One day Spongebob was walking out of his house, just minding his own business, when all of a sudden, a gray thing came zooming in from the sky and hit him on the back of the head.

"Spongebob!" Patrick shouted after he saw the accident.

Patrick than ran out of his rock house to help his friend. Patrick than called 911 on his shell phone and an ambulance came instantly. The paramedics came out of the ambulance and put Spongebob in it.

At The Hospital

Spongebob was in a hospital bed still unconscious.

"What's wrong with him, doc?" Patrick asked the doctor.

"It appears that your friend has been bitten by the mature bug." the doctor answered. "But if it had been a sea mature bug, which is much smaller than a land one, he wouldn't have to be in here." he continued.

"What's gonna happen to him?" asked Patrick.

"What do you think? He's going to become mature." the doctor answered.

"Mature? What's that mean?" asked Patrick.

"It means grown up." the doctor answered.

"No! I don't want Spongebob to be grown up." Patrick whined.

"It's ok." the doctor said. "If I just give him this shot, he'll only be 2% more mature." he continued as he held up a needle.

The doctor than looked at Spongebob's medical record.

"Oh-no!" the doctor shouted.

"What's wrong?" Patrick asked.

"It appears your friend has a rare blood type, SB negative." the doctor answered.

"So?" Patrick asked.

"Someone with blood type SB negative cannot get this shot or else, there will be consequences." the doctor answered. "You're just gonna have to take him home, and hope for the best." he said as him and Patrick looked at Spongebob.