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After we left the girl in the dungeons I left the castle. I didn't think I could stand my father and his men getting drunk (at least even more so) off their 'victory'. My father had just called for another round of beer for everyone when I left.

I sat down outside of the armory to shine my dagger. The weapon had been a gift from my father on my tenth birthday. It was a deadly weapon although generally only used for traps. I had only been in a few real fights, none of which were very big, just skirmishes between guards and townspeople, or the villagers from the next town over.

I had nearly started to doze off when I heard yells coming from the other side of the dilapidated castle. I jumped to my feet.

"After her!"

"The little witch escaped!"

Shouts of anger and distress filled the air. I turned to see about a dozen guards chasing after a young girl… in her underclothes? Why on earth would the 'respectable, lady-like' Merryweather girl be parading around De Noir castle in her underclothes? Sometimes I wondered if females were from a different world.

I picked up my newly cleaned dagger and took lead of the guards. The girl ran between tent flaps, trying to find a way out. "Good luck," was all I could think to her. I had lived here my whole life I knew every crack in the wall, every rock on the ground, she was frantically running from guards having never even been on the grounds.

I caught sight of her running toward one of the walls, I couldn't help but smirk; we had her cornered.

"Princess," I said with a sigh. How could she have let herself be cornered like this, so amateur, so stupid.

My men filled in behind me, the feet pounding the ground like horse's hooves.

She climbed up onto the wall, steadying herself with her arms. Her eyes widened as she saw she had no escape.

"What are you going to do now?" I asked, taking slow steps forward, still holding the smirk on my face.

She glanced down at the ground, and above my head. She took a fleeting look at the guards behind me, as if calculating her chances of fighting. I knew that there was no other way but down, surely she wouldn't be dunderheaded enough to jump off the castle wall, more than ten feet down.

Her eyes met mine, she looked at us pleadingly, the horror of her begging in her eyes made me mad. It was unexplainable but the way she looked at me, so weak and desperate, it made me mad, at her, she was the Moon Princess, she needed to be strong, the needed to be like the first Moon Princess, who, by the way, was a De Noir.

Then she started wobbling, her arms flailed and her legs gave out. I realized a moment before it happened, she was going down whether she liked it or not.

I ran to the side of the wall, ready to catch her. Looking back people might have though I was trying to save her, but I knew my father would want to kill her himself, he wouldn't want the ground to get the revenge he had been seeking his whole life.

I watched helplessly as she hit the ground and rolled away, then, to my amazement and the amazement of the men around me, she picked herself up and staggered into the forest.

I shoved off the wall and ran in the other direction; the group of boys I led followed me closely.

"Quick after her!" I yelled. Father would kill me, if I let her escape yet again.

My men and I ran through the forest, but it was a fruitless attempt. I had seen her running from the castle in the other direction after she fell off the wall.

I heard my father's voice.

He and his men sat on horseback, his falcon screeched as if flew off into the forest, no doubt in search of the Moon Princess.

I ran to his side.

"I want her killed," he growled, I couldn't see his face because of the black mask covering it but I knew by his tone that he was beyond furious. He would toy around with her if he found her again, he wouldn't even bring her back to the castle; he would kill her on the spot.

He turned to him man, "I won't let her stop the curse."

I crossed the clearing, "her death, is our victory."

My heart plunged to my toes, it was certain then, she would be killed, no questions asked. It seemed almost unfair not to even give her a chance but I had to shove my misgivings aside. If I ever wanted to gain my father's respect I would have to do as her ordered.

"Stupid girl, should have stayed were you where." I muttered, 'it would make things easier on the rest of us' I added in my head.

I ran off into the forest, followed faithfully by the other boys.

The forest rumbled with the pounding of horse's hooves and every leaf on the trees quavered with the shouts of horses and men.

We were running when suddenly one of my men stopped short.

"Robin," he called, he reached out to a tree limb, his long, spindly fingers ran over a thin, silky fabric.

I looked at it, a ribbon from Maria Merryweather's hair. I smiled and pulled it off the branch it was attached to.

"Come on." I rallied my men. We bolted off into the forest, the girl was close, close enough I could feel it.

In the distance I could hear the thunder of horses galloping after the same prey I was searching for.