"Cousin, let's go bowling!"

Niko pinches the bridge of his nose as he leans his head foward in agitation.

"Roman please, for the last time, I don't want to go bowling."

"Ok, then why don't we grab a bite to eat? There's a new Burger Shot down in Schottler and I feel I've been giving my arterys to easy of a time." Roman laughs. Niko just sighs.

"No Roman."

"Ok then, what do you say we go catch a drink!" Roman replies. Niko sits upright at that, giving the best scowl he can, but when he realizes scowls are ineffective over the phone resorts to words once again.

"Roman my cousin, listen very carefully to me. I don't want to go bowling. I don't want to go eat. I don't want to go drinking. I don't want to play darts. I don't want to ride in Brucies chopper. I don't want to see a show. And I don't want to go to a strip club. Do you understand?"

"Ok… wanna shoot some pool?"

"GAH!" Niko throws his hands in the air and nearly chucks his phone across the room. For the smart Bellic, Roman could sure be an idiot.

"Cousin please, come out with us! It's not healthy what your doing, just sitting home all day brooding!"

"Good maybe I'll die." Niko says sardonically. But before Roman can respond, another thought comes to Niko's mind. "Wait, did you say us? Who's us?" Niko could practically see Romans face light up over the phone.

"Why me, Jacob and Brucie of course! Heh heh, I bet now your considering my offer for drinks eh?"

"Not really." Niko deadpans. There's a light scuffling heard on the other end of the phone, and before Niko knows it he is no longer talking to Roman. But this person could be just as irritating. In fact, he's far more irritating.

"Aww c'mon Nicky! Let's roll! I need a wingman for this outing and god knows neither of these bozos are gonna increase my chances of getting laid! I mean, not that I need help getting some action, bitches are all over Brucie all the time. It's just-"

"Oh god please shut up Brucie!" Niko practically screams. Some more scuffling is heard, followed by another voice, this one irritating in it's own unique way.

"Ay meh booy Nyeeko, wha gwan! I and I be eddin out cho, wee gun get fucked up ya ear! You gotta cum wit us Nyeeko ya gotta sight?"

What? What was he talking about? Something about fucking in the ear? Niko shook his head, he didn't want to know.

"You guys go on, ok Jacob? I'll sit this one out."


"GAH MY FUCKING EAR DRUM!" Niko screams as Romans voice returns.

"That's all I ever hear from you nowadays! I'll sit this one out, or maybe another time, or I really need to be alone, well no more! Your coming out with us whether you like it or not!"

"Heh, I think Nicky's on his period guys." Brucies voice echoes from the background.

"Listen Niko, I know your still upset over what happened to Kate, but you have to move on! Do you think this is what Kate wanted? You to sit at home by yourself and slowly wither away? If she really cared about you as much as you did she I doubt that's true! If you won't come out for us do it for her, come on cousin, please?" Niko's head rolled back, he hated when Roman was like this.

"Arg… ok fine, I'll come." Niko sighs.

"Great! We'll be waiting for you pick us up in one hour."

"Huh? Wait Roman sto-!"


"AWW FUCK!" Niko screams. Great. They beg him to come out then won't even pick him up. Just fucking great. In a rage, Niko throws his phone against the wall of the Bohan apartment, and watches in horror as it breaks into two pieces and falls to the ground.


Authors notes

A little short, but this is just a taste of what's to come. Just so you know, it won't be just Niko, Roman, Jakob, and Brucie. Others will be involved as well. As for who those others are, well, you'll just have to wait to find out, won't you? I've got a few surprises in store for you guys...