Spy Down!

Hello ffrindiau! Sut oed ti?

That means "how are you?" in Welsh by the way.

Anyway, we all know Wolfgang has taken Spy for himself, but what will RED have to say about Spy's disappearance?

Quite a bit, that's what.


Chapter 15

It was a good day for team RED as they successfully drove those BLU cowards back into their base. They didn't see Spy running amongst their crew as they picked off the BLUs, but they all assumed he would show up at some point – it wasn't unusual for RED Spy to perform a magic trick and disappear. He didn't turn up to the after-battle celebration either and Medic sat, worried, upon the sofa of the rec room, soaking up the warmth of the heater nearby amidst drunken laughter. The Spy often refused the offers to the come to these little gatherings and they only wondered what work was so important that it could pull the Frenchman away.

Medic felt sad – he'd really assumed that they had been moving forward in that first therapy session. It didn't seem that way after all.

It took Medic's searching the next morning, and the discovery of Spy's cold, neatly-made bed, signalling that Spy hadn't slept in it the previous night to push the rest of the hung over REDs into the realisation that their shyest member was missing.

"Maybe he's spyin' on da BLUs? He does dat sometimes." Scout gave his input, anxious and jittery at the thought of one of his own mysteriously vanishing.

Could they all be in danger?

"Spy would have come back by now, lad." Demoman rebutted, waving a hand to dismiss the theory.

Lance didn't stay still either – he paced back and forth across the meeting room like his own life depended on the repetitive movement.

"Where the hell is that man? He better not have shown his true French colours and run out on us!" the American ranted and Engineer put up a hand in placation.

"Spah's proven his loyalty to us twice over. He's not like any other creepy Spah I've met." He rubbed the wrist of his gloved hand unconsciously.

"Where's Pyro?" Scout asked abruptly, paranoia creeping into his eyes as he jumped up. "We're all disappearin' one by one!"

"Don't be stupid." Medic snapped shortly.

Pyro's loud but muffled yells made them come running immediately.

"What happened? What ye yelling for?" Guy groaned at the sight of an untouched pyromaniac.

Their eyes travelled together past Pyro's pointed finger and a collective silence fell over them, spreading the anxiety to every man present.

On the wooden floor, spilling bullets everywhere, lay Spy's Ambassador.

Spy never went anywhere without it.

His head ached.

It throbbed like someone had thrown a two ton weight at his temple with glee and it took a while for the Spy to crack open one unwilling eyelid, wincing at the overhead lamp cutting through the darkness when he did so. His body felt like it was still standing upright and he chanced a glance downwards to see chains and manacles attaching him to the hard stone wall they sprouted from, like a common traitor in the Tower of London in the Dark Ages.

Spy couldn't help the indignation that rose up in his chest or the crippling fear that slammed into his stomach.

He was exposed again…vulnerable – oh god, oh no!

Where was he? Had the seemingly respectable BLUs kidnapped him for their own nefarious gain? He wanted this to be a horrible nightmare and to be home with the other REDs when he awoke panting from stress.

His chest tightened painfully and the age old need to hide under a table or in a darkened corner overtook him for a moment and he struggled with his bonds. The chains rattled loudly and the Spy froze, not eager to be discovered trying to break free. No, he must keep calm and collected. He was the RED Spy and not exactly shabby at his job! If they wanted information about RED or his teammates, they would have to pry it from his cold, dead body, for he would die before he gave anything up to his captors! He would protect his newly found family from these infiltrators.

Whoever THEY were.

Unfortunately for Felix, his movements had attracted someone's attention and he recognised the various monitors (one for his heart, his brain etc) too late as footsteps echoed in the dark. Brightness flared in his half-lidded vision and sapphire eyes shut to protect themselves as the lights were flicked on casually, revealing a room full of papers and varying scientific equipment that looked dangerous and Spy didn't particularly feel like learning their names.

"Oh, look at you, my dear test subject. So easy on the eyes of a scientist…"

Oh my god…who WAS this?

Hesitantly, Spy peeked at his kidnapper and drew up a blank because he could honestly say that he had NO idea who this man was.

He already knew one thing though.

This man acted like a crazed killer.

His supposedly otherwise neat hair sprawled over his head scruffily and his shirt was untucked beneath his long white coat. A name badge rested on his left breast pocket and his glasses glinted menacingly in the new lighting, preventing the Spy from gazing into his frenzied eyes. He appeared to have lost sleep due to some reason or other and Spy had a funny suspicion that he was the reason behind his lack of sleep.

The scientist's hands twitched towards a pile of notes and he brought them up to his narrow face to scan through them almost religiously.

"My new weapon…not yet complete, but beggars can't be choosers!" the man cried with a grin, gazing up at the Spy's expressionless features before his face fell a little. "Oh my, you don't seem very happy. Are you uncomfortable? You will be taken down from there, don't fret. It was just a safety precaution. After all, I couldn't take any chances while the strength of your powers I bestowed upon you remains unknown."


He'd received his powers from this lunatic? Was this true?

"How…?" croaked the RED in bewilderment and the scientist appeared delighted by the tired question.

"A wonderful question! Let me pull up this chair here and tell you all about my marvellous first experiment for this project!"

His Austrian accent was beginning to frustrate Spy already, for it sounded similar and yet nothing like his kind Medic's lilting German.

He really missed his team.

"You see…Ach, how rude of me! I haven't introduced myself to you! My name is Wolfgang Renalds, a scientist for Mann Co. I will be the great man studying you for quite some time before I release your talents on the world!"

If he expected Spy to be excited about this prospect, he would be sorely disappointed.

"As I was saying, it was incredibly easy to set up the fieldwork. I created a formula, one that I had been curiously experimenting with for years, which could mutate DNA. A marvellous piece of work! Several lab tests with rats confirmed this theory, but each outcome was different for each test, so I had no evidence regarding side effects or results."

Spy listened with growing horror, the cogs in his head spinning.

This maniac had somehow given him a chemical that hadn't even been properly tested! How?

"It was time for me to test it upon a human. All that was left to do was to ship off a single vial from the formula in a crate of antibiotics. It was a random test…it could have ended up anywhere! But…"

He broke of his rambled explanation to sneer at RED Spy, who gaped at him with thinly veiled astonishment, forgetting to keep his composure as the truth slowly dawned upon him.

"It found its way to you, didn't it, my little weapon?"

Medic…poor unsuspecting Medic had administered the life-changing shot, unaware that this potentially lethal dosage was hidden within the antibiotic syringe.

Spy snapped his head away as Wolfgang sauntered forward to undo his restraints.

"And now…"

He gripped Spy's cuffed hands (damn, he'd effectively cuffed them together quickly – if only Spy weren't sluggish from his head trauma) roughly and began to drag the resisting French native from the messy room that reeked of dirt and an unusual sour smell. Spy flinched as the man's neck twisted sharply to stare at him with a toothy, feral grin.

"You and I are going to dominate the world! And you WILL co-operate, European, or you can expect excruciating pain!"

Spy strained hopelessly with bulging blue eyes full of terror as he heard the happy voice into an evil tone and when he felt two pairs of meaty hands from the bodyguards clamp on his body to stop any movement, Spy stared up to the heavens and prayed for his swift rescue.

RED…help me.

Uh oh…Spy's in deep poo. RED will be springing into action next chapter, however, and Miss Pauling will get in on the action too!

Stay tuned for Michael Bay style camera shaking and THOUSANDS of explosions. XD