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"That is the SWEETEST thing I've ever heard."Amy squealed with my red velvet cake in my hand.

"Um, yeah. It sure is now can I have my cake now please?" I asked trying to grab my cake.

The whole team laughed at me.

It's been almost 2 months since Tony and Ziva finally saw what everybody else saw. They are FINALLY together and happier than ever. Gibbs seems to be ok with it and told them strictly no types of affection in the office but I'm sure that it has happen more than once.

Abby and McGee are together. Which didn't surprise me as much as I thought it would have. I mean, I saw all of their interactions and I knew it would happen someday soon. Just didn't know HOW soon. But it's cool. I am happy that everybody is happy.

School is starting next week and I can't BELIEVE that I am starting my sophomore year already. Freshmen year went by fast. I can't wait to see all of the little freshies get lost in high school. It will be so funny looking back because I was that person just a few months earlier.

Ziva is about 6 months pregnant and she is still beautiful and glowing. She still has a few severe hormonal moments. One was when she chased Tony around her apartment with a knife. I was laughing tears at that moment and Tony seemed absolutely terrified because he knows she is still a ninja and now, she's a pregnant ninja. They are looking for a house now and it is SO cute watching them bicker about what kind of house they want.

My mom is slightly stronger. She is able to move around a lot more but she still is missing some of her memory. But I think she will make it through.

Today, we are going out to look at houses. Ziva seemed really nervous when she asked me. I said "Of course! I would know where to go when I come and visit."

We hopped into Ziva's truck and we drove to the first house which was about 20 minutes away from Headquarters. It was a beautiful 3-story house with a big front and a front porch. The real estate agent came out of the house and smiled. She seemed really nice. "Hi! My name is Chelsea. Welcome Mr. DiNozzo and Miss Dah-veed." She looked at me. "What is your name, Sweetie?"

I smiled. "My name is Samantha. Nice to meet you, Chelsea." I said. She nodded her head.

"Shall we go inside? You will love this house" Chelsea said excitedly. Tony and Ziva looked at each other and that look was just so cute that they shared. As much as I hated to do it, I had to pull them out of it and focus at the task at hand.

"Psst! We have to check out the house. Let's go!" I whispered to them grabbing both of their hands leading them into the house.

Inside, the first thing you saw was the living room. It had ruby red walls and mahogany brown carpet. "This living room is absolutely beautiful. You can see the kitchen from here."

We turned around and started walking to the kitchen and it's like a little "bar" which you could see the kitchen from here. So far, I think everybody likes this house. Big enough for Ziva's twins, and you could see them while you cook. They could do their homework while waiting for dinner.

I looked at Ziva's face and it seemed like she fell in love with this house so far. I looked at Tony and his face practically mirrored Ziva's. He really likes this place also. Chelsea turned around and led us to the sliding doors. It showed a HUGE backyard. "Mmm. Tony and Ziva, you guys could get a dog for the twins." I joked

Tony groaned and Ziva started laughing. Chelsea chuckled and turned around and led us downstairs into the basement. The basement was big enough for the twins to have a little sleepover. Or a mini dance studio. "Oh Tony, I sense a mini-dance studio down here." I said laughing walking back up the steps. I heard Ziva laughing a little louder.

"Haha. Very funny Sam." He said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

"I try Tony. Maybe they could become cheerleaders like me. They would be some AMAZING cheerleaders. Hehe!" I teased him. But seriously, if the twins cheered, I will make sure that they will be some amazing cheerleaders.

We walked throughout the house and I think Tony and Ziva were sold. They agreed that THIS house right here was their dream house. This is a huge step for them. I know that they are ready for it. They spent about 6 years getting ready for it. In about 3 months, the twins will be born. This journey has been interesting and fun so far. I wonder what these last 3 months would bring.

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