Everyone at DMA were excited, even the teachers because today marks the beginning of spring brake! Two weeks of no school, no work and tons of family fun. Yes, a stress free vacation for everyone. Well almost everyone.

Jaden and Jesse stood side by side looking up at the plane that would be taking Jaden home for the holiday.

"Well bye then." Jesse said in a solemn voice. He turns and pulls Jaden into a tight embrace.

Jaden returned the hug with one arm, the other arm holding onto the handle of his suitcase, well aware of the giggles coming from all around them. He never understood why girls thought it was so adorable when two boys hug. Wait till they find out Jaden's gay.

"Bye. Have fun with your family." He said braking off from the hug to prevent his feelings from getting ahead of themselves.

Jesse seems to become a little awkward as he starts to rub the back of his head.

"Actually I'm staying here this week." He confesses.

"What!" Jaden blurted out confused.

"Well my parents are to busy with work and legal stuff right now so I will be staying at the academy."


"No no. Some other students and a couple of teachers are also staying behind for various reasons. I'll be with them."

Jaden felt a strange feeling in his stomach at the thought of Jesse being friendless for two weeks then came up with an idea.

"Why don't you come stay at my parents house. That way we can be together for the brake." He said cheerfully not realizing exactly what he was saying.

Jesse blushed slightly at the last comment but decided it was just a bad choice of words and focused on the offer that was presented to him.

"I don't know. I'm not even packed." Jesse said worry in his voice.

"It's all right. You can borrow my cloths while you stay. Everything else we can supply. Come oooon... pleeeeeez." Jaden begged. He doesn't give up easily.

"Weeelll okay I guess, I just hope I won't be to much trouble."

"Of course not. Come on, lets go." Jaden said grabbing Jesse's wrist and pulling him onto the plane.

"Got room for one more?" Jaden asked the pilot.

"You kiddin? I've got room for ten more, come on in." The pilot answered cheerfully. Jaden returned the pilots nod then gave his suitcase to the flight attendant.

After his luggage was taken out of his hands he bolted down the isle looking for a good seat dragging Jesse behind him. Luckily they found two empty seats beside each other and sat down with Jaden closer to the window.

Once the plane took off Jaden and Jesse couldn't stop talking. They bounced from subject to subject finding plenty to say about each one. The two of them could go on for hours and hours, maybe even days! But around 8:30pm the two duelists where asked to be quiet so the other passengers could sleep. So Jaden pulled out his ipod while Jesse texted the school and his parents about the new plans. (Using Jaden's phone.)

About 20 minutes later Jesse turned to Jaden to find him asleep. Still siting but had his head hung down.

"His neck is gonna be so sore when he wakes up." Jesse thought to himself. With a soft chuckle, he closed the phone and started thinking about how to make his friend more comfortable.

This wasn't the first time Jaden had fallen asleep in a strange position. One time Jesse found him asleep on the floor of the Slifer cafeteria. But usually theres a bed close by that Jesse can carry him to. And obviously, there's a severe lack of bed's on the plane.

Well, he will just have to make do with what he has.

Jesse slid off his jacket and placed it on Jaden as a make shift blanket then he slowly snaked his arm around Jadens shoulders. Once he was sure the younger teen was comfortable with the added heat, Jesse gently pulled Jaden towards him so his head rested on the taller teens shoulder trying hard not to wake him.

Suddenly Jaden started shifting and let out a groan.

Jesse froze, hoping that if he stayed motionless Jaden would fall back asleep.

Jaden sleepily wrapped his arms around his head rests waste and snuggled a little closer to him before drifting back into silence.

Jesse's heart was racing. Not because he thought he woke Jaden but because Jay was holding him. He had never been held in such a way, especially not by another guy. But he had to admit, he loved the feeling of Jaden pressed up against his side. The warmth and steady breathing coming from the younger teen was so soothing.

Without really thinking about it, Jesse placed his head on top of Jadens and drifted off to sleep.

So this is the first chapter of my new series.

This is the first yaoi couple I ever really got into and wrote about. When I first started this I knew basically nothing about how to write but now that I have gotten better, I have gone back and fixed it. Trust me, you don't want to see the way it was before!

Please don't be too mean if you review. I haven't written stories on this couple for a while but I hope you like it. Oh and just to warn you, I don't know ANYTHING about Jaden or Jesse's families so anything I write about their parents and or home is from my imagination NOT from fact.

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