of white goo.

"Naruto-kun… I'm happy that I had you as my first…" Hinata said sitting up slightly smiling at him tears brimming in her eyes.

"Well Hinata-chan… you were my first too," Hinata's eyes shot down to his cock and yet it hadn't even twitched she felt a feeling of giddiness and excitement.

"B-But your parties," remembering that fact she looked at his face.

"Eh I'm not one for booze and drugs once it got to those points I was gone." Naruto said.

"Oh… oh Naruto-kun… I love you." Hinata said smiling.

"And I you," The two kissed then they giggled and looked at the window where the moon was out. "Heh the moon never seemed so big before." Naruto said, Hinata suddenly smiled.

"Naruto-kun… would it be all right if… we um… you see I… uh… w-w-well." Naruto waited for her to get it out.

'She's cute when she's flustered' Naruto thought, suddenly she inhaled.

"Iwaswonderingifmaybeyouwanttogowithmeonamoonlitst roll!" She was panting now and then she gave a nervous smile.

"With or without clothes?" Naruto asked.

"U-uhmm… with for now… I well… have a surprise!" Hinata said.

"All right," With that the two readied for their midnight stroll.

-The Beach-

Naruto was dressed in a tank-top with his swimsuit on; he was sitting down waiting for Hinata. The sand was cool against his feet, and the moon was shining rays down on his head. The smell of salt and the light rush of water coming ashore, "Ha… paradise," He muttered.

"N-Naruto-kun…" Naruto was about to turn, "W-Wait! Please! Close your eyes!" Naruto paused then he shrugged and closed his eyes. He heard sand shifting and he waited, "O-Ok open your eyes…" Hinata said. Naruto did what he saw more or less gave him an instant boner. Hinata was standing her back to the moon, she was wearing a bikini top that barely covered her nipple, and down below the bottom was a thong that sparkled near the lining she turned to show the thong creasing around her butt. "W-Well how is it?" She asked he could see her face was cherry red.

"Uh…" It pretty much summed up his mindset, Hinata was like a goddess having descended down to grace him with her presence. She saw his tent and she looked away smiling pleased that she elected a response from him. She then turned to him and walked to him one foot in front of the other. She stopped before him and he looked up at her the view was incredible. She then lowered herself and kissed him pushing him into the sand. The two kissed feeling each other's bodies the sand starting to stick their bodies as sweat began to bead on their skin. However the two weren't going all the way they just wanted to kiss. Naruto felt Hinata push herself up and he smiled up at her. She smiled back and she dismounted from him and sat down on the beach looking at the water as it glittered from the moons light.

"Naruto-kun, I cannot even begin to tell you how happy you have made me, for so long I loved you yet… for so long you were out of reach to me." Naruto sat up and looked at Hinata listening closely. "I was afraid that one day I would marry a man that my father would choose to expand the company someone I would never love truly." Naruto's lips creased slightly and he reached for her hand and grabbed it.

"I'm sorry for making you wait so long, I was… a fool when I think about it you must've been hiding it but I should've paid more attention to the signs I'm sorry." Naruto said he reached for her hand and grabbed it, Hinata smiled and the two intertwined their fingers together. Naruto turned his head to the ocean and he narrowed his eyes then a sly grin spread across his face. Hinata took note and looked to see what he was looking at. Out in the distance a white boat was moving across the water.

"Naruto-kun?" She knew that smile he was planning something.

"Hinata-chan how about some fun?" Hinata raised an eyebrow at his coy tone, "How about we give those people on the boat an eyeful?" Hinata's eyes widened in shock and horror.

"No! No, no, no, no, no, no!" Naruto's grin widened.

"I'll do it with you I promise I won't leave you hanging!" Her eyes went down as Naruto expected to see no growth.

"Ok… Oh kami I hope they don't put this on the news." Hinata said.

'I hope they do if so… then it means good things' Naruto moved so that he and her were equally distanced and they began.

-The cruiser-

The current pilot of the cruiser was one Shikamaru Nara using his hard earned cash to take his wife and kids out on vacation one hand steering the ship while the other held his glass of pina colada. His wife Temari Nara was a blonde haired woman who had her hair done in a unique four-pigtail style. She was strong, intelligent and beautiful. She had no fear in using any of her features to intimidate, humiliate or rebuke someone. Shikamaru had learned that personally years ago. Their son, Shikatsu looked like his father and had some of his personality but his hair was like his mother's a unique break in the normal Nara mold.

Their daughter, Nami looked more like her mother physically and had gray hair that tied off into a braided ponytail. She had a mix of Shikamaru's lazy indifference and her mother's fiery spirit. The family hadn't had a vacation in years and while they couldn't go to the one place they wanted they settled with the beach. Shikamaru was now maneuvering the boat back into the dock that rented the boats out. As he did he heard his kids shouting. "Mommy, daddy look, look what is it?" Shikamaru turned to his kids who were looking at the starboard bow. He turned his head and he gagged on his drink briefly while Temari who had been lounging looked and ran to her kids to cover their eyes.

"That's a beached sperm whale…" Shikamaru said quickly.

"At least… that's what it looks like." She said, 'Though it looks like… well it's not possible to have on that large… or is it?' She tried to picture what she had just seen on her husband and quickly dismissed it, it was utterly ridiculous.

"Mommy I thought I saw some really big balloons too!" Shikamaru chuckled nervously as he saw the 'balloons' though his mind drew another conclusion.

"Yep… that's what they are… really big… balloons." He said trying to hide the nervousness in his voice; a bead of sweat running down the side of his face. 'Thank god they are kids… though if anybody had a thing like that it'd be all over the news… wait a minute.' With that Shikamaru shut off the engine and headed down below deck. He soon reappeared with his digital camera in hand. Temari shot a suspicious and glowering look at him.

'I know he didn't pull out a camera…' she thought angrily, "Honey please tell me you aren't planning on keeping that…" She snarled. She was distracted enough that their kids were able to look between her fingers.

"I got a better Idea I'm gonna show it to the local news…" Shikamaru informed.

"Hey daddy why does it look like my peepee?" Temari's face could make a tomato envious of her red face.

"Uh… it's not it's a sperm whale son…" Shikamaru said nervously sweat culminating at his chin and neck.

"Mommy the other one looks like your chest…" Shikamaru placed a hand on his nose to hide the trail of blood dripping down.

"I wish," Temari mumbled enviously under her breath.

'Good god I hate smart kids…' Shikamaru grumbled in his mind 'It's even worse that they're MY smart kids…' However Shikamaru was inwardly proud of his children being able to discern the difference between… 'Stop right there…' he took the pictures and went to the boat and starting it again he set the engine to full and the boat powered away.


'Oh I could just die of embarrassment, ooohhh those waves against my breasts are making me so… oohhh… I gotta shrink or I'll go crazy.' Hinata flustered. She stood on the ground leaning back so that her breasts were able to grow to their current size. Her crotch was dripping wet the sheer size and sensitivity of her breasts had made extremely horny within seconds the waves washing around her breasts felt like hundreds of cold mouths nipping at her breasts. Her nipples were hard like steel sticking out a good 6 feet out from her gargantuan breasts. The process of her breasts growing bigger and bigger alone was a torture as her breasts scraped against the sand and was licked by the water. She couldn't help but give a huff of annoyance.

'Naruto-kun has it easy!' Hinata thought angrily and she looked at her love, who was lying on his massive balls and she saw that his body was sweating and twitching. It was then that she looked at his dick the thing was a throbbing hard mass. She heard an audible gurgle coming from him. It was then that she caught it. A scent very faint but it was there, she recognized it. It was the scent of Naruto's musk it assaulted her nose and went straight to her head. 'Oh god I can't… I'm CUMMING!' Her legs buckled as she had an orgasm her juices shooting out from her thong.

Naruto was nearly melting down the waves splashing on his dick was just mindboggling and with its monstrous size the sensitivity was just off the charts. His brain was also registered the sand grinding against his head and he felt his cock start to harden turning from a limp whale into a hardened tower. So hot and hard was it he could smell his own musk he panted restraining his body from release. 'Goddammit I want to cum so bad' Naruto was losing his will to hold it in as he lay on his giant balls sweat pouring from his body in sheets. 'God I can't do this…' Naruto's eyes turned to Hinata who he saw was watching him she was shifting slightly and then he saw her love juices spray out. In his sexual haze his senses were extended he was able to pick up the scent of her juices drifting in the air. 'Fuck… DAMMIT!' Naruto's body convulsed as his balls began to empty their massive payload into the ocean.

-The boat-

"Daddy, Daddy the whale is blowing white stuff out!" Shikamaru's face became as red as a tomato while Temari ran to cover their eyes and pulled them next to Shikamaru.

'Good god… I need to get them out of here before they catch on!' Shikamaru groaned gunning the engine as heard as he could.

"Hurry honey!" Temari muttered and Shikamaru nodded.


"Oh my goodness…" Hinata had shrunken her breasts and had gotten an eyeful of white flooding into the ocean. She looked to see Naruto laying on his balls his hard cock spearing the ocean and emptying his massive gurgling ball into the ocean. "If he ever filled me with that… would I handle it?" Hinata almost did a double take. 'I never would have thought of that… until… well until today I suppose.' Hinata then realized what was happening. She was accepting herself, and accepting Naruto. 'We're cursed… and yet this curse… is a blessing for us… it's something that was… no… no… I mustn't think like that.' Hinata looked at Naruto as he continued to empty out. Then Naruto's cock began to shrink rapidly till Naruto was lying in the sand his hard cock now weakly spurting out cum into the sand and his skin.

"Man… that was… awesome and painful at the same time," Naruto moaned.

"Oh no how badly hurt are you?" She asked looking at him with great worry.

"I'm fine Hinata I just need to rest a bit." Naruto grunted.

"All right," Hinata moved forward and she knelt down and grabbing Naruto's head she placed it on her lap smiling at him. Naruto grunted as he turned onto his back his sweaty body covered in sand. Hinata stroked his forehead gently. Naruto lay there recovering his strength; he looked at the stars and moon above.

'Man… to think this would've happened; I never would've dreamed of it in a million years.' Hinata casted her gaze up as well and the two watched the sky then Naruto sat up his strength now back. Naruto looked at the beachhead which was covered in his cum. "That'll be a pain to clean up… but I'm feeling a bit frisky," Naruto turned to Hinata, "How about we go back up and have some… oh… shower sex?" Hinata's face became scarlet and she looked at Naruto then she nodded. Naruto grinned and stood up he grabbed his discarded shorts and Hinata her bra and the two raced upstairs ready for love.

-The Beachhouse-

Naruto and Hinata stood in the shower letting the water run across their skin peeling off the sand from their body. They observed each other their eyes studying, examining. Hinata observed and marveled at Naruto's powerful body the muscles that flexed ever so slightly her eyes even catching the slight scarring on his skin that remained as skin that was too fresh that it was lighter than the rest of his body.

Naruto looked at Hinata's beautiful and smooth curves. His eyes making note of the perfectly maintained skin, and of the slight muscles that they hid. He had said it once and could say it a hundred times. 'She has the body of an angel.' He reached forward and touched her skin feeling its smoothness which was enhanced by the sand. Hinata let him touch her watching him.

Hinata enjoyed Naruto's touch feeling his rough hands on her smooth skin, hands and fingers that had been sculpted by the flow of time and hard work. Hands that she could never attain made soft through menial tasks and chores. However hands capable of great dexterity and precision. She then reached to Naruto's face as he moved close his hands coming around to her waist pulling her close. She felt his skin even here it was rough but it was smoother than his hands.

'So soft like silk…' Naruto could feel his heart thumping hard against his chest. The two stood there Hinata feeling her loves throbbing meat on her abs, while her breasts on his. Standing so close she realized how tall Naruto was. He was a good foot taller maybe more the two felt more at one in this single moment than any other. Finally Naruto moved tightening his grip on her butt he lifted her and the two kissed he walked forward and her back was to the wall. Hinata broke the kiss her mouth biting down at his neck while Naruto pushed her up his cock quickly coming up and entering her moist lips easily. Hinata reached up wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling up. He was thrusting in her now while she held to him tightly her head on his chest hearing his rapidly thumping heart.

She heard his rough grunts and she was grunting herself as he seemed to poke father and farther into her pussy even up to her womb. "Yes!" She breathed, Naruto slowed slightly but continued. "More give me more!" Naruto thrusted harder now his hips slapping her butt as he pulled back from the wall she held on even tighter. Naruto kept thrusting then he pulled out. "No don't stop!" Hinata wailed he let her down. She looked at him then he held up his hand and swirled with his finger. Hinata turned around then she realized what he wanted she leaned forward sticking her butt out to him. He grabbed her waist and once again stuck his cock in her again. Hinata moaned and she place her hand on the all to brace herself her breasts wiggling as Naruto pounded into her. He could feel her inner walls wrapping and tightening around his dick. "Oh god yes!" She cried out as his hips slapped against her butt loudly made louder by the water and the room. Naruto could feel it the orgasm coming just as Hinata felt hers.

"I'm cumming!" he warned, Hinata panted trying to maintain her mentality.

"M-Me too! Let's cum together!" She urged and Naruto nodded both in synch as Naruto slammed it in and Hinata cried out her juices shooting out while Naruto sperm shot in. The two let their orgasm ride out even as Naruto felt the warm gush of juice and sperm. Hinata panted happy for what happened but instead of feeling tired the two felt invigorated. "Naruto-kun I have an idea." Hinata said and she reached forward and turned off the shower the two stood there whether wet from the shower or their own sweat it was hard to tell. She got Naruto's still hard dick out and walked to his ear whispering he raised his eyebrows.

"You sure?" he asked concerned.

"Would I mention it otherwise?" She said a rather sly smile on her face.

"Of course you would," He said Hinata felt the pulse on her stomach, "You're a nasty girl," Another pulse. "No care for anything but herself," she could feel it on her middle, "A scoundrel incapable of love." It was poking her breasts. She turned her back to him as he reached down hooking his arms under her legs. He lifted her up with ease Hinata giggling she felt him lift her up higher and she felt the throbbing head she glanced at him the nodded. He pushed up his now 16 inch dick sliding into her Hinata cried out as he spread her wide. He faltered but Hinata reached with a hand grabbing his arm and squeezing it comfortingly. He was still then continued Hinata gritted her teeth she felt pain but now that he was moving it began to dull. He began to raise and lower her with his thrusting timing it so that he went in at maximum force. Hinata was in heaven to feel such a large dick inside of her even feel it move her skin was exhilarating. She was so enthralled she just noticed that they were standing in front of a mirror. She saw herself and had this been the old Hinata she would've died of embarrassment.

Hinata was spreading her oddly angled legs, her mouth opened her tongue out drooling, her breasts bouncing up and down like bells and her stomach had a large bulge pushing up and down. "Oh look at me!" She cried, Naruto did see and he grinned widely. "So dirty and hot!" She cried out.

"Dirty and hot, and me a rabid beast," Naruto grunted, "Wanting to fulfill its dark desires with its bitch!" He panted.

"A she-beast wanting to be filled again and again!"

"Filled to bursting by my seed!" The two egging each other on with this wild talk Naruto's huge softball sized balls swelling ready to unload.

"Dirty," Hinata's toes curled.

"Wild," Naruto's muscles bulged.

"Hot," She leaned back gritting her teeth.

"Loving," He leaned forward resting his head on her shoulder.

"Animals!" They shouted orgasming again Naruto's cock spewing a great wave of cum blasting Hinata's juices back in and began to bloat her belly the two stood then within a minute it was over. Naruto lowered Hinata down and the two fell forward on top of each other. Hinata moaned and she shifted and Naruto turned laying sideways on the ground letting the cool floor cool him off. She looked at her belly and rubbed it.

"One day… I'll have this… but it won't be filled with cum… it'll be filled with life." She said, Naruto looked then smiled and kissed her neck gently.

"If you'll have me," He said gently.

"Oh yes, a thousand times yes," she said almost as if it was tiring to say it. Naruto smiled then kissed her again. The two lay there, then they fell asleep, not out of tiredness but satisfaction.

-The next day-

Hinata and Naruto swore to never fall asleep on a bathroom floor ever again both shivering and raw skin from the floor. Luckily there was the bed cloth and grabbing that the two went downstairs Naruto turning on the TV while Hinata began to make some food. He flicked through channels till he came to the news and he paused then he smiled. "Hey Hinata get over here!" He said, Hinata finished the eggs and placed them on a plate and turned off the stove she then went to Naruto and looked to see the news and her face turned red. The TV showed a News Woman sitting on a couch on a sofa was Shikamaru Nara, his wife Temari, his son Shidatsu, and his daughter Nami at the bottom left corner was a mosaic picture that any adult or even teenager would be able to discern.

"Today we are here with Shikamaru Nara father of two who took a rather interesting photo during a family cruise." On the TV screen the mosaic picture enlarged in its pixelated glory as Naruto started to laugh.

"Oh they actually put it on TV!" Hinata said looking embarrassed.

"Don't worry they won't know it's us…" Naruto said the two watched as the News woman began to ask Shikamaru questions.

"What would you say it looked like?" She asked.

"Well that's hard to say looks like a beached whale but it could be something else entirely," Shikamaru said vaguely.

'Clever Shikamaru this will get quite the craze and it proves my theory,' Naruto thought nodding his head.

'I can't believe Naruto-kun made me do this…' Hinata thought angrily ready to glare at Naruto only for her anger to fade at his pensive form "Naruto-kun?" She asked curious for the look.

"…And what about you young man, what did it look like to you?" The News anchorwoman swung down to Shikamaru's son. Shidatsu had been busying himself with observing the news people in the hosue. But he had been listening very carefully. He paused looking down at his fingers then up at her.

"It looked like my peepee but waaaaayyyy big!" He said holding his arms out. There was silence while Naruto guffawed and Hinata began to steam her face redder than a tomato.

"W-Well that's interesting and what about you young lady?" The woman asked hurriedly moving to Nami who had been watching everything with a fierce expression it softened slightly as she tapped her chin.

"Welllll… two of them looked like mommies boobs but huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge! Bigger than mommies by a lot," Temari's face became crimson while Shikamaru tried to conceal his bloody nose.

"W-Well that's all for now folks back to you Konan." The woman said, the TV shut off while Hinata was panting, her body hot and itchy she was so furious and embarrassed that she felt like smacking Naruto but his next words would stay her rage.

"Hinata-chan… sit down please," He said his voice as calm as gentle as a breeze. She sat down next to him watching him carefully. "Hinata-chan there's something I want to ask you it's a very serious question." Naruto said Hinata felt her heart beat rise slightly.

'S-So soon? Oh things are progressing better than I expected!' Hinata thought her rage bubbling away as she smiled slightly.

"Thing is Hinata-chan I've been wondering this for a while now and I even did it once before but would you like to do modeling as a career with me." Her happiness popped and was replaced with confusion.

"What do you mean?" Naruto sighed.

"Ok I was thinking that maybe we could make a living off of modeling in particular modeling our… unique abilities... in the nude" Naruto said, "Nobody will know it's us," He added in hurriedly at Hinata's glare, "Also if this turns out good we can really make it big you know with selling and all that." Naruto said, Hinata sat there pondering these words.

'This is an interesting proposal but I don't like it, it has risks many risks and I don't think I could handle the pressure besides it's embarrassing to boot.' Naruto saw her hesistant gaze.

"Now look think of it this way we can take this curse and turn it into a gift if we do this right we could be set for life! But I won't force you into this. How about we try a test photo shoot we won't put it out in public it'll just be us!" Naruto said encouragingly.

"Well… I suppose one shoot would be fine." Hinata said feeling bold.

"Ok I'll get the camera," Naruto stood up the blanket falling of him and he went to get his camera. Hinata sighed and she went back to the kitchen to finish cooking. She was nervous she wasn't much of a photo girl and modeling was out of the question. She had no confidence in her appearance but that had been changing slowly. Naruto's love and encouragement was giving her a different view of herself a more pleasing one. She didn't consider herself drop dead gorgeous though no, she didn't have the hubris for it but she now thought of herself as a cute girl. She didn't have to wait long for Naruto to come down camera in hand a portable already developing film one.

"You ready?" Hinata felt nervous but she nodded she was about to turn. "Wait stay there, turn your side to me." He said she did her face red. He snapped a photo a picture came out it fluttered to the ground. "All right lie now." Hinata responded she lied till Naruto told her to stop she blushed as her breasts were now at least G-cups. "Face me and lean back on the stove slightly and give me a seductive look." He said Hinata did so but her face refused to move. "If you were to seduce me like say when I was in bed how would you do it?" Hinata's face moved and he snapped a picture. Hinata felt a slight tingling now and she turned threw her hair back leaning on the stove her butt sticking out one leg crossing the other. "Oh nice!" Naruto snapped yet another pic.

Hinata walked forward and she lied making her breasts even bigger as she got to the couch and she placed her breasts over the back resting them on the back rest. Naruto snapped again and even did it at different angles. Hinata then went to the couch with the blanket and laid down grabbing the blanket and wrapping it around her flashing her hair as she did Naruto snapped till he ran out of film. Hinata was so into her act that she didn't realize that Naruto was gathering the photos. He blew on the ones that were still developing but gave her the ones that had finished Hinata put a hand to her mouth. She was shocked by the beautiful woman in the picture, and her seductive and toying nature. The woman revealed herself but gave a teasing glare to the camera Hinata felt her mouth go dry. "I-Is that me?" She asked as Naruto sat down the rest of the pictures developed.

"Don't I say that you're beautiful?" he said.

"More than I can count, but… I… I didn't think it was like this." She said breathlessly as she looked at her final pictures. "Where did you learn to do this?" she asked him curious.

"College and watching fashion shows of late been wanting to do this so I've sat through those god awful modeling shows." Naruto said.

"Oh my you're serious aren't you?" Hinata asked.

"Yeah… I think this is the best path for us…" Naruto said she considered that. "Well?" She already had an answer.

"Yes… Let's do this I want to see how far I've come." She said Naruto reached over her shoulder pulling her close and kissing her cheek.

"We both will," he said.

The End…

The story is over till I find time to write an epilogue... hope you enjoyed this!