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Flashback to 20 minutes ago

"TONY!" Special Agent Ziva David exclaims

"Zee-vah.!" Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo mocking his partner.

"Ugh! Do your paperwork. It may be a slow day but do something PRODUCTIVE!" The Israeli says frustrated.

"Nu-uh" Tony says, throwing popcorn at Ziva.

Tony and Ziva were alone in the bullpen. McGee was with Abby because he couldn't stand the bickering between Tony and Ziva anymore. Gibbs was on a coffee run (at 4 in the afternoon) so Ziva was doing, well trying, to do her paperwork. But her Italian partner was bored. She will never admit it but, she was in love with her partner of 6 years. She loved his green, beautiful eyes, his immature ways, but deep down inside, he had a heart of gold.

Tony has always been in love with Ziva. Her beautiful, brown orbs won't shut up (A/N haha sounds familiar?) she could take anyone down 3 times her size. Her chocolate long curly hair in which he adored. He would do ANYTHING for her.

Just then interrupting their thoughts, they hear a girl running into Director Vance's office. They share a look and wonder what is going on. The girl looks like Director Vance's niece. About 10 minutes later, they hear

"David, DiNozzo, call Gibbs and McGee. I have a case for you.

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