Author Notes: This is part two to Dancing with the Beast. It would also make more sense if you saw S9's Nature of the Beast. Warning: Hot off the press & still proofreading, so I apologize in advance for silly mistakes.

FBI Agent Fornell's Office

"So the same gun that was used to kill our NCIS agent, also killed our two terrorists." Gibbs questioned Fornell suspiciously.

"Yes, Gibbs, so we are still looking into possible connections to the murder weapon."

"You do have suspects." Gibbs said more as a question.

"I cannot say, Gibbs. I did talk with Director Vance about this. And, NCIS received a report of the death investigation with no suspect found." Fornell answered. He watched as Gibbs paced around the room, even more quiet than usual.

"Is there something wrong, Gibbs?" Fornell asked.

"SecNav wants to split up my team." Gibbs stated.

"Why exactly?" Fornell asked, who was curious about the concept but also skeptical that Gibbs was messing with him.

"SecNav and Vance feel I would be easier to handle, if I didn't feel so comfortable around my team." Gibbs said. Fornell started to laugh, which only irritated Gibbs more.

"Gibbs, last week you were ranting how you kept getting lectured by Vance about the need to know policy." Fornell explained, as he continued to laugh. Gibbs shot him an angered look.

"Now, you do know and the SecNav is angry." Fornell said. "So you are angry about the consequence."

"What is your point?" Gibbs shot back.

"It was need to know. You are threatening the new SecNav's authority." Fornell explained. "Can't you just play nice with others, Gibbs?" Annoyed with Fornell's comments, Gibbs finally stood up and prepared to leave.

"Gibbs?" Fornell said in a serious tone. "You are the best. You are an excellent investigator and even better team leader. SecNav would not seriously consider breaking up your team." Fornell said.

"DiNozzo has been repeatedly pressured to lead his own team in Rota, Spain. McGee might be next and this might happen soon." Gibbs added. "They have been reassigned before. DiNozzo was an agent afloat aboard the USS Ronald Reagan and the Seahawk."

"Mmmh, so if you continue to question SecNav's authority by sticking your nose in investigations that you have not been assigned to, then DiNozzo as well as the rest of your team will be reassigned. Does the team know about this?"

"The field team does." Gibbs answered.

"The field team?" Fornell repeated. "Your field team has seen you this upset?"

"What is your point?" Gibbs asked.

"My point is your behavior even has me rattled right now. Your team has to be feeling pretty insecure right now with your lack of confidence. Since when, is your field team incapable of taking care of themselves?"

"DiNozzo was almost killed—twice now. . ." Gibbs angrily shot back at Fornell. ". . .because of the SecNav's assignment.

"He was almost killed because of his involvement with the ONI's microchips. So why aren't you protecting him?" Fornell asked.

"He is still in the hospital, and I have been ordered not to. Vance hasn't left his side." Gibbs answered. "Hey, how did you find out about the microchips, Fornell? That is the Navy's mess, and SecNav is quietly trying to cover it up."

"It is not a secret anymore, Gibbs. Every agency is now involved in the search." Fornell explained.

"What changed?" Gibbs responded perplexed.