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Tony woke me up telling me that we were at Ziva's house dropping the groceries off. He asked me if I could help him with something after we put the groceries away. I agreed and I proceeded to get up and help bring the groceries in.

After we finished, I turned to Ziva. "Hey Mama, I'm going with Tony to help him with something. Will you be sane when I'm gone?" I asked her with a smirk. She laughed and dismissed me.

"Go ahead Sam. I will see you when I get back." She said. I smiled and I walked out with Tony who was waiting in for me in Ziva's car. I hopped in the front seat.

"You want to wear her car out don't you?" I asked him teasingly. He smiled and laughed.

"Maybe. Hey, thanks for coming with me. I just need to know how am I going to do this." He said pulling off.

I dismissed it. "Of course Tony. You two deserve to be happy. So, what are you having in mind? I have a lot of ideas but let's hear yours first." I said grabbing my phone ready to take notes.

Tony was telling me some ideas he had. He didn't have many but there were really cute and romantic. I told him my ideas and he seemed to like mine better. I had no clue where we were going but I was sure that we were going to his house first to drop off the flowers.

My predictions were correct. We went to his apartment to drop off the flowers and we were heading to Gibbs house. I don't know WHY we were going there but I had an idea. Was he going to ask Gibbs for permission to date Ziva? Who knows. But we will see.

We pulled up to Gibbs house and Tony looked nervous. "Ya ready Tony?" I asked and he looked at me and smiled nervously.

"Terrified." He said and opened the car door. I opened the door and followed him.

"Well Tony, what are you going to ask him?" I asked and he looked up at the sky.

"I'm going to ask Gibbs for permission to date Ziva." He whispered. I looked at him and stopped.

"Ha! I WAS RIGHT!" I said gloating. "If he's not sure, I will be there to back you up. No worries." I said knocking on the door.

"You know, the door is always open. Literally." Tony said opening the door and my jaw dropped.

"What happened if someone broke into his house?" I asked and Tony shrugged.

"It has happened before. And besides, he's a sniper remember?" He said looking around Gibbs's house.

I nodded my head. "He's probably down in the basement." I said walking down the steps first.

"You only been here twice and you already know where I am. Smart kid." I heard Gibbs say.

I laughed and Tony agreed. "Yup. She's a smart one. She has helped us out a lot." Tony said.

We saw Gibbs building a crib and I immediately knew that it was for Ziva. "That looks good Gibbs." I complemented.

Gibbs nodded in response. "So, what are you two doing here? And where is Ziva?" He asked us.

I spoke up first. "Tony has to ask you something and Ziva is at home probably eating pickles. Now, I'm going to be upstairs. I don't want to hear any gunshots." I said walking back up the steps leaving Gibbs and Tony alone.


I have never been so nervous to talk to Boss ever in my life. But this needs to be done. Gibbs puts down his tools and walks over to me. "So Tony, what's on your mind?" He asked looking at me. It feels like his blue eyes are staring right through me.

"Well, I want to ask you something Gibbs." I said finally building up the courage to say what I needed to be said.

"Is it about Ziva?" Gibbs asked calmly.

I nodded my head. "Boss, Ziva has been through a lot. Since Samantha came into the picture, she has been a great influence in our lives. Do you agree?" I asked him and he nodded. I continued. "Well, Sam has been holding Ziva together and keeping her sane. Ziva has told her that I love her and Ziva does not believe it. And, I want to prove that. Sam has been giving me the courage to something really big for her because she deserves it."

Gibbs nodded. "So, what are you trying to say Tony?" He asked me. I'm pretty sure that he knew but I think he just wants to hear me say it.

"Gibbs, I'm asking you for permission to date Ziva. I love her, Boss. She is beautiful, smart, and she knows me better than anybody else. I would never hurt her. I want to help raise her twin daughters. I don't care if they are mine or not. I would be at every recital, game, school function, I will be to load my gun every time a boy asks for them." I said finally taking a deep breath

Gibbs was silent for a good 2 minutes. He FINALLY nodded his head. "What are you waiting for? Go get her" He said giving me one of his rare smiles.

I had the biggest grin on my face and I heard footsteps and I turned around to see Sam eating saltine crackers. "So, everything is good here?" She asked popping another cracker in her mouth.

Gibbs and I looked at each other. "Yep." We both said

Sam nodded and turned on her heels to the stairs. "Well, let's go. I think Ziva is going to eat the whole house if we don't leave now." She said laughing.

I turned to Gibbs. "Thanks Gibbs." I said to him. He nodded his head and he gave me a head-slap.

"Oww. What was that for?" I asked rubbing my head.

"For breaking rule #12." He said simply returning back to his task, finishing the crib.

I saw Samantha laughing and I chased her up the stairs.


Who knew that Tony was so fast? I beat him to the car though but he wasn't too far behind me.

When we got into the car and we were joking and laughing the whole way back to Ziva's house. When we walked into Ziva's apartment, we saw Ziva asleep on the couch with a jar of pickles and water on the table.

Tony and I shook our heads and I told Tony to leave. I promised him that I will have Ziva ready around 8 for dinner. Abby, McGee, and Gibbs will be there also. Ziva doesn't even know about the dinner. This should be fun.

It was now 6:30 and Ziva has been asleep since I have gotten back. I already showered and ate a snack. I was dressed in a tank top and shorts for now. I already had Ziva's outfit all set and I was almost finished with mine.

I walked into the living room where Ziva was still asleep and she was balled up in a ball sort of. Her baby bump was getting bigger and she was just so adorable. I had to shake her gently. "Mama. Time to get up. We are going out to dinner." I said whispering.

She groaned and pulled the blanket up a little higher. I chuckled. It was always entertaining waking Ziva up. "Mama. We are going to dinner. It's time to feed the mini-ninjas. I got your outfit ready and everything. Abby is going to pick us up at 7:45.

"What time is it now?" She mumbled.

"Mama, it's 6:30. Dinner is at 8. C'mon Ziva. We have to shower and get the necessities out of the way." I said

Ziva groaned again. "Fine. I am up." She said sitting up. Her hair was a mess and I couldn't help but chuckle. Her hair was all over the place like a lion's mane.

She started rubbing her eyes and she stretched. She stood up and headed towards the bathroom to shower. I grabbed some more crackers and I was going to finish completing my outfit. I had this pink skirt with my white tank top and a black cardigan. When I thought of this outfit, I thought of Abby. She would love this outfit.

I added the necklace Marcus gave me and I had some pearl stud earrings with some bracelets. I grabbed some heels and I put my hair up in a bun. Marcus wasn't coming with us from my knowledge but he told me to call him right after it happens.

I heard the shower turn off and Ziva step out with her hair wet. About 10 minutes later, I heard her call me. "Sam!" I rushed in the room and I saw Ziva staring at herself.

"Yes Mama?" I said walking into her room.

"Look at me! I'm fat!" She exclaimed pointing at herself. I wanted to laugh but I am so glad that I didn't. She looked like she wanted to cry.

"Mama, no you are not fat. You have two beautiful baby girls growing inside of you. It's a natural process." I said calmly.

Ziva started crying. This was a severe hormonal moment. It was rare that Ziva would cry like this. I gave her hug and I let her cry for a few minutes. I looked at the clock and I saw it was 7:15. "Hey Mama? Let's get dressed, okay?" I asked her softly. She nodded and she got her dress.

Her dress was all black and it was fitting to show off her baby bump perfectly. She insisted on wearing heels but I knew that she wasn't going to last in them so I grabbed her sparkly flats and I put them in my purse.

Her hair was pinned up and she had some silver hoops with her Star of David necklace on. She looked so adorable. I grabbed a white cardigan from her closet and threw it at her. "It may be chilly."

We moved to the living room and waited for Abby to come get us. At 7:40, Abby knocked on our door and she was dressed in all black with some platforms. Her usual outfit. She had this big grin on her face. "Ready?" She asked us

We nodded our heads and I said "Let's go! I'm starving!" Abby and Ziva was laughing at me and we were walking out of the door.

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