Ziva slumped over the dozens of papers in front of her, the words slowly starting to blur together. She was using her fist to keep her head propped up and her elbow was aching as it rested against the top of her desk. Her eyes were fluttering with sleep. The Constitution, while quite fascinating, got very boring to read over for the hundredth time. She wanted to get everything perfect for her citizenship test. It was just so hard to learn all the details sometimes.

So much for priding herself on her ability to pay attention to such intricate details. She was starting to get lazy.

Yawning, she finally gave in, letting her eyes close completely and feeling herself slowly starting to drift to sleep. She could feel her body relaxing for the first time in days. The soft hum of the lamp on her desk was almost comforting - background noise to help her ease into a comfortable rest.

There was a loud bang as a foot collided with her desk and she quickly snapped awake, blinking at the figure in front of her. A few seconds later, Gibbs came into focus, the smallest of smiles at the corner of her lips.

"You are here late, Gibbs."

He nodded, placing a cup of coffee down in front of her silently. She watched as he pulled the chair from Tony's desk around, sitting in front of hers. Leaning back, he took a gulp of his own coffee, letting out a small sigh. She looked at him, forehead wrinkled in confusion. Gibbs leaned over, grabbing one of the papers from under her hand, making her jump in surprise. He looked over it, holding it out far enough so the words weren't so blurry, and licked his lips in thought.

"Twelfth Amendment."

She soon realized what sounded like a statement was really a question. He was here to help her study. She smiled lightly, before clearing her throat, and trying to remember what the hell the answer was.