Chapter 26

(Gaz's POV)

Needless to say, after all that's happen those couple of days, Zim and I got together of course. But the interesting thing really, was the series of miraculous events the followed afterwards.

After a couple of weeks, my hip injury fully healed, and that's when Zim and I decided to return back to the Membrane house, er…my house. It was no surprise to find a hysterical Dib bawling in his room. Course, he became totally distraught as soon as he saw me. After we managed to calm him down, I dragged my deranged brother back into his room so we could speak in private. I knew deep down Zim didn't like that idea, but it had to be done, so I told him to just stand by the door.

After I explained to Dib about all that's happen with Zim and the Tallest, not including our 'moments' together, I was surprised as to how 'down to earth' he was acting. But when it came to the part of Zim having invited me to come live with him, Dib went a little silent. I hated anticipation, but yeah, Dib surely took his time taking this in. I was actually more surprised by the fact that he wasn't shitting a brick at the moment. In fact, he seemed more worried about my health rather than my sex-life with an alien. Watch out now, hell has frozen over. In the end, when he finally came to his senses and fully processed what I had told him, he seemed to…accept it. Like, holy shit. He was even smiling. For once, seeing him smile made me smile back. And that's when I did something I haven't done in years…I hugged him.

He was definitely shocked about that. Anyway, after our little sibling moment, we parted and exited the room to find Zim still waiting. Not saying a word, I watched as Dib made his way over to my alien boyfriend...wow, that sounds weird, but yeah, he goes over to Zim and extends a hand out to him. And here I thought my display of sisterly affection was something. Before my very eyes, Dib takes Zim's hand and shakes it, saying something about 'accepting his truce' before letting him go.

Hm, first I hear of this 'truce' thing. I will have to ask Zim about it later. But hey, at the moment, I'm not complaining. If this will keep these two knuckle-heads from trying to kill each other in the future, then who am I to complain at all? In fact, ever since then, I haven't seen the two of them fight over anything. Well, ok, there were a few times when the two would argue over Zim's open displays of affection towards me in public or during school hours. But hey, again, not complaining.

Finally, graduation day arrived; and soon after, college. Of course, Zim saw no reason as to why he should attend to college since he has already been taking classes. To this day, I'm still clueless as to how he even made the time for it. But hey, in less than a year, Zim became the most sought out D.O. doctor in the city. Dib was a bit apprehensive with the idea of a psychotic alien being a doctor, but I assured him Zim meant no harm to the human race.

Speaking of which, Dib decided to finally give up on his obsession with the paranormal. However, his interest in outer space didn't change. Dib now works for NASA and is now incorporating the majority of his studies into leading universal expeditions and explorations. He even contacted Tak, that crazed British speaking Irken, to come back to earth and help him out. Now it was my turn to question Mr. 'no fraternizing with the enemy'.

As for me, I want back into gaming; and I don't exactly mean Gameslave gaming, per se. I decided to become a graphic game designer; maybe incorporate some of my own horrific ideas for the next Gameslave versions. Zim thought my choice of career was a bit poor for my high level of intellect, but I didn't care. It's my damn life.

And Gir is still Gir, though I still do question his intelligence at times. His 'serious mode' phases have been increasing by the weeks. Zim even started to wonder, or much rather, hope that it would become permanent someday. Heh, only time will tell.

As for those Tallest guys, they never contacted planet earth again. In fact, Zim hardly spoke of them, the Nirvana, or the Irken Empire all together. I think he finally accepted the fact that some planets are just not worth taking over. I mean, why risk losing what you already have just to gain something you might THINK is better? Even Tak saw no point in that.

So here I sit, on a comfy green couch, staring at a screen featuring some weird monkey show. Zim snuggles up beside me and wraps an arm around my shoulders. Placidly, I glance down to see Gir happily giggling on the floor while he's playing with dolls. Don't ask where he got those from.

"I honestly don't see what he likes about this stupid show," I hear Zim mumble.

I emit a light chuckle and lean in to press my soft violet painted lips against his emerald cheek. The gesture must have caught him off guard because he was soon turning his head towards me, his cheeks a dark shade of green. "Y'know, we can always find something else to do," I suggest with a seductive purr in my vocals, hoping he'd get what I was going for. But if he missed it, well, there's also my hand smoothing up his thigh.

His feelers soon perk. I hear Zim clear his throat before he stands up off the couch and wordlessly takes my hand into his to help me up. Quietly, we both amble towards his bedroom until someone tuugs on my skirt. Looking back down, I see none other than Gir, with a huge grin on his face.

"Are we gonna go have lovies now?!" he squeals. God, this little guy really is smarter than what he gives off. I can tell just by the sound of Zim grounding his teeth that he's all flush in the face with embarrassment.

I can't help but to laugh at this though, so not like me. I reach down and pat at the robot's head with a smile still on my face. "I am," I admit, "but you…why don't you go to the kitchen? I brought Tacos."


I wince at his screech, but hey, that sent him running. Straightening back up, I soon feel arms wrap around my lean waist.

"You brought him tacos?" whispered Zim into my ear.

I turn my entire frame around and look at him with an arched brow. "Why so surprised? I don't know about you, space boy, but I hate interruptions," I tell him as I wrap my arms around his neck. We both simultaneously sway towards the bedroom door until my back is suddenly pressed against it.

"Mmm, you have the same domineering attitude as an Irken Tallest…how tantalizing," he would practically bellowed with his husky tones.

The heat of his breath brought warmth and color to my face. It's not long before my lips are pressing into his hungrily. "I love you, Zim.." I whisper against his heated lips. As soon as those words leave my lips, I feel a smile form.

"As do I…my little love-pig," he cooed softly before forcing the door open and coaxing me inside.

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