I just wanted to finish this story! Lost my inspiration too.

Miller and Faith have recently reached the front of their hideout. It's turning into dusk, and the blues are all over the place searching for them. While the sounds of their sirens get stronger and fades, Miller talks to Faith.
-Um, I'm, I'm quite nervous right now, he says and brushes his arm.
-For what? It's like meeting an old friend, just not so long time ago, she says.
He stays quiet for a moment, and then says:
-You're right. Are you sure you're not going to enter?
-Don't worry. You go in and have your reunion, I've never been much for that. I'm gonna make sure that the blues haven't followed us, and then I'll enter.
He enters, and right away, Kate flies out of her chair, runs straight to him and catches him in a big hug.
-Miller! You're alive! Oh, I-I'm so relieved! Thank you, thank you so much for all you've done to us!
She sounds like she's about to cry, and he feels like he's about to blush. Miller is entirely caught off-guard and looks at her, but the only thing he can think of is to hug her back.
-It's okay, it's okay, I'm just happy that you're alright, he says.
They both calm down, and stay quiet. Kate feels of the warmth from his chest, but Miller thinks of the softness of hers. He immediately realizes what he's thinking, and in the matter of a split second he blushes in scarlet. Kate gets an odd feeling of being too intimate, and they both release each other. They look at each other as an awkward silence lays over , and while he's got rid of his blush, she barely manages to hold back one. But at that moment, she sees how injured he is.
-My Lord! What have they done to you! she yells. You need medical treatment! Now!
-H-hey, calm down, Kate! I'm alright! Well, I'm still alive at least, he says.
Then, Faith enters through the door.
-Okay, the blues haven't managed to follow us, she states.
She looks at them both, and says to Kate:
-Well, are you going to take care of his wounds, or what?
-M-me? But, why me? Kate says.
-Why not? I'm pretty sure you can take care of it better than I. Plus, the equipment is in the kitchen, it's just to take it and fix it. Oh and Miller, you'll sleep in Kate's room.
They both widen their eyes and stare at her, not being able to believe what she said. Then Kate says:
-What…did you just say?
-What, it's not like there's anything wrong with that, Faith says and gives a look of innocence. And I've always thought that your bed is bigger. Besides, you know Miller better than I do, no offence.
-I, well, sure? Ehm, I don't think I have an opinion on this matter, he says.
-What time is it? Faith asks randomly.
Kate glances at the computer, and says:
-21:24. But, that has nothing to do with…
-I'll go and pick up some things for you. You should rest up afterwards, Miller, Faith says.
Without waiting for an answer, she leaves once again. They look at each other, and a strange silence covers the room.
-W, well, I guess we should take care of your wounds, Kate says. You can wait in my…my room. It's the one on the right.
-O-okay, he says.
He enters through the door to her room, and she walks to the kitchen to pick up the supplies. She goes to her room and steps trough. Miller is sitting on the bed, waiting for the treatment. Kate takes a seat beside him, and decides to begin with his black eye. She faces him, and puts a bag with ice to his eye. She then wraps bandage around his head, and proceeds with disinfecting all small wounds on his face, cleaning away the dried blood. They both stay quiet through it, until Kate says:
-Eh, could you take off your jacket, please? To check for the other wounds, she quickly adds.
Miller looks at her, and does what he's told. She looks to the side in the meantime, and when he's done, she feels shy for seeing his chest. While she disinfects his it, he twitches when it touches the wounds.
-I'm just going to check for any broken ribs, she says, and puts a slight pressure at the top of his chest and continues down. When she gets close to the last of the ribs, he feels a strong sting of pain.
-Sorry, but darn, you do have broken ribs. I don't know how to treat that, she sighs. I guess that all you can do now is to rest on your back.
-Don't worry; you did a good work, Kate. Thank you.
This time, she blushes slightly and looks quickly away.
-You're welcome; I think we should go to the living room and wait for Faith.
She rapidly walks out of the room, leaving Miller wondering why his emotions feel so different from before.
-What is wrong with me? he thinks. She's the same, and I'm the same, and I still feel…different. Sure, I paid more attention to her appearance, and had that weird thought when hugging her…no! Stop that! Besides, it's not like she would change her opinion about me, even though she's been acting…
His thoughts get abruptly ended when he hears Kate shout:
-Miller! Are you coming?
-What? Oh, I'm coming!
He walks out of the room, and sees Kate sitting on the couch. He sits down beside her, while they wait quietly for Faith to return. Kate casually throws a glance at him, when she notices something.
-Miller, you aren't wearing your jacket, she says shyly while looking away.
He looks down, and makes the same discovery.
-Uh, I-I'm sorry! I'll go and bring my jacket!
-No no, it's alright, I don't mind. Wait, I don't mean it like that!
While the two of them are incapable to stop blushing and more or less panicking, Faith comes to the rescue when she opens the door. They both turn their attention to her, and she's carrying something under her arm.
-What's going on? Anything exciting?
-Nothing! They both say simultaneously.
-Well, you did a good job, Kate. Here, catch this Miller.
She throws whatever she's holding under her arm to him, and he catches it. It's a white suit and two guns, the same sort Miller has.
-Hey, where did you get this? he asks surprised.
-Don't underestimate us runners, she says. Now you have at least some clothes to change to, and your familiar weapons. Anyways, I'm going to go to sleep. Bye.
She turns around and enters her room, leaving Miller and Kate alone once again. They look at each other, and he puts on the jacket Faith gave him.
-I…guess she's right. You should go and change your trousers; I'm going to bed too, and you can go when you're done, she says and also enters their room.

Miller steps through the door carefully, and sees that Kate has fallen asleep. He had actually on purpose waited outside for awhile, so it wouldn't feel so weird. When he gets closer to the bed, he notices that her back is turned to him, but he can still see her face.
-She looks so…beautiful, he thinks. Wait!
He facepalms himself at the thought, and shakes it off.
-Okay, I give up! I know that I've been feeling like this ever since I got imprisoned, you get too much free time then. The problem here is not that but the fact of how I'm going to tell her, or IF I should tell her. I like her, but she might not feel the same. Sigh, I'll stop blabbering for now, and just sleep, I'm done.
He lies down in the bed with his back turned to her, and mumbles for himself.

In the morning, Kate wakes up and notices that Miller is gone. She instantly remembers her strange dream she had during the night, and blushes.
She was in a dark place, with Miller in front of her. When she was going to ask him where they were, he wrapped an arm around her waist, and kissed her. But what is the most embarrassing for her is that she actually, kind of, liked it.
Then she hears a knocking on the door.
-Kate, wake up! You've gotta guide me on this upcoming delivery, or I'll ask Miller!
-What? But I don't know anything about that!

-Okay, now you've just have to jump over a fence to the right, and follow the runner's marks.
While Kate is giving instructions to Faith, Miller is sitting on the couch, pondering over his emotional problems. When she leaves the computer to get a glass of water, Miller sees his chance.
-Kate, could you give me a moment?
-What is it?
He walks up to her, with a nervous face expression.
-It's… quite a sensitive matter. We've been friends for a long time, and we went through a great ordeal a while ago. But after The Shard, my feelings towards you have…changed.
He brushes his hair and looks away, while she stays at a loss of word. Then she finally says:
-Miller, it's just not only you.
She smiles, and puts a hand on his chest
-I know what you mean, and… I love you too.
He snaps back his head, looking straight in her eyes. He gives off a twitching smile, and puts his hands on her shoulders.
-R-really? I, I, I don't know what to say!
She leans closer to him, as well as he, until their lips meet in a kiss. They stay so for a long time, until they part, still smiling.
Again, Faith enters through the door.
-Hey, you disappeared from the com-radio. What happened?
She stands there like a question mark, when Kate and Miller simply smile at each other.