Note: This is both an attempt to entertain and a personal appeal to Muppet fans, but it hasn't a hint of self-interest about it. This is an appeal. Muppet Show fan fiction writers, I need your support. Spread this to whoever you can, however you can. Post the link, send it to friends, and share it with your loved ones. Thanks.

Dear Friends,

It's been a long time. I've missed all the singing and dancing and making people happy these past twelve years, and then, along came Jason Segel. I kid you not, we Muppets owe all our recent success to that man and his vision for our future; he doesn't want to change us, but he wants to bring us into the twenty-first century with a new and boundless optimism. However, one new movie is not going to convince any television company that we're worth the shot. Come on, Disney owns us, and even they couldn't really get us our show back! They gave us a series of Disney Channel specials that, while good press for the poor kids employed there, gave us very little help. If anything, those specials weakened our popularity even more, until 2011, with the release of our new movie.

Now I ask you, how long has it been since you've laughed so hard you thought you'd cry? How long since you wished upon a star, or smiled when you saw a rainbow after a rainstorm? How long since you felt that maybe, if you shared a laugh with your family, your troubles could disappear for a half-hour or so? For many American families, it's been a good long time since they've been able to lose sight of their troubles even for a short while. Back in 1976, the first season of the Muppet Show, the United States faced an oil shortage and rocky economic conditions; however, even in a rough time, people still took delight in our little song-and-dance puppet show. We brought hope to homes just by singing and dancing and believing. Today, Americans could profit from that kind of simple pleasure. So please share this appeal with your family and friends:

Bring back the Muppet Show. It's all about the lovers, the dreamers, and you.

Still seeking the rainbow connection,