Temari's Little Problem

Chapter 1

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Dear, Shikamaru,

I MIGHT be pregnant and it's not even funny. I tried telling Kankuro, since I've always been close to him, but as soon as I started hinting at it he got furious, so I chickened out and changed conversation. Oh, and it's a long story but he thinks I'm a spy and is watching my every move.

Anyways, then I tried telling Gaara. I figured telling him was a win-kind-of-win situation. On one hand, my baby brother has a lot of emotional problems even now that he's kazekage so he would surely understand the anguish and distress I'm going through and do something to help me out. On the other hand, my baby brother has a lot of emotional problems so he would snap and kill me, thus ending my life and pregnant problem. Yea… I thought telling Gaara would be a good idea, but things got so complicated and instead what happened is that the conversation turned to our relationship and how you and I can't be together anymore.

My kazekage demands we break up. Actually, this is supposed to be my break up letter. Gaara-sama doesn't want to give me up to Konohagakure if our relationship was to become more serious and we decided to get married. On the same token, your hokage values you too much to give you up to Sunagakure. Our leaders deem our relationship inconvenient, so we can't be together anymore.

However, I MIGHT BE PREGNANT! Shikamaru Nara, I MIGHT have your child in around seven months and I expect you to be a man and do something about it. I won't be allowed to communicate with you anymore, so just know that I'll try to keep our little problem a secret. I have been pregnant for two months, but today I happened to suffer a series of accidents so I'm not even sure if I lost the baby, and I can't go to the doctor because Gaara will surely end up finding out. I know this letter is very confusing but there's a logical explanation for it all. Please use that big brain of yours to make a plan and save me and our relationship from the wrath of my brothers, and be hasty about it too. Let's assume our kid is alive and that if Gaara and Kankuro find out, they'll kill us both. I don't know what to say. I don't know what to do. I guess I just wanted to tell you?

I have never felt so helpless in my life. I really really like you and I'm counting on you. I hope that you can come up with an escape route. And if not, then just know that I'll do everything in my power to protect you.

Save me soon!

Temari of the Wind.

A/N I am in the process of writing other story about the Sand Siblings parents and I named the Fourth Kazekage Kaze no Hiro/Hiro of the Wind.

That's why here it is officially Temari of the Wind, Kankuro of the Wind, and Gaara of the Wind, or Kaze no Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara

(but Gaara get's his of the Desert nickname,which he goes by). I like to try keeping all my stories somewhat connected if possible.