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I didn't care that this was wrong. Most of the things I did in life was wrong, why should adding sex with my younger brother bother me. It was always Tom don't do this, Tom don't do that, Play nice, be nice, use your manners so on and so forth, I didn't really listen to their babble. The only thing I ever did for them was watch Harry.

My sweet little brother, who looked at me with such admiration and respect. He was the only one I would allow myself to feel about. Harry so pretty, and cute holding my hand, asking me questions, seeking me out. Sitting beside me, touching my shoulder when the anger and pain took over me.

Pretty green eyes looked at me allowing the kisses and touches. He would give me everything he had told me so. He never pushed me away, but instead drew me in closer. We barely parted, except for air he looked so stunning panting beneath me his eyes shining with love. Smaller shaky hands grabbed at me pulling me in. I allowed his hands to wander, him being the only one I would allow to touch my person. This had been happening more and more. We both had a twisted love for one another. And though, mother and father thought him to be perfect, Harry screamed for them to wake up. He felt suffocated under their judging eyes, always seeking me out to curl up to.

"Tom?" I looked down brushing away a stray strand of hair from his eyes.

"Yes?" he smiled up at me his hands holding onto my shirt green eyes searching my red ones.

"I love you." So sweet to hear these words. I have heard them so many times, but this one was different. It meant more then brotherly love, it was deeper, a lovers love. I smiled down at him leaning in capturing his lips sweetly then pulled back.

"No Harry, it is I that loves you." His smile lit up the room and he pulled me down snuggling into me. Only Harry, I would only let Harry do these things to me. We rested against the bed, kisses coming and going until we fell asleep.


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