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101 years ago

The pain that I feel right now…is a pain I have never felt before. I've been training ever since I was a small child, training to become stronger than the brothers I have lost in battle. Training to become faster than the eye can see. Training to be right by the side of the corps-commander herself. There has never been a day in my life when I was not training. I pushed myself until I passed out, and then trained more and more when I would wake up. My muscles would ache until it felt numb, but I never cried; that would result in a beating. There was no play time or friends in my childhood. My toys were katanas and kunais and other weapons, and my play dates were sparring partners. My mother hardly talked to me, and the only thing my father cared about was whether or not I dishonored the family name. I've always felt pain…

But this agony is like no other.

How long has it been since she left? I looked over at my calendar. Three days…more like three centuries. Three centuries of pain. It feels like my heart is about to burst, but the pain isn't even physical. I can't explain it, it's like my body feels okay, but my mind has shut down. I feel tired, but I can't sleep. I can't concentrate because I'm just not interested in anything, including eating. I feel worthless...I feel empty.

"You're depressed," I remember my father telling my mother that when her fifth child died on a mission. "You shouldn't dwell on something that was expected to happen. He didn't work hard enough, so death was the punishment. It's your fault for making all five of them weak from your spoiling, for making them 'Momma's Boys.' Now that we only have one child left, I'll be sure to raise her into something better than those useless children."

And indeed he did, of course. His words were harsh, but he was right. You put too much emotion into something and it's bound to go wrong. Exactly the case with Yoruichi. I thought confessing my love to her would cause a problem in the future, but I was wrong. She left me with those feelings before anything could happen.

…she left me. I've been telling myself for the last three days that she's going to come back, but I know better than that. She left me here all by myself. But why? Why didn't she take me with her? I'm her bodyguard for goodness sake! I go everywhere with her, I'm never suppose to leave her side. And of all the people to go with her, that man went with her. It was obvious that they were good friends, but I can't help but feel that he had to have some feelings for her. Who wouldn't fall for that goddess? She's beautiful, smart, and strong, and her personality makes her even better. I loved her so much…she was my everything. The only purpose of my life was to serve and protect her. That was the only reason I was trained to be who I am today. Yoruichi was the only thing that ever mattered…

My thoughts stopped when I felt that my hands were wet. A flood of tears were flowing down my cheeks. I began to sob loudly, resting my face back into the palms of my hands. Who exactly am I today, now that my purpose has vanished? I got up and went to the full-body mirror hanged up on one of the tan-colored walls of my small room. It was a gold-rimmed mirror with little dragon designs that Yoruichi gave to me. "You're so boring, Soi! If you're not going to do anything with your room, at least put a damn mirror in it!" It seems I'll never forget that lively voice of hers.

As I looked at myself in the mirror, I swear a part of me died at the sight. My silver eyes were red and puffy from the crying. My hair was messy and dirty and the smell made it worse; I hadn't bathed in a few days. I looked like a zombie, especially with my pale skin. Goodness…how could that woman make me neglect myself like this.

Not wanting to look at myself anymore, I turned away from the mirror and turned the nozzle of the bath all the way to the left. I waited until the water was a few inches away from the top and turned it off. I stripped and lifted my leg into the water and flinched back because of the searing heat, but slowly dipped it back in until my whole body was underwater. I sighed as I felt my muscles relaxing and the steam clearing my mind from the pain temporarily. In a few minutes, my body would be covered in suds and my hands would be lathering my hair until you couldn't see a strand of dark blue.

After rinsing my hair, I sat there for a few more minutes until I felt reiatsu approaching my front door. I was drying myself and putting on my robe when I heard my name being called by a familiar, loud female voice. Before I could tie the sash my door slid open and in came a woman I didn't want to see at the moment.

"Oi! Didn't you hear me calling you? I know you had to because the whole barracks heard me!"

I scowled and walked into the kitchen, ignoring her presence. My mind wasn't in a social state right now. I was literally starving and opened the fridge, only to find a spoiled gallon of milk and week-old dumplings. I was about to look in the cabinets until I was jerked back by my arm and slammed into the wall. I didn't have the physical strength to fight back, so the only thing I could do is glare back into dark eyes.

"I'm not in the mood right now, Kuukaku. Just please go back home!" I mentally slapped myself for making it sound more like a plea instead of a demand.

The busty woman deepened her glare and began to look me over. She had my shoulders pinned against the wall and I couldn't get out of the hold even if I tried. Her glare lessened while she was staring at how neglected my body was.

"You just took a bath?" I grunted in response.

"Been a while since ya ate?" I grunted again.

"Been cooped up in here the whole time?" Again, being too tired to speak, I grunted.

"Ya miss her a lot, don't ya?"

I was going to respond the same way until my mind actually processed what she said. Do I miss her? Would I be in this state if I didn't? I wanted to tell her that, but my fatigue was getting too overwhelming. My gaze met hers and told her everything she needed to know. Now she was the one who grunted in response as she let me go and went back into the living area to retrieve a bag. She set it down on my little kitchen island and, although I didn't show it, I was very surprised and happy that she pulled out three wrapped up plates from the squad's mess hall.

"Ya can have da other two but this one here is mine," Kuukaku unwrapped the first plate which included a helping of nigiri sushi, chirashi, and sunomono. When I raised an eyebrow at her choices her response was that she was a seafood-only person. I opened up the second plate and was surprised to see it had some of my favorites including grilled fish and seaweed wrapped sushi. I didn't want to admit, particularly because the woman sitting across from me had a smug look on her face, but I was very happy that she came to look after me. "She's still irritating as hell," I thought as I dodged a flying piece of shrimp.

As I was eating, I thought about the first time I met Kuukaku. It was after Yoruichi and I completed a mission to exterminate some hollows that were harassing Rukongai residents in the countryside. It was an easy mission that a seated officer could have taken, but Yoruichi needed a break from family politics and I needed a break from the jealous Omnitsukido members who adored my secret girlfriend. We were both tired, however, because it was a long way from Seireitei and required hours of shunpo across the forests. Yoruichi told me she had a friend that stayed in the countryside who would give us food and shelter until we rested and left out the next morning. Well that friend happened to be the loud and hot-headed Kuukaku Shiba who soon made me feel uncomfortable and annoyed with her comments about my appearance and undeveloped body. I would tell you more about what happened, but just thinking about it is giving me a head-ache, plus the fact the Yoruichi was a prominent figure in the memory made it worse.

When I finished my food, Kuukaku threw away our plates and put the third one in the fridge. I went to my room to change clothes, which was the standard Omnitsukido uniform, and I was surprised when I walked back into the kitchen to see a thoughtful Kuukaku in deep concentration. Her eyes were closed and her head was resting on her folded hands. I decided this may be a good time to talk.

"Was there something you needed? No offense, I thank you for the food, but I kind of want to be alone right now," I said softly, a little worried about her behavior.

Opening her eyes, she raised her head and gave me a stern expression. "It ain't something that I need, but what your Sotaichou need." She raised her hand to stop me from responding and walked to the front door.

"There's a Taichou meeting in half an hour and the Sotaichou wants you to attend as Soifon-Taichou of Squad Two and Commander-in-Chief of the Omnitsukido. Don't ask me what 'cause I know you heard me and don't ask me why 'cause I don't know. Everyone else was too scared to get ya themselves so they sent me, a 'close friend,' to get ya. Don't just stand there like an idiot," she grabbed my hand and dragged me outside,"Ya won't make a good first impression if you're late to ya first meeting. Close your mouth and come on!"

Not even giving me time to gather my thoughts, Kuukaku forced me out of my home and literally dragged me to the First Division Barracks. Did she just say Soifon-Taichou and Commander-in-Chief? They can't possibly expect me, her bodyguard, to replace Yoruichi in both of her positions. It's only been three days! I was trying to protest but every word I sputtered out earned me a shove or slap on the head from the irritated woman who had a tight grip on my wrist. It was a sight to see, really. An aggressive voluptuous woman dragging the petite and protesting bodyguard of a rogue taichou. Too bad it wasn't so funny to me.

Still gripping my wrist, the black-haired woman pulled me into the entrance to the main hall of the First Division and suddenly stopped in front of the grand double doors of the meeting hall, causing me to bump into her. She turned around and grabbed my face with both of her hands, forcing me to look into her strong green eyes that softened when she saw the fear in my eyes. It was hard not to be scared when your whole life did a compete 180 in three days.

"Kid," Kuukaku started with an uncharacteristic compassion in her voice, "I know you're scared. Hell, I'm scared, too. I don't like getting involved in Shinigami business, but I got this weird feeling. Something ain't right about this whole situation. But I need you to promise me that you won't get caught up in this mess. This is a lot of shit to carry on your shoulders right now, but you gotta get through it. Not for me, not for Yoruichi, but for you. Here, I want you to have this," she took out a folded yellow obi from a secret pocket in her robe, "I guess you can call this a good-luck charm of mines. It was a gift from my brother Kaien. It always gave me comfort during hard times, and I want you to wear it with the haori you'll get soon."

She turned me around so that I was facing the doors while wrapping the obi around my waist. I turned my head to look back around but she jerked my head back forward. I didn't realize I was crying until she wiped the tears away from behind. I don't know why I was crying. Was it from the fear of suddenly becoming a taichou without any bankai training? Or maybe it was because Kuukaku gave me enough reassurance to know I wasn't alone in this. I was so scared that I was shaking, my hands unconsciously caressing the soft fabric of my new gift. I felt a pair of hands grip my shoulders and heard breathing in my ear as I felt determination spread throughout my body and the adrenaline coming with it. Kuukaku was right; I have to get through this. There was no turning back, if I fail then I'll really waste away into the nothing I was a few hours ago.

"Introducing the new Taichou of the Second Division of the Gotei 13, the new Commander-in-Chief of the Omnitsukido, the new Commander of the Executive Militia, and the 9th head of the Fon Family, Soifon!"

The woman's voice sailed through the double doors for all behind it to hear. "Go get 'em, kid," was the last thing I heard her say before I was shoved through the doors into my new life. The moment I stepped across the threshold was when I knew that I now had a purpose in life.

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