Faith goes through the door, and sees Kate sitting in front of the computer to the left corner of the living room. It's three o'clock on the afternoon. She still hasn't got used to walk trough the door instead of dropping from the roof.
-Was the delivery successful? she asks.
-I'm still here, right? Although I got chased by those pursuit blues, Faith says and closes the door. Always walking around with their tasers. Hey, you were listening on the com-radio, why are you asking?
-I just want to be sure. It's not like we are free regular citizens. Not that anyone is free, Kate says.
It has gone a while since they fled from The Shard, and they are the most wanted persons in the whole city. They are hiding in the shabbiest area where the cops don't go, since not even the runners hideouts are safe anymore.
-Anyway, your next delivery isn't until tomorrow, so you're free for the rest of the day, Kate says.
-Wow, that's something new, I have a vacation.

Then, Kate lowers her head, and stays quiet.
-What is it?
-Nothing, I just remember that Miller said that once, she says silently.
Faith realises what she was thinking on, walks towards her and puts her arm around her.
-It's okay, Faith says.
-We didn't even get to see him one last time, or better said, his…his... she got silent again and put her hands on her face.
-He really was a close friend, right? Faith says.
-One of my closest, Kate says. She takes a deep breath, lifts her head and continues; I'm alright. Now, I'll listen to the police radio to hear if they are planning anything for tomorrow.
-The pursuit blues are already the plan, Faith says.
She leaves the room and goes to the kitchen to eat something. At the same time she thinks on where they are hiding. To have a flat that has three rooms, including the living room with separate kitchen and a bathroom is a miracle, even though it's not at its best condition. Thanks, Drake.

She's after the pizza in the refrigerator, when Kate suddenly says:
-Faith! Get in here fast!
Faith rushes immediately to the living room, with Kate looking in the screen as if she wanted to jump into it.
-What is it? Faith asks.
Kate turns around to her and can barely talk, and says:
-M-Miller, he's-he's..! He's still alive!
-What? How can you know that?
-They were talking about him on the radio, and I recorded it. Listen!
She presses a key, and they listen closely.
-Officer Marden, tonight you're going to interrogate the high risk prisoner 01754, former Lieutenant Miller, about the whereabouts of the Runner he helped, known as Faith Connors, and her sister, the fugitive Kate Connors.
-Copy that. Is he known for being violent?
-Answer no, but he's known for being very stubborn and has not revealed anything, even after receiving physical persuasion.
-Roger that. What time?
Kate stops the recording, and looks at Faith. She's completely calm, and they both know what they have to do when she says:
-We're gonna get him out from there.