"Hey Annabeth," Percy said, shaking her shoulders a bit.

Annabeth sighed and looked up from her thick book. "What, Percy?" she asked exasperatedly. "This is the fifth time in an hour you've interrupted me. I thought you were trying to sleep."

Percy's wide goofy grin shrunk to a smirk. "It's not my fault you had to read 'The Frontiersman' the day before my birthday! Tomorrow's my birthday, and I don't know what you got me! I'm too excited for my birthday right now to sleep!"

Annabeth shifted on the couch of Percy's house. It was August seventeenth, and Chiron had allowed Percy and Annabeth to leave early to celebrate Percy's birthday (and their anniversary) somewhere other than camp, which they had been doing for the past four years.

"Percy, you know you've got to wait until tomorrow to get your gifts. And did you forget that our anniversary was tomorrow, too?" she asked. Percy turned red.

"I-I've got to do some shopping," he muttered.

Annabeth pretended she didn't hear that. "Anyway, Seaweed Brain, what do you want that's oh-so important?"

Percy grinned. "If we had children, would they be called demigods?" he asked Annabeth.

Annabeth was stunned at the fact that he'd thought of them having… that serious of a relationship. She swallowed. "I guess. They are half god, half mortal technically."

Percy shook his head. "But if demi- means half, it's half god, not half gods. Does that make sense?"

Annabeth set her hand on her chin. "It makes sense, Percy. I'm just not sure right now. Let me ruminate on that."

Percy shrugged. "I got to go anyway, Annabeth. My mom wants me to pick up blue food dye at the store. I wonder why…"

His grin grew wider. "I'll see you later," he said, dropping a chaste kiss on the crown of her forehead.

He left her on the couch thinking of his somewhat-good logic.


She stayed up late at night just thinking of how right he was. Would they be demigods? Or something else? There was nothing in Greek history of a child of two demigods. What was it that bothered her so much about it? That their child wouldn't have a term for what it was called? Or was it that she didn't know? Children of Athena should always know.

Quietly, around eleven o' clock am, she pulled Daedalus' laptop onto her lap. She pulled up a search engine and typed a few terms in. She clicked on a page and smiled triumphantly at the list sitting in front of her.


"Dumonoquadgod," she whispered into Percy's ear.

Percy jumped. "What?" he asked confused at her random use of a word. "What do you mean?

Annabeth rolled her eyes. "You don't remember your question yesterday?"

Percy paused. "Oh!" he exclaimed. "That's your answer? So what does dumonoquadgod mean?" he asked.

"Du- means two, mono- means one, quad- means four, and you know what god means," Annabeth replied. "Mono- and quad- made sense because it's like one-fourth. Our child would be one-fourth Poseidon and one-fourth Athena. But it's two fourths that is a god, and du- means two. So it's double the one-fourth."

Percy smirked. "So you looked all that up? Was it really bothering you that much?"

Annabeth bobbed her head up and down. "Actually, it was. I didn't know it, and I need to."

Percy shrugged, dismissing the subject. "So what did you get me for my birthday?" he asked.

"What did you get me for our anniversary?" Annabeth countered.

Percy paled.