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Ziva calls Gibbs immediately after the conversation with Vance.

"Gibbs." Gibbs answered gruffly

"Gibbs, Director Vance wants you in his office ASAP." Ziva says to him

"Ok, be there in 2." And he hangs up

While Ziva was calling Gibbs, DiNozzo was trying to call McGee. But somehow the Elf Lord was already walking up to the bullpen. Perfect timing. As they all head up to Director Vance's office, they see Samantha.

Director Vance looks at each of them and says "Team Gibbs. This is my niece Samantha. She is the daughter of Officer Darnell Washington and Shelby Hope. They were kidnapped this morning and Samantha snuck out and came to me. You are the team that I can trust to get the job done. Samantha is willing to help. Can you do it?"

Gibbs, without hesitation, said "Yes." Gibbs turned to Samantha and said "We will get your parents back, alive at any cause."

Samantha releases the breath that she didn't realize she was holding. "Thank you Agent Gibbs! All of you guys, thank you!"

Director asks Samantha "Do you have any weapons?"

Samantha sighs and shakes her head. "They came all at once. I didn't have any time to go get them."

Director Vance nods. "Ok." He says. He goes to his desk and pulls out his back up gun and his knife and gives it to her.

Samantha's face lights up. "Thanks Uncle Vance!" as she skips out of his office.