Three Days Later - Epilogue

"Chancellor Palpatine, who was, according to our sources at the Jedi Temple, a Sith Lord, has been manipulating the Galaxy for years. According to sources, the Sith, known as Darth Sidious, was the instigator behind the Clone Wars and the primary player who manipulated both sides to gain ultimate and unilateral powers over the Galaxy.

With the confirmation of General Grievous' demise at the hands of Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi during a kidnapping attempt on the Skywalker children, the Jedi were tasked with informing the Chancellor. He resisted, revealing himself to the Jedi and killing several Masters in the process. Jedi Master Mace Windu has been credited with the execution of the Sith Lord, but has refrained from commenting on the matter.

The Jedi have released a statement saying that what was done was simply what was necessary to free the Galaxy from the oppression of the Sith.

The loss of the powerful Chancellor has thrown the Senate into chaos as it struggles to ratify the old charter and deal with the powers it once surrendered to ensure swift response to the war. A temporary Chancellor has yet to be elected. With the Speaker of the House currently under arrest for collusion, it has fallen to the delegation of two thousand, at the request of the Senate, to lead them through this trying time. Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan, with the absence of Padmé Skywalker from Naboo, has stepped into the position in the interim.

With the help of the Jedi, things in the Senate are slowly getting back to normal; clone troopers are helping their General mop up the last of fierce resistance and the remaining Separatist leaders of the army were located with the help of excellent Bothan intelligence. Jedi were dispatched and these under Generals and influential members are now under arrest and awaiting trial as they return to Coruscant to face charges.

In related news, Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker and his family are recovering from the attempted kidnapping with no lasting injuries. Senator Padmé Skywalker was injured during the attack but has since been in contact with this reporter to alleviate fears that she was more seriously injured or even killed.

During our brief interview, Senator Skywalker informed me that they had lost four very valiant individuals on their behalf during the attempted kidnapping and two more were seriously injured, including a clone Captain brought along for additional security and Master Skywalker's Padawan.

Both are, this reporter is relieved to report, recovering well and will live to fight another day.

With the threat to the Skywalker children at an end, this reporter has it from a reliable source that the family will be returning to Coruscant for the foreseeable future. We welcome them home and wish them well but take note of the cautionary aspect of this report.

Bounty hunters beware; this is one bounty - if offered - on a family you will not wish to pursue.

In honor of the Jedi who've sacrificed so much to ensure our freedoms, may the Force be with you and good day."


Author's note: Considering my Muse abandoned me at the end of the last chapter, this is what it wanted to tie everything together. It's not the best ending; in fact I don't even like this ending *laughs* but it does tie everything back to the main story and wrap everything up nicely if feeling somewhat like a cop out.

Thanks for reading!