Heyy everyone, so I've been reading a lot of Sirius and Hermione stories lately, and how Hermione always goes back in time. I decided to give this type of story a go, so tell me what you think.

Stay Forever

Summary: It's the trio's last year in Hogwarts and they are still mourning the death of Sirius Black. What will they do if Hogwarts has an unexpected visitor? Read and Find out!

Chapter 1

Date: 29th August 1998

Harry Potter was sitting by the window at the Burrow. It was currently 12am and the house was deathly silent, except for Ron's loud snoring. How they can all sleep through his snoring will always be a mistery to me., Harry thought as he took a peak towards his sleeping best friend. Harry Potter was a name known to all in the wizarding world. You see, Harry Potter was famous, at first for something that he couldn't even remember, but more recently for officially killing the man - NO thing - that made men, women and children's, skin crawl. That man's name was Voldemort. No one, bar a fair few, dared speak his name, therefore dubbing him as You-Know-Who or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Voldemort was all about getting rid of muggles and muggleborns, maybe even a few halfbloods. He was all about pureblood surpemacym which is kind of funny if you think about it. Its quite hypocritical of him really because he himself was just a mere halfblood. He believed that purebloods should rule under him and this made Harry wonder if any of his deatheaters had known of his line-age. He doubted it. Harry thinks that Voldemort was sure that his deatheaters believed that, surely a decendant of pureblood supremist, Salazar Slytherin himself, would be of pureblood, but they didn't dare doubt him for fear of what he would do if somebody even suggested him anything but pure. Harry thought back to when Hermione had told Bellatrix of Voldemort's line-age. She was furious. Which brings us back to why Harry was sat by the window, looking out as if waiting for somebody to appear.

The night Hermione had told Bellatrix of Voldemort's blood status, was the last night of Sirius Black's life. Bellatrix killed her cousin that night and as they all watched his body fall through the veil, Hermione said the two words she thought that she would never say. Not only did she say them, but what had shocked her was the fact that she didn't care or feel any regret in her actions. Bellatrix Lestrange had also died that night, as did many others.

The final battle had ensued after Bellatrix's body fell. Many died that night, both from the detheaters and the light side, but most importantly, Voldemort was gone. Gone forever, never to return to enter another person's life, never to strike fear into the hearts od people both young and old, and never to plague Harry's life again.

After the battle, Harry remembers the ceremony that took place to congratulate him as well as to mourn the dead. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Remus, Tonks and many others hadn't felt like celebrating. They had all lost an amazing friend in Sirius Black and the only celebrating/thanking, was towards Hermione for killing the person that stole their friends life. They all cried, Harry remembered, Remus had sought out comfort in Tonks and Harry and his friends all moutnrf together. The worst thing is that he, Harry, had retreated into himself, he became snappy towards everyone and began ignoring them. Wow, I've been a complete arse towards them and yet they still tolerate me, Harry thoght in wonder.

Harry sat there, thinking. He thought about the horcrux search that he and Dumbledore had gone on while everybody else was either back in their jobs or back in school. He know that once the diadem of Ravenclaw had been found and destroyed, there would be no possible way for Voldemort to EVER rise again. He looked back on how he returned to Hogwarts schooling after the diedem had been destroyed in the Room of Requirement. He thought about what he remembered feeling, knowing that Tom Riddle's last horcrux was destroyed. He rememebred how awful he had felt when telling Ron and Hermione of his horcruz adventure. He then remembered how happy he felt when Hermione had pulled him into a bone-crushing yet caring hug and when he and Ron had shared a brothers hug. He smiled as he rememebered being back in Gryffindor Tower and Hermione handing him a huge pile of parchment that had two different handwritings on there.


Harry, Ron and Hermione were sat around the warm fire place in the Gryffindor common room on the `0th of June. They were all silent, thinking of the story Harry had just revealed. Harry, not liking the thoughtful yet uncomfortable silence, broke the silence.

"So. What have I missed in class?" He asked. Hermione gasped and fled. Ron sent a mock glare towards Harry. "What?" He asked. Ron shook his head.

"You just had to ask about classes. if you knew Hermione at all, you would know not to ask that question" Ron sighed. Harry raised an eyebrow.

"I doubt its that bad, Ron." Harry tried to calm his friend. Ron shook his head.

"Not that bad? Not tha- Harry, for every class that she wasn't in that you and I had taken, she would MAKE me take notes for you. I HAD to fill a 1ft roll of parchment of notes for you, for every class! Hermione said that was minimum! If that her minimum, I feel that her maximum is even more reidiculous." Ron sighed. Harry laughed at this. Ron scowled and Harry's laughter became silent as Hermione came down the stairs with a huge folder. Harry's mouth dropped open.

"You didn't?" He asked timidly.

"Nope. Ron helped too!" She replied cheerfully. Harry glared at Ron. "Now, we made notes on every subject you took except divination because, lets be honest, divination is just a load of bull. I also got some of the asignments for you, but only the main ones that went towards your final grade, so don't give me that look." She scolded after taking in Harry's false glare.

"Thanks guys, I appreciate this. I'd rather have to do all of this than be far behind in school. I'll start on this tomorrow and work through the summer." Harry said reassuringly to Hermione. Hermione beamed at him and Ron tried to smile but couldn't. Hermione giggled at him.

End Flashback

Harry smiled at the memory and retreated to his bed. He slipped under the covers and get comfortable.

"Night Sirius, I wish your could be with us. Love you Padfoot." Harry whispered before letting his eyes fall. Within minutes he was taken into into a string of dreams of what could have been, had Bellatrix not killed Sirius. Granted Voldemort would still be alive, but that also meant that Sirius would be too.

The next few days went by as normal. Harry studdied with the help of Hermione, and the Weasley's were busy either playing Quidditch, cleaning and cooking, or inventing and investigating. Soon it was time to board the Hogwarts Express but hey, time flie when your having fun!