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I heard the shower turn off and Ziva step out with her hair wet. About 10 minutes later, I heard her call me. "Sam!" I rushed in the room and I saw Ziva staring at herself.

"Yes Mama?" I said walking into her room.

"Look at me! I'm fat!" She exclaimed pointing at herself. I wanted to laugh but I am so glad that I didn't. She looked like she wanted to cry.

"Mama, no you are not fat. You have two beautiful baby girls growing inside of you. It's a natural process." I said calmly.

Ziva started crying. This was a severe hormonal moment. It was rare that Ziva would cry like this. I gave her hug and I let her cry for a few minutes. I looked at the clock and I saw it was 7:15. "Hey Mama? Let's get dressed, okay?" I asked her softly. She nodded and she got her dress.

Her dress was all black and it was fitting to show off her baby bump perfectly. She insisted on wearing heels but I knew that she wasn't going to last in them so I grabbed her sparkly flats and I put them in my purse.

Her hair was pinned up and she had some silver hoops with her Star of David necklace on. She looked so adorable. I grabbed a white cardigan from her closet and threw it at her. "It may be chilly."

We moved to the living room and waited for Abby to come get us. At 7:40, Abby knocked on our door and she was dressed in all black with some platforms. Her usual outfit. She had this big grin on her face. "Ready?" She asked us

We nodded our heads and I said "Let's go! I'm starving!" Abby and Ziva was laughing at me and we were walking out of the door.

As we walked down the steps, we see McGee's car and he was leaning against it. He had a huge grin on his face as he opened the back door. "Hello ladies. You ride awaits." He said in a smooth tone. Ziva and I had to chuckle.

"Thanks McGee." I said following Ziva into the car.

The car ride wasn't as long as we thought it would be but we arrived about 20 minutes later at this beautiful restaurant. We got out and we walked to the door. It was easy to find Tony and Gibbs was in the restroom.

We got to our table and the view was absolutely amazing. We all sat down and started talking and looked at the menu. I have never been to this place before, but I definitely have to come back soon.

Tony came to our table with Gibbs and they gave us a big smile. "Hello ladies. How are you on this lovely evening?" Tony asked sitting down next to Ziva.

"We are great Tony. How are you?" Ziva replied for us. He smiled at her and she smiled back.

"Great." He said. They were just staring at each other. Abby signed towards me 'Does this happen when you are around?'

I nodded my head. 'Only every single time.' I signed back and Gibbs and Abby started laughing. McGee looked kind of lost because he didn't know ASL. Poor McGee. Us laughing brought Ziva and Tony out of their own little world.

"Huh? What's so funny?" Tony asked confused.

"Nothing Tony. Let's order our food and eat. I am starving and the food here looks amazing!" I said excitedly grabbing the menu.

Tony and Ziva shrugged and looked at the menu. Honestly, everything here looked so good. Well, anything looks good when you are starving.

The waitress came by to us and said "Hello, my name is Amy. I will be your waitress tonight. Can I start you off with any drinks?" She asked smiling at us. I honestly thought that was the dumbest question ever. Of course we would want drinks. Who eats dinner without drinks? Doesn't make any sense at all. But whatever.

I ordered an apple cider and so did Ziva. Tony ordered a beer, Gibbs ordered bourbon (of course), McGee ordered water and Abby ordered a beer.

The waiter took note of our orders and rushed back to wherever the drinks were. It was a comfortable silence at the table but, I needed some entertainment. "So, what are you guys getting? I'm thinking of getting this seafood pasta combo. Sounds delicious!" I said with a smile. Everyone smiled back at me but they stayed silent. Were they nervous?

I decided to stay quiet for a while because it would be wasting my energy saying anything. I decided that I would be going to the bathroom to 'freshen up'.

"I will be right back. I need to go to the restroom." I said standing up smoothing out my skirt. I heard Ziva's voice behind me.

"I must also go." She said getting up. She looked confused as she followed me to the restroom.

"Sam, why are we here? What's going on?" She asked going into a stall.

I was in the mirror primping. I don't know what for but I still have to look my best. "Mama, we are here because we are a big happy family. You worry too much. Where are your pickles?" I said brushing the question off. She can't know the real reason yet. I heard the toilet flush and she stepped out and gave me that death glare Tony always gets.

"I left them home." She mumbled as she washed her hands. I started laughing. I know she would love her pickles right about now.

I handed her a paper towel and I stepped out of the restroom with her behind me. We strutted back to our table and we saw that our drinks have arrived. When Tony saw us, his smile got big. I really hope that he waits until AFTER dinner to say what he had to say.

He must have read my mind because he didn't say a word. "The waitress came by and took our orders. I told them what you two wanted already." He said with a huge smile directed at Ziva. Ziva smiled shyly back and blushed a little bit.

"Thank you Tony. That was nice of you." She said staring at him.

I feel so left out. Tony and Ziva are all "coupled-up" and so is Abby and McGee. Well, Gibbs and I are the third wheel in this case. It's cool though.

The table finally got comfortable talking about random stuff and laughing. Some about old cases. Like that case I heard where Tony kissed that transgender chick. That was hilarious to me. His face was like red the whole time they were talking about it.

The food finally came and I dug in immediately. I looked up and everybody is staring at me. "What? When a girl is hungry, she has to eat." I said shrugging. The team laughed and started eating as well.

What I witnessed during dinner was mainly touches between Tony and Ziva. I saw some between McGee and Abby. I keep meaning to ask Abby about them two. I saw some food stealing time to time between the couples while Gibbs and I sat back and observed everything.

I see everything that goes on. That's why I am able to be aware of my surroundings. I may not say a word at first but later I will tell you what I noticed. Like it's some guy who's been staring at Abby or Ziva the whole time since we've been here. If he makes a move, I'm pretty sure Gibbs has it covered.

I saw Ziva whimpering moving her feet around. That was a sign telling me that she was uncomfortable in those heels. I pulled out her flats and I gave them to her under the table. She shot me a grateful look and I mouthed 'I told you so.'

She rolled her eyes and put her flats on. Her face showed pure relief afterwards. I started chuckling. I told her so. Don't mean to flaunt or anything.

We finished our dinner and we were stuffed! Well, I was. And it takes a lot of me to be this full. The waitress came around and asked us "Do you want desserts?"

I immediately sat up and nodded my head. I heard Ziva laughing. "I thought you were full Sam?" She asked me chuckling.

"I always can make room for dessert." I said. I ordered red velvet cake. I know that is delicious!

Tony gave me this look and I KNEW it was the moment of truth. I think I'm going to record this. I pulled out my phone and pretended like I was doing something with it and I started recording.

Tony turned to Ziva. Ziva looked confused about what's going on. She's in for a big surprise.

"Ziva, I have something to tell you." Tony said softly taking her hands. Ziva looked absolutely petrified and confused.

"What is it Tony?" She whispered looking up at him. Tony looked at me and I gave him a look saying 'you back down now, I am going to slit your throat with this extra dinner knife'

"About 6 years ago, you strutted into the bullpen with a sassy attitude. I was lost. I just lost my former partner of 2 years. Many greetings start with 'Hello'. Well, ours started with 'Having phone sex?'" At this point, I'm trying not to laugh. I did NOT hear this story at all! I need to start hanging out with Abby more and hear about these stories.

He continued. "When I saw you, you had this mischievous smirk on your face and I was in awe. I can read you like a book by just looking into your eyes. Your eyes won't shut up. We've been through a lot together. Every partnership has its ups and downs but we still got through it and we still maintain the best partnership at NCIS. When I found out you in Somalia, I think that's when I found out something. I wasn't sure what it was at first but the past two years, I finally figured it out. When I found out that you were pregnant, I couldn't take it. You should be pregnant with my kids. I want to watch them grow up to be Daddy's Little Ninja Princesses. I want to be threatening every single boy who comes to the doorstep asking for them. I want to watch them go to prom. Graduate from high school, get married everything, Zi. All in all, I'm trying to say that I love you." He finishes looking up at her. She had tears in her eyes and she looked SO happy. She grabbed him into one heck of a kiss. The whole team started clapping and eventually so did the whole restaurant.

When I guess oxygen became a problem, Ziva pulled away and smiled. "I love you too Anthony DiNozzo."

The whole restaurant "awed." Even Amy, the waitress.

"That is the SWEETEST thing I've ever heard."Amy squealed with my red velvet cake in my hand.

"Um, yeah. It sure is now can I have my cake now please?" I asked trying to grab my cake.

The whole team laughed at me.

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