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Chapter 7.

The big muscled man that Mark had sent to check on Callie had now arrived at her homestead. He saw two horses outside which made him get his guards up. He didn't recognise any of the horses. What had happened now?
He dismounted his own horse, let the reins hang loose down to show the horse that he was to stay where he was, as he snuck up to the house, up on the porch and stood there by the door, listening inside. He heard two voices in there, he recognised one as Callie and the other one was .. a woman that he didn't quite recognise, at least not for sure. What was this? He tried to look into a window without being seen himself.
In there he saw Callie, he could pick her figure out anywhere. There was another .. person standing there that looked like a man, but he had long hair, and the voice was a woman's voice. He saw blonde hair. He immediately recognised her. He kicked the door in at the same time as he drew his gun and aimed it at the blonde woman.
'Arizona Robbins, I'm taking you in. Drop the gunbelt and the gun, and the knife' he said in a firm voice that didn't tolerate any type of argument.
Arizona turned around, facing him and shook her head. She knew she shouldn't have gone with Callie. This was the last time she would fall for someone.
Arizona couldn't help it. She had fallen for Callie the moment she had seen her. Right now she had no choice though, she had to drop her gun and gunbelt as well as her knife that she always had stuck in her boot. She was good with her guns, but she was lethal with her knife.
'Now, slowly get over here' the man said.
'What are you doing Alex' Callie said as she rushed up to the him. 'Put down your guns.'
'Callie, what are you doing with her? She's a fugitive, and a thief and robber. She's an outlaw. You have no business with such people' he said looking briefly at her face.
'I know she is, just let her go, please' Callie asked him. 'For me?' She asked again, this time sounding more timid and shy than she really was.

'Callie, do you know what you're asking me? Besides mister Sloane told me to come and find you.'
Arizona listened to them. Obviously Callie knew this person that stood in front of her, named Alex. This Sloane person seemed like he cared for Callie alot, by sending this man out for her, to make sure she was alright. She sighed silently. Of course, Callie was probably together with this man, why else would he send someone after her like this. She felt really stupid.
Arizona started to move slowly towards the door as Callie and Alex argued, she tried to do it unnoticeable but it didn't work. Alex saw her as she was closing in on the door and raised his gun again, as he had lowered it while arguing with Callie.
'Stop right there Robbins' he said firmly. 'You're coming with me, now hands up.'
Arizona sighed, standing with her back against him. She didn't really care if she lived or died, but she couldn't get killed in this house. Callie needed a place where she could run from the real world. She hadn't said anything but Arizona knew the looks on her face all too well. She too needed a place to run away from the real world at times. A world where she wasn't an outlaw that was being chased by either the law or her own men. If she got shot and died here, Callie would have nowhere to go, that's why she turned around to face them as she raised her hands in the air after having her gunbelt dropped to the floor.
'Turn around' Alex said, 'and start walking slowly in front of me. Callie come with me outside.' Alex said as he followed Arizona towards the door and out on the porch, and down to the waiting horses. They walked down the few steps from the porch to the ground, and to the horses.
'Callie, grab the rope from my saddle and tie her hands behind her back.' Alex said.
'Alex, come on. She can't get up on the horses with her hands tied behind her back.' Callie tried reasoning with him.
'I know' Alex said, 'she's going to walk behind our horses while you ride, you take her horse in tow as I have her in tow after my horse. That way she can't run away from us.'
Alex was smarter than he looked, both Callie and Arizona thought to themselves.
Callie slowly, and reluctantly, did what Alex had told her to. She didn't want to but she had to. She didn't want him to shoot or injure Arizona any more than she already had been.
She tied Arizona's hands behind her back and gave the end of the rope back to Alex, her eyes turned towards the ground the entire time. She couldn't look either Alex or Arizona in the eyes after this.
Alex took the end of the rope, looking at Callie.
'Callie, why are you so sad about this?' he asked.
Callie didn't reply, just looked down into the ground, walking towards the horse she had borrowed earlier, and mounted it and took the reins of Arizona's horse.
Alex sighed, and mounted his own horse as he gently pressed his legs against the sides of the horse to get it walking towards town with Arizona Robbins in tow behind him.

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