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Chapter 3 – The Marauders

1st September 1978

It was the first day of the Marauders seventh and final year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry and they were more excited than ever! The Marauders are a group of four boys who are, for the most part, good looking as long as you exclude a plump boy whose face resembles that of a mouse or a rat – you pick. This group of prestigious young wizards consists of; James Charlus Potter, Sirius Orion Black, Remus John Lupin and finally Peter Pettigrew.

James and Sirius were extremely mischievous, and are always up for a good laugh. They also happen to be good with the ladies. Well, James could be good if he wasn't completely in love with a girl that wouldn't say yes.

Sirius, in his earlier years at Hogwarts, years 3-6, were his player days. But, that was going to change this year, or so he told his friends. He told them that he actually wanted to settle down and have a nice big family of his own. They didn't think he was serious and so they laughed in his face, but when they saw that he was serious, they congratulated him on his choice.

Remus wasn't a ladies man. He preferred to study his little heart out. His friends are always trying to set him up with a date but he wasn't having any of it. He thought that no girl would want to be with a damaged guy like him. You see, Remus was a werewolf and he thought that he could never have a family incase his condition of lycanthropy got passed down and into his offspring. This to his friends seemed completely ridiculous and so they tried to talk him into it too many times, but Remus always put his lack of dating expertise to the fact that he'd prefer to just study. Remus was kind of the brains of the group.

Then there was Peter. Peter didn't really have much to live up to, but he always looked up to James and Sirius as big brothers. Peter was neither studious nor particularly good with the ladies. He was a bit of a lag for the others in the group but they kept him because they were friends. However, nobody knew of who he hung around with when he disappeared for a few hours or during the summer when he isn't with his friends. Nobody would know that little piece of information until the Halloween of 1981 and even then it would remain a secret for another 12 years.

All in all, the group didn't seem likely but they did quickly become a close-knit group of friends. The four were given the name of The Marauders because of their talent of playing pranks on everyone – even the teachers! They were notorious pranksters and still are well known for their mischievous ways. To some they were Gods and they worshipped them as such. But to others, they were pains in the neck who just wouldn't go away. In fact, this is exactly what a certain Lily Evans thought of the group.

Lily Evans, a normal muggleborn witch with a mind like no other. She had been chosen to be Head Girl for her final year and she couldn't wait to have the chance to take points from the Marauders. She had always disliked three quarters of the group, but she found Remus smart and so they had formed a sort of friendship. As they were both very studious, they had that in common and they used it in order to become friends. One Marauder that constantly bugged her, yet she liked secretly, was one James Potter. He was constantly asking her out and she would say yes, if he wasn't such a jerk to others.

Anyways, the group of four were in their compartment talking about the upcoming year. They were all excited because they could almost get away with anything. Know why? A certain James Potter was made Head Boy. This basically gave the marauders free reign over the school. However, only a quarter way into the journey to their amazing school, did something happen.

"Hey, guys I'm going to the toilet. Be back soon." Said Peter who was holding his trousers in emphasis. The other three Marauders nodded, not knowing that anything unusual was happening. As Peter stepped out of the carriage, a certain red-headed girl walked passed.

"Hey, Evans! Looks like we'll be working closely together this year huh?" James said with a grin on his face. Lily turned around to face them and she stood in the door way.

"Wait, Professor Dumbledore elected YOU for Head Boy? I have always said he didn't have a sane cell in his body." Lily sneered but her eyes told a different story.

"Yep. Hey can I see your necklace? It looks pretty." James said with a blush creeping up his face as his friends snickered at him. Lily blushed and hid her necklace from view. Sirius saw this.

"No you can't. It was assigned to me by Professor McGonagal." She replied quickly without realising her slip up.

"Assigned? What is is?" Sirius asked in mild confusion. Lily gasped.

"Assigned? Did I say assigned? I meant given, as a birthday present." She tried to recover, failing miserably.

"Evans, your birthday isn't for two months." James said with a raised eyebrow. This caught Lily off guard. She wasn't aware that James knew her birthday, But then again, he has been trying to ask you out for like ever. Her mind told her.

"You know when my birthday is?" She asked with a small blush appearing on her face. Sirius raised an eyebrow at James' little blush.

"Well, yeah. Why wouldn't I know when your birthday is?" He asked and Lily beamed on the inside but then refocused and felt her neck for the necklace, only to find it gone. She turned to Sirius who was the most likely suspect.

"Give it back, Black." She demanded. Sirius pouted.

"But Lily, it looks so cool. I mean what are all of these little rings? Ooooo they move when I turn this little nobly thing! That's so cool!" Sirius exclaimed, acting like a four year old locked inside Honeyduke's. Just to prove that it looked better on him, he threw it over his head so that it settled nicely in the middle of his chest. "Could do with a little shortening though." He mumbled. Lily's eyes were wide.

"Sirius! Don't turn that nob! And take it off! Right NOW!" Lily fumed. Sirius looked scared. Nobody had EVER heard Lily shout like that. He smirked at her until he heard a small shout from James and Remus. Then all he could see were colours flying past him at a speed unknown to him. He grew more scared when they didn't stop for at least fifteen minutes and when they did stop, he was standing somewhere that was not the Hogwarts Express. He was in the Great Hall with students looking at him with wonder. He then looked up to the Head Table and saw Dumbledore and McGonagal but they looked different somehow. He then looked towards the Gryffindor table. There, he found a certain raven haired boy looking at him in surprise yet also looking like he was about to burst into tears. This confused Sirius.

"James, why are you looking at me like that?" Sirius asked, looking and sounding more confused than ever. What the black haired boy said next would change his life, forever.

"I'm not James. I'm Harry, Harry Potter." And with that, Sirius fell with a thud to the floor of the Great Hall in a dead faint.

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