*Credits to Psihopatul Fin for spreading and helping me with this*

"I must kill him at all costs'', said the Stalker as he was chasing the Renegade A-Unit, set to deal with the Loners on the other side, as their main force was fighting the mercenaries north of them. The Stalker's name was Lefty . Silently, he pulled out his weapon.

"Hmm, he's wearing an Exoskeleton, i thought Renegades don't have such, it'll take about 2 shots to his head to deal with this" .He waited for the moment the Renegade was about to pick up an unknown device, as it seemed to him . As he was stationary, The Stalker leaned from the tree and shot 2-well placed shots to his head.

''Sleep well, baby'', said Lefty and hid behind the tree .The guards spotted him, and he begun to run to the camp, to report The night was falling ."Whew, just in time, 20 minutes and I've could be eaten by a mutant...".As he was going through the camp to the main building, he saw the doors of the main buildings were shut, which was unordinary, and a dude was staying in front of the doors.

"Can I talk to leader Vladimir ? said Lefty.

"No, he's having a conversation with the Mercenary diplomat, they are discussing something secret" Said the dude.

"I demand that you open the door! I'm here to report a mission..."

"YOU CANNOT ENTER, back away or you'll be mutant food! "Said the dude with an irritating voice. Lefty went back to his room and locked himself. "What a son of a bitch ".He laid down on his bed and he did not felt that he's overslept.

(11:40 am)"Oh, I've dreamed a unknown mutant with giant jaws eating me ".He left all his weapons in his personal box, as it was forbidden to carry weapons in the camp.

"Let's go to Vladimir now", said Lefty and got out of the building in which the rooms of the Loners were. The weather was clear, which made him happy. Fortunately, the bastard was not on the door, and the door was open, finally.*Knock Knock*

"Who is it?"

"It's Lefty, it's about the mission"

"Enter, comrade"

"I've performed the operation, as you ordered"

"Excellent Lefty! Get your reward!

Vladimir gave 10000 RU to Lefty, as for the danger of the mission .Lefty restocked, he bought some ammo including grenades and a few med-kits and bandages .He was hungry, so he went to the local canteen to eat something .As he was hungry, he bought a bread and a tourists breakfast can. He ate that with satisfaction .Today it was a free day for him, as he had no jobs .The weather was nice, so he decided to go look for some artifacts.

"Let's try out that new detector ". He went to the anomaly which produced acid. As he was running to it, he inhaled some kind of gas, and he began to cough hardly. "Let's put my gas mask!" said Lefty. The bolts he threw into the anomaly dissolved in a matter of seconds .Then he pulled out his detector. As he pulled it out, he heard a beep and saw 3 artifacts! He picked them up, and as soon he got out of the anomaly, he discovered that he was encircled with about 5 bandits!

"Hand over the artifacts, punk, or die!

"I've got no artifacts, this one is empty!"

"LIAR! We've seen you as you picked them up, hand them over quickly!"

"Well, get them if you want them" And Lefty threw them off the hillock .The bandits, as dumb as they were, instead of killing Lefty, they went town the hill-side for the artifacts.

"Now you're mine", said Lefty and killed them with a grenade. He picked the artifacts and on one body he found a PDA, which was unfortunately blocked with a code.

"I'd best take this to the mechanic, he could figure this out" Said Lefty and rushed through the plain to the camp. As he was running he heard on his radio a terrifying scream. "Help me, coordinates are 42, 51".Leet uploaded the coordinates to his PDA and he began to run there. When he got there he discovered that the spot was actually a cave !He unfortunately got only 2 grenades...As soon he entered the cave, he heard a scream .This scream was not human, it was a mutant's scream. He silently slipped to the end of the cave, when he saw a controller eating a man! Lefty quickly threw a grenade, and the controller's body like jumped out of there .He quickly run to the guy.

"Ah, what a stench !I better get the hell out of here"! Lefty got out of the cave, and it fell apart from the grenade he threw.

"What a mess, if i stood up in there for a couple of seconds i could be a desert for the mutants, he, he".

(16:27 pm)"Attention, attention !A blowout is approaching !Find cover immediately!


"Fuck, i must get to the camp as soon as possible" .The cloud was getting dark, then red, then dark. Over the hill he noticed some lights, that was his camp. Suddenly, as he was running, he stumbled over a rock and fell.

"Ah. my knee"

(16:35 pm) "Stalkers, Lefty here, i fell, and my knee is injured, col. Vladimir , send some guys to help me!"

(16:35 pm) "We're on our way, comrade"

The guys barely could see him, as they were in a hurry. As soon as they found him, they brought him to his room.

(16:50)Attention, an emission is starting ! Find cover immediately!

"Well, I'm safe for now. Let's rest", Said Lefty and fell asleep

*******************CHAPTER 1 - END*******************