Temari's Little Problem

Chapter 10

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"In the market?

In the breeze?

In the desert,

In my dreams?

"My dear brother,

Where are you?

Temari is waiting for you, too!

"We will wait for you


Please return to us!

We need you oh so much."

Gaara finished his song, and Temari groaned loudly, her hands curling into fists. Another contraction. "Keep singing!" she demanded.

"I don't know any songs; coming up with that one was hard enough," he responded, but nonetheless he started humming a melody that didn't make any sense. Music seemed to distract Temari from the worst pain so he was doing his best.

The truth was that most of his attention was in the village's skies, materialized as a flying eyeball that was searching frantically for Kankuro. He had killed people in horrible, gruesome ways in his dark past and was used to death, but knowing that his sister could be suffering his beloved mother's faith was bringing him more distress than he could handle. Kankuro, Kankuro was strong. He could tend to Temari while he went to hide in his room and everything would be alright.

Temari groaned loudly again as fresh pain burned through her once more. "Where's that damned midwife anyways? Just take me to the hospital, dammit!" She'd been dying for hours. How long did it take to have babies anyways? "Gaara, please, help me get up," she commanded. She was breathing frantically.

The redhead shook his head no firmly. "I'm not moving you anywhere. You're hurt and I don't want to make it worst."

"I'm not hurt!" she corrected. "I'm just giving birth! So help me!"



"I said no."

"Fuck you, then! Fuck you!"

He shrugged the insult off and continued his mindless humming, all the while continuing his search for— "Kankuro! I found him!" he announced excitedly, and then in a more surprised tone added, "He's kissing Matsuri?"

Well that was shocking even for Temari. "Isn't she your girlfriend or something?" she asked in bewilderment. "Shame on those bastards!"

Gaara released his third eye and scratched his head in confusion. "Well, I thought she wanted me but since I never liked her I guess she ran after Kankuro…."

Temari rolled her eyes. "Then it's your own damn fault isn't it?" she scolded him. "If you wanted the girl, you should have told her."

"But I don't want Matsuri. She's just my former student."

"Then what the fuck are you complaining abou— Oh!" Her body trembled as another painful contraction ran through her body.

Gaara panicked and did hand seals faster than he ever had in his life— another clone to drag Kankuro from Matsuri's fan-girly hands. "Hang in there Temari. It will all be fine when Kankuro gets here."

"Oh yeah, I agree!" she screamed in anguish. "He'll kill me and get it over with!"

"He won't kill you." Gaara looked at her sweaty face nervously. "He loves you too much, and I'll protect you if there's need to."

"I need you to protect my baby instead actually," she gasped in between breaths; the pain was subduing again. "I don't know what will happen to me, but in the worst case scenario you have to swear to protect the baby, okay?"

"I won't do such thing. You're the mother; you protect it."

"Gaara, please—!"

"When I got here you told me you wouldn't die," he growled at her.

That shut her up.

The siblings were quiet for a long time, except for whimpers and ragged breaths that tore from Temari's tired body. Gaara couldn't take it anymore and went to get her some water.

She was scared. Kankuro would be mad, the doctor, midwife, or whatever the person was wasn't there yet, and worst of all the almighty Gaara looked like a frightened wreck. She hated it.

"Here, can you drink?" he returned with a water bottle. He put the container up to her lips and tilted it slightly so the liquid poured into her mouth slowly.

"Thank you," she said, and the silence returned.

"Is it a boy or a girl?" Gaara asked in almost a whisper.

She managed to smile a little, although it resembled a grimace. "I don't know. What do you want it to be?"

He poured some water on his sister's forehead and let it run down her face. "A girl. It would be nice to finally have a sweet person around the house. What do you want it to be?"

"Either one is good really as long as it's healthy," she answered relatively calmly; a wave of new agony then made her scream hoarsely. Gaara cringed in horror. "You know, I take it back!" Temari gasped out, her eyes tightly shut. "A boy! I want a boy so that he never has to get pregnant! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! It hurts so much! Oh fuck!"

"Stop saying that abominable 'F' word!" Gaara squeezed her shoulder tightly. "If you keep it up, it will be your baby's first word."

But she couldn't give a damn what the baby's first word was! She just wanted it out of her! Out!

There was a knock on the front door and in one swift move Gaara was on the bottom of the stairs opening it. "Lady Motoko! Please, come in!"

"Lord Kazekage." A woman in her forties with brown hair and equally brown eyes smiled smart-alecky at the red-haired youngster. "Your clone summoned me to your home, sir…?"

"Yes," Gaara said rather curtly, stepping aside to let the woman in.

She didn't understand what was going on, but she walked in nonetheless. "Just so that you understand, I'm a midwife, my lord. I specialize in helping women deliver their babies. Do you need me to help a woman deliver a baby? Because if not, then—"

"I know what you do!" Gaara cut her off coldly; he really disliked being patronized. Sure he was young but he was the freaking kazekage for a reason! "For over twenty years you've been working as a midwife, and I called you because my sister needs you now."

"Lady Temari?" asked the older woman in surprise.

Gaara pointed up the stairs, to where Temari's body could be seen trying in vain to sit up. "I require your outmost discretion," he warned the lady, too dangerously for her comfort.

The woman nodded anxiously and went up the stairs. "I had no idea Lady Temari was carrying a child."

"No one knew." Gaara shadowed her. "She didn't bother to inform anyone."

A secret pregnancy in the Kazekage's household, the woman mused. How interesting, and how stupid. The Wind children were just as bad as the late Lord Hiro and Lady Karura had been.

"My lady, how long have you been suffering contractions?" she asked the miserable-looking blonde girl when she reached the second floor.

"When the pain started?" Temari thought back exhaustedly. "I don't know. It's been so long already. In the morning."

The young woman looked a lot like Lady Karura, Lady Motoko noted darkly. Karura had been a little older than Temari was now when giving birth to Temari herself, but the resemblance was astonishing. She remembered the day so well.

"Help her!" Gaara barked at the woman impatiently.

Lady Motoko gave him a dirty look. "I can't rush these things, my lord. I know she's in pain, but she'll just have to deal with it. Now, help me move her somewhere more comfortable."

The redhead looked down at the floor. "No. Kankuro is on his way. He'll take care of moving her."

Cowardly boy, Lady Motoko thought in annoyance. "Fines. May I have access to water, towels, and—"

"You may have access to whatever you need in order to keep her alive." He glanced at Temari, silently wishing her luck, and stalked down the stair, outside his house. He would wait for Kankuro there, where he didn't have to hear his sister curse in agony every five minutes.

Lady Motoko rolled her eyes when he was gone. "Men. They are such cowards when it comes to these things." She felt Temari's belly with her experienced hands to see how far the girl was into labor and sighed profoundly. Temari didn't miss it. "You know, I remember the day you were born. Your father, the almighty Hero of the Sand, was about to faint." She put two fingers on Temari's wrist and felt for the pulse. The vain in her temple jumped a little, Temari noticed.

"You were there when I was born?" she asked, interested in the story, and liking the sound of chatty conversation to distract her from her horror.

"Yes. I was there for Lady Karura's three childbirths, just as an assistant of course."

"So you were there when she died?"

"… Yes I was," the lady admitted. "I was helpless then, but won't let it happen to you. Sounds good?"

"My baby is a month too early," Temari confessed.

Lady Motoko's face darkened instantaneously. "Oh, child… I'll do my best to ensure your well-being."

So it was bad, like she'd feared? "Make-make the b-baby's life priority. G-got it?"

Lady Motoko never got used to when things like this happened. "I understand, but, my lady… either way the odds aren't in your favor."

A chill ran down Temari's spine. "What is that s-s-supposed to mean…?"

Outside the house, Gaara felt Kankuro's presence getting near quickly. He had been calmly trying to come up with the right words to explain what the emergency was, but his brother's approach took a hold of his emotions and he simply exclaimed, "She's pregnant!"

Kankuro stopped three feet away from him, his eyes wide in horror. "But… but I haven't even— you knocked her up?"

To knock up? Gaara was a very proper young man. "What does that mean?"

"When you had sex with her!" Kankuro almost screamed at him. "Did you get her pregnant?"

"What?" Gaara's eyes widened. "No! I don't have sex with anyone!"

"Who is the dad then?" Kankuro took off his hat and threw it on the ground. "And here she had me thinking she's so innocent! But duh! How could I be so stupid! She was all over you one day and now is all over me the next! What was I expecting? She's such a whore—!"

"What are you talking about?" Gaara interrupted him mid-rant.

Well, wasn't it obvious? "What are you talking about?"

"About Temari!" Gaara said.

"Oh!" Kankuro exhaled in relief. "I was talking about Matsuri! You don't like Matsuri, do you? I was going to tell you about her but figured you wouldn't mind since you never pay attention to her anyways and what the fuck did you just say about Temari?"

"She's pregnant!" the irritated Gaara repeated clearly. "Well, she was. Now she's giving birth."

Kankuro froze on the scene. His sister Temari was… oh. Oh…! Oh! No wonder…. But how could… "Why didn't she say anything…?"

Gaara shrugged. "I think she thinks you would've hurt her and the baby or something."

"Well, I would have! But that's not the point! Oh fuck! Where is she?"

The redhead gave one curt nod towards the house. "The midwife is with her already, but it's really bad. The baby is premature, so don't scream at her now. I found her half-dead."

"She's dying too?" Kankuro leaned against the wall and took a deep breath. The desert had suddenly grown cold and silent, and he felt sick and frightened.

Oh no, Kankuro looked like he was about to start crying. "You should go inside and… tell her to… not die…" Gaara suggested.

Kankuro did not respond.

"You should go inside and… be by her side."

Kankuro did not respond.

"Go in there and tell her she's a fucking idiot while you still have the chance!"

Kankuro looked up with a weak smile. "You said fuck."

"Fucking," the little brother corrected. "Today is not my day."

Kankuro nodded. "It's not my day either, and it's definitely not Temari's." He cracked his knuckles and took a deep breath, getting some of his composure back. "She better not die because I'll kill her myself when she's feeling better. Come on, Gaara. We have a stupid sister that we have to support."

Gaara shook his head and backed away, but Kankuro grabbed him by the shirt neckline and dragged him inside the house with him anyways. "Temari!"

"Basically, the women in your family are horrible at giving birth," Lady Motoko told Temari. "If it's not one thing, it's another, and it never ends well."

A new contraction started, but she was too concentrated on the new information to mind so much the pain. "How bad is it?" She grimaced.

Lady Motoko frowned. "I know for sure that it goes as far as both your parents' mothers. When Lord Hiro was born—"

"Temari!" Kankuro stomped into the house, pulling Gaara by the shirt behind him. "I know what you did, and you bitch are going to pay for it!"

"I told you not to scream at her now," Gaara grumbled in annoyance.

Kankuro ignored him and he and the redhead marched up the stairs angrily and hesitantly, respectively.

Lady Motoko stood in front of Temari protectively. "She's not okay now, Lord Kankuro. I do not know what's going on, but right now—?"

"Shut up, lady!" With a chakra string he picked her up as a rag doll and moved her out of the way. "This is family business. I want to hear what she has to say for herself." His glowering figured stood in front of a dazed Temari.

She squealed. "If you're going to hurt me, then wait until my baby is born, you motherfucking bastard! It's a month premature, and I don't want it to get hurt."

"You should've thought about that before messing with that asshole Nara, don't you think?" he growled at her. "Because it is the Nara's kid, isn't it? He's such a fucking coward."

Her eyes widened and jaw tightened as another contraction struck her. "This is my baby! Not his! Shikamaruhasnothingtodowithitsoleavehimalone! Ugh!" she screamed and her body shook violently.

Gaara escaped Kankuro's grasp and buried his face in his hands; Kankuro remained unaffected.

"How convenient," he squatted down next to Temari. "You know, I hate you for this. Look at you! How could you have just let that son of a bitch knock you up and run off? Now you look like you're dying and what not—" he choked. If he kept going he would start crying and he didn't need that.

The young woman closed her eyes and shook her head, fighting the agony coursing through her.

"Please, Lord Kankuro," Lady Motoko begged fearfully. The Wind brothers were intimidating. "Your sister and her child are in a quite critical condition. This is not the time to argue with her!"

He looked up at the woman sternly. "How bad is her situation exactly?"

"Well I was about to tell her that childbearing doesn't come easy to most women in your family tree," Lady Motoko started. "When your father Lord Hiro was born, his mother died in the process. When Lord Yashamaru and Lady Karura were born, they were premature twins who destroyed their mother's insides. The woman was never an active kunoichi again. Then when Lady Temari was born, Lady Karura couldn't handle it; we thought about cutting her open but somehow she managed on her own. And when you were born, Lord Kankuro, we thought you would die because you had the umbilical cord wrapped around your neck and we almost couldn't get you out fast enough. Then when Lord Gaara was born… luck wasn't on the lady's side. Her heart gave out. And now Lady Temari is giving birth to another premature child, and she never got medical attention so we don't even know the status of the baby. But from what I could tell from feeling her stomach, it's alive, it's tiny, and it's not in a good position for being this far into labor."

The baby's position was the most crucial piece of information, but the trio of siblings remained quiet after listening to the brief report about their family tree. They had never known a lot about it, since their father had been a serious, quiet man who never talked much about anything, and Yashamaru, before his tragic death, had always grown faint as if in a trance when questioned about his sister and the past. For the first time, Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara learned that their father never met his mother and heard something remotely close to a story about the days they were born. It was, even in the current circumstance, incredible, and they thirsted for more.

"Mother died because of the Shukaku," Temari said in a rough whisper, poking for information.

"No," Lady Motoko looked at her kindly, albeit a little surprised by the turn of the conversation. "The sealing did weaken her, but it didn't kill her."

"Then what did?" Gaara asked more directly.

Lady Motoko shuddered as she remembered the details of that fateful day. "The Shukaku had to be sealed inside an unborn baby. There was no other way, because if it got sealed inside an adult, no matter how strong the person was, he or she would lose their sanity. It'd been tried, and it had failed. And if it was sealed inside a younger person, a kid, the demon would take over the consciousness and the body. The host would become a human costume for the Shukaku to wear; it did more harm than good.

"So to solve that, Lord Hiro and Lady Chiyo came up with a plan that required placing the Shukaku inside a compatible baby and raising him that way. Babies can't move, so the Shukaku could not take control of the body, and baby's minds are still so young and pure and innocent; the Shukaku would not have any control over the mind and drive him crazy. As the baby grew, his body would adapt to the demon and have control over it instead.

"The problem was that Lady Chiyo was the only one who could do the sealing, as no one else knew how to. But the stronger seals she knew required the person doing the sealing to be sacrificed, and your father couldn't have her die. She was so important for the village and—"

"He implanted the Shukaku in me before I was born," Gaara interrupted, venomous resentment filling his voice, "So that my mother would become the sacrifice and not Lady Chiyo." He was thankful to Chiyo for bringing him back to life, and now he understood that his father had to kill him because he was dangerous, but nothing justified his mother being sacrificed over power.

"You're wrong, my lord," Lady Motoko corrected him quickly. "Your father really loved your mother. He did many foolish things for her, and one of those foolish things was opting for a weaker seal to be performed."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Kankuro demanded.

Lady Motoko sighed in frustration, as if the answer was obvious. "Lord Gaara could not control the Shukaku, right? It disturbed him so much— he was so connected to the demon— because Lord Hiro ordered for the seal to be used to be a weak one that would not require a sacrifice. That way he would get his jinchuuriki, even if a little unstable, and Lady Karura and Lady Chiyo would be safe."

"Then why did mom die?" Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari asked in unison.

"Because Lord Gaara was premature!" Lady Motoko yelled at them as if they were all stupid. "Lady Karura was always having complications! All her three labors were high-risk, and Lord Hiro did not understand that! He really, really thought Lady Karura could handle it! But no! The sealing weakened her more than she already was, and when it was all over, her heart just stopped from exhaustion!"

Temari started crying; the pain had nothing to do with it.

Kankuro looked at Gaara from the corner of his eye; he'd always blamed his kid brother for it….

Gaara just felt numb. "My father never told me that…" he mumbled weakly.

"Because he blamed himself," Temari stated coarsely. "Because he wasn't perfect and because if he said it was his fault then he would go insane."

Her brothers eyed her curiously, and she cleaned her happy tears and laughed. "You two think of him as a villain, but I remember when he used to be happy and laugh with me and my mom a lot. He really changed when she died, but I think that it's because he missed her. You said he loved my mom, right, Lady Motoko?"

"He adored the woman!" Lady Motoko replied, smiling a little. "Those two were really close, and everyone, especially girls like me who were the same age as Hiro and Karura were, were jealous of her. We dreamed of marrying the Hero of the Sand, but he only had eyes for her. I was so jealous of her." Her eyes darkened and she sighed. "Hiro did some stupid things for her; people were questioning whether he should be stripped of the kazekage title because sometimes he couldn't prioritize between her and the village. When they got married, some people demanded Lady Karura's head. Many of them were happy with the news of her death."

Kankuro felt his throat tighten. "Were you one of those happy people?"

"Me? Oh, no, of course not," Lady Motoko answered honestly. "I figured out that Lord Hiro would only ever love his Karura the day he announced he was marrying her 'even if it never rained again'."

Temari was glowing in joy. "That sounds like the daddy I remem— Ugh!" A contraction.

Lady Motoko looked at her in concern. "I think it's definitely time we move you somewhere more comfortable before it's too late. Lord Kankuro, can you help?"

Kankuro's throat felt dry, but he nodded. "To her room?" He kneeled next to his sister and put an arm around her back, sitting her up. Temari winced.

"Yes, put her on her bed," Lord Motoko ordered. "I'll go get some towels."

Kankuro put his other arm under his sister's knees and prepared to heave. "Tema, I'm picking you up now. Are you ready? Bear with me, okay?"

Her head lolled to a side and her face was pale as she tried coping with the strong new affliction the new position was giving her.

There was so much blood on the floor, on his sister, and on his hands. Kankuro felt like dropping her and going somewhere far away to puke, but with the way Gaara was behaving, if he didn't help Temari no else would. "Gaara, make way for me, please."

"Okay, and by the way, be careful." The redhead hurried to open Temari's bedroom door and pull the bed covers back. "That blood you're touching is coming out of her you-know-what."

Her you-know-wha…? "Ugh, this is sick!" Kankuro attempted to take his hand back and clean it, but Temari's groan motivated him to not do that, to remain cool and collected and help save her life. "This is so wrong," he complained on the verge of tears, taking a deep breath. "Oh wells, Tema, are you ready?"

In one swift move he stood up and she screamed. "It hurts! It hurts! Put me down!" she cried in horror.

"Suck it up, sweetie. We gotta do this." her brother carried her as fast and steady as he could move, eyeing the pale little redhead evilly. "You should've moved her sooner, idiot."

Gaara knew it, so he didn't say anything. He simply sat in a corner of the bed, and pulled Temari's hair back when her head finally hit the pillow. "Hang in there. You'll be alright."

She shook her head and bawled, unable to form coherent words anymore. She was so tired. It had started early in the day and it was already twilight. How much more time?

"Temari, you're an idiot," Kankuro sat on her other side and held her hand tightly. "There's nothing in the world that I could've done to make you suffer like this."

Lady Motoko entered the room with towels, which she put underneath Temari and over her legs to cover her as she cut the blonde's bloody baggy shorts and underwear away. More inspection and she announced it was almost time for the baby to be come forth.

In her mind, she worried about the blood loss, the dangerously increasing heart rate, and the baby's position, but from experience she'd learned that hope was a powerful medicine that created miracles and if given enough, she had faith that the young woman, and her child, would not perish.

She began telling her and the brothers all she knew about their mother. She'd been a sweet girl, really fun and gentle, and possibly the Sand's worst kunoichi ever. Although Temari's fan had belonged to her, Karura had specialized in being a seduction ninja, due to her being so pretty and so clueless that no one would suspect her of being a spy. The eldest of twins, she'd always been seen next to Yashamaru when they were little; they'd been so close their entire lives that when she died, in her fear and in order to not go alone she had taken half of Yashamaru with her by accident. Lady Motoko wasn't sure, but many people claimed that Lady Karura's mother wasn't a motherly woman, and she'd hurt Karura a lot throughout the years. She'd had a sad life for the most part, but the last few years of her life that she'd spent raising her kids had made up for it. Lady Motoko had not been close to Karura, so most of the information she wasn't sure of, but the siblings looked joyous to hear it, even the girl in her worst of pains, that she told them everything she knew.

All the while Temari pushed and winced, cried and moaned loudly. She could feel the baby coming, and it was indescribable. And when it was finally out!

"It's a boy!" Lady Motoko announced.

She took a deep breath, laughed as he heard the tiny creature cry, and passed out.

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