This multi cross over contain three characters getting upgrades from three different games or shows. Danny will be crossed over with the games Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, and the anime Bleach. Danny will eventually form a team with 2 others. Both of which you will recognize. I own none of them.

Chapter 1: devil's rising

The scene opens to see two powerful being staring each other down. One was on his knees exhausted and the other was standing over the other with a dark scowl. The one standing was a gargantuan man with a pale skull white face. He wore black armor and boots with a red cape. Over its head he had a red hood that had two horns coming out of the tope, one of which was broken. His left eye had a scar going down it covered by a black eye patch. On top of its head was a floating crown of green fire. He held a large green mace with black spikes in its right hand. On that same hand there was a green skull ring.

This was Pariah Dark: King of the Ghost zone.

The other was what looked like a machine. It stood about as tall as Pariah with white metallic boots and gloves, a black chest and a large dome on top. Inside the dome you could see a teenage boy wearing a black jumpsuit with a white belt, gloves, and boots. He had neon green eyes with white hair.

This was Danny Phantom/Danny Fenton the half ghost protector of Amity Park.

The whole story started when Danny's arch nemesis accidentally unleash Pariah from his, supposedly eternal, slumber while trying to steal his power which resided in his ring and his crown. After beating the crud out of the man Pariah realized his ring was missing. Wanting his power restored he sent an army, lead by the Fright Knight to find it. Sadly, he did and Danny's hometown was sucked into the Ghost Zone.

To combat Pariah, Danny stole the Fenton Battle Suit, a robotic suit that could be used to fight ghosts head on. Sadly it had the effect of draining the user. Danny fought against Pariah's army until he got some unexpected help from his enemies.

Now Danny stood in front of Pariah with his energy nearly drained and nearly completely dead.

"You see your folly now brat?" Pariah asked, "You never stood a chance even with that puny toy of yours."

Pariah drew back his mace and unleashed a wicked shot that slammed into the suit's chest knocking the robot off its feet and onto the ground. In the process the dome was shattered and Danny, who was barely clinging to half-life, rolled across the ground. The suit had nearly drained him dry and he was just barely hanging on.

Pariah smirked evilly and said, "Now…the last sounds you hear will be the sounds of your pathetic home's dying screams."

Pariah then turned his back on Danny to join the combat going on outside. If he hadn't been so sure of his victory he would have noticed a dull green glow coming over Danny's body.

Meanwhile within the unconscious Danny…

Danny groaned in pain. His body felt like he had just had a bunch of needles stuck in his body and then got the crud beaten out of him. Danny opened his eyes and saw nothing but darkness. He looked at his hands and saw that he was in his human form in which his hair was black and his eyes were green.

"Hello?" the boy yelled as he looked around the darkness, "Hello?"

Suddenly a light shone down from the darkened sky. Danny looked nervously as he saw the light shine. He slowly made his way toward the light. He stepped carefully as he walked to avoid falling into some chasm that he was sure was around here. When he found the spot where the light touched down there was a sword.

The sword had a long narrow blade that went up into a point. The pommel was black and the handle seemed to be made of the same material as the blade. On the bottom of the handle was modeled after a skull.

Danny felt a strange attraction to the sword. Danny looked around and, after seeing that there was nothing else around, he reached out and touched grabbed the handle.

As soon as he did small spikes spat out of the blade and pierced Danny's hand making him cry out in pain. His blood ran down the handle and touched the blade. As soon as the crimson elixir touched the blade it flashed red. The sword then changed. Now the sword had a long, broad, curved blade. The blade had a silver edge and the rest of it was black. It also had what looked like a large red orb in the blade.

"Finally," a dark voice said, "The blood of Sparda flows again!"

There was a bright flash illuminating the area revealing human like figures and monstrous creatures. The human figures cheered while the monstrous ones roared. All of which was barely audible over Danny's scream of agony.

Back in the real world…

Pariah had just made it to the door when a huge explosion sounded behind him. The ghost king whipped around to see a pillar of dark green light blasting up into the sky…right where the defeated boy had been. There was a huge pulse of energy that nearly knocked Pariah off his feet.

Then the light stopped as if nothing had happened. Then a figure slowly rose out of the crater obscured by the smoke.

Pariah snarled and said, "If you think a pathetic parlor trick will be able to defeat me boy…you are mistaken."

No answer. Then a huge blast of green energy shot out of the smoke. Pariah was completely caught off guard and was hit straight in the chest knocking him off his feet and through the doors of his castle.

The ghost king smashed into the ground causing all the fighting between his army and Danny's enemies to stop.

"What the heck?" Ember, a ghostly rocker girl with a purple guitar and blue flames for hair, asked.

Pariah growled in both annoyance and pain. The ghost king rose to his feet and glared at the door.

Slowly from the shadow of the gate a…creature walked out.

Its skin was a sickening black and rigid like armor. Its feet resemble that of a barefoot human but the toes were clawed. The same went for his hands only on the forearm there were what looked like gold veins that pulsed every few seconds. Its left arm was completely normal while the right was larger than the other and instead of five fingers had three large claw-like things on it. Over its shoulder it wore a black and silver trench coat with small spikes on the shoulders. Its face could only be described as blank. Where its eyes were supposed to be it was smooth so that it almost resembled a helmet. Its till had a mouth that was made visible when it started to growl at Pariah revealed curved sharp teeth. In its normal hand it gripped a long, broad, curved sword that had black blade with a silver edge and a red orb.

"What is that thing?" Desiree, a genie like ghost, asked as she saw the monstrosity.

No one answered for they were thinking the same thing themselves.

Pariah snarled and said, "I have no idea what you are…but I intend to kill you just the same!"

The ghost king charged forward bringing up his mace. He brought it down on the monster. The creature simply held up its monstrous right hand.


Pariah and all the other ghosts stared in shock that thing had just stopped Pariah's attack….with just one hand!

The next thing they knew Pariah yelled out in pain as a green beam was shot from the monster's normal hand piercing his thigh making him back off and clutch the injured part.

What happened next was almost too fast for most to see. The monster charged forward and swung its deformed arm with its three claws tearing through Pariah's armor before it ran up his chest and delivered a vicious upper cut with its sword wielding arm. Then it grabbed the unbroken horn from Pariah's head and tore it off. When it came down he stabbed it into Pariah's shoulder making him scream in pain as green blood leaked out of the ghost king's wounds.

The creature landed facing the ghosts before turning around to face the back of the ghost king. The mention ghost slowly turned around glaring at the creature. Pariah slowly started to rise up from his kneeling position.

The black monster drew back its sword threw it. It spun like a boomerang and cut through Pariah's left leg. Pariah screamed in agony as he fell back wards onto the ground. The blade then spun around in mid air like a boomerang returning to the creature's hand.

Pariah groaned in pain as he slowly rose up in a sitting position. He looked at the boy with his one good eye. For the first time the ghosts saw something in their king's eyes…fear.

"What on earth….are you?" Pariah asked through a pain voice.

"Sssssspardaaaaaa," the thing hissed.

Pariah and Fright Knight, one of his generals, gasped as they heard the name.

The creature threw back its head and roared, "SPAAAAARDAAAAAAAAAA!"

There was a bright flash of light and slowly something began to manifest itself above the creature. The energy formed a large monstrous creature with four-toed reptilian paws, a semi-reptilian hide, a pair of large sweeping horns, and a pair of feathered bat wings on its back with a bunch of reptilian spines. It's entire body was covered in a grey armor with some red and purple mixed in. he also had some molten gold veins, on it's hands shoulders, chest, arms, and back, a black diamond in it's chest, and gold skull shaped knee and elbow guards.

Everyone stared in terror at the large being that now stood over the creature.

"The Dark Knight," Fright Knight said with fear evident in his voice.

The large monster then rose up its massive hand and brought it down on Pariah's prone form. There was a sickening crunch as the ghost kings body was crushed.

As the large being lifted its fist from the crater and vanished.

There was a tense until the creature turned to face them. It stared at them for a moment and then turned back to the crater that held Pariah's body that was crushed beyond recognition. Slowly the body began to dissolve into thin air leaving only his ring and crown.

A vampire like ghost saw the creature's strength and decided to try his luck.

"Excuse me," he said as he floated over to Pariah's killer.

The creature turned to him with a barely audible growl.

The vampire ghost continued to say, "My friend I would like to congratulate you on your victory here. I must say I could use a fighter such as you on my side of an upcoming-"

The ghost was cut off as he was suddenly backhanded by the creatures deformed hand effectively shutting him up. The creature glared at him with nonexistent eyes before turning back to the crater that held the ring of rage and crown of fire.

Suddenly the two objects started to float into the air shining. The objects then flew over to the creature as it place it's sword on it's back which then vanished. . Its deformed arm morphed into a normal arm and he held out both. The objects shined even brighter before fading.

In place of the ring and crown was a pair of maces. The ring of rage had taken the form of a medium sized mace that was a deep black with green bumps on it. The crown of fire had taken the same form only instead of just bumps it had large spikes.

The creature gazed at his new weapons before twirling them. The creature swung them as if he was bashing away at unseen enemies. He threw them around spinning with them. He threw out the spiked one making it the head shoot out with a chain attached to the ball that slammed into the wall forming a spider web of weaknesses. He repeated the same process with the other one. Finally he threw them both up making the chains wrap around each other and brought them both down forming a large crater on the ground. The chains then retracted bringing them back to their original form.

The creature gave an approving grunt before placing them on his back.

A deep chuckle sounded as a deep voice said, "Not bad kiddo."

Everyone turned to the source to see a large African American man. He wore a brown trench coat, a red shirt, long cargo pants, combat boots, and a pair of sunglasses.

A cigar puffed into existence and he lit his thumb with a purple flame. He lit the cigar and took a drag on it.

"Not bad for a beginner," the man continued, "but you'll need to get some control if you want to really use that strength to its fullest."

The creature just growled before grabbing the spiked mace and letting it lose. The spiked ball neared the man before he caught it with just one hand. Before it retracted he yanked on it pulling the creature toward him. The man unleashed a right haymaker that sent the creature flying into the wall.

"Whoa," Ember said.

The man then jumped down from the rock he had been standing on and walked to the fallen creature that had started to shine slightly. He picked him up and a black and red portal formed beneath him and he sank into the ground vanishing completely taking the thing with it.

All was silent until Ember broke the silence by yelling, "WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED?"

Later at an unknown location…

Danny groaned as he felt himself wake up. He rose up and shook himself.

"What a weird dream," Danny said to no on in particular, "Maybe I should stop trying Dad's special fudge before I go to bed."

Danny fully woke up he realized that he wasn't in his room. He saw a full moon peeking through the curtains of a large window and saw he was in a king sized bed with dark red sheets and four posts that rose up and curtains that covered the bed when closed.

Danny slowly rose up from bed realizing that he was in his human form and that his clothes were pretty messed up.

'What the heck was that?' Danny thought, 'Where the heck am I?'

Danny brought out of his thoughts by the sound of a door opening. The boy came face to face with the large dark skinned man who brought him here.

"Glad to see you're finally up boy," the man said.

"Who are you?" Danny said, "Where am I?"

The man looked at Danny and said, "My name is Rodin. As for where you are…you're currently in a bed."

Danny glared at the man with a scowl.

"What am I doing here then?" Danny asked with a raised eyebrow.

Rodin motioned for the boy to follow him and said, "Come downstairs….I'll explain over breakfast."

Danny, very slowly, rose up from the bed and followed Rodin out the door. The two went down the hallway and down the stairs. Danny was shocked to find himself in a bar. There was an expensive looking counter with lots of different types of wine. On the left of the bar was a painting depicting a man, a woman, and two babies asleep in a carriage. On the right was a picture of a silver haired man, and a black haired woman holding a small baby boy wrapped in a bundle.

Rodin sat down at one of the tables and motioned for Danny to sit across from him. Danny sat down and saw a plate of bacon, eggs, and toast sat before him. Suddenly realizing how hungry he was Danny dug into the food.

"Somebody's got a healthy appetite," Rodin said with a chuckle.

"So," Danny said as he stuffed some egg into his face, "what am I doing here?"

"Well first of all kid," Rodin said, "You aren't who you think you are."

Danny swallowed his bite of food and asked, "What do you mean?"

Rodin sighed and said, "I hate to tell you this kid, but you aren't a Fenton."

Danny almost choked on the piece of bacon as he heard that.

Danny stared at the man and asked, "What?"

Rodin chuckled and said, "Danny be serious…did you really think that a fighter like yourself would come from two parents who are a pretty much bumbling idiots?"

Danny thought for a second. It did seem strange that he was an adequate fighter while his parents weren't really that good. Well his supposed mom was good with a gun, but other than that.

"Who am I than?" Danny asked.

"First off all let me introduce you to some people," Rodin said.

He pointed at the painting to the left of the bar and said, "That is your grandfather Sparda. The woman is your grandmother Eva. The two babies are you father Dante, and your uncle Vergil. The woman in the painting on the right is your mother, Bayonetta."

Danny was surprised. He looked at the paintings for a quick moment. He was about to ask a question when Rodin held up a hand stopping him cold.

"Before you ask let me tell you their story," Rodin said as he started to tell the story.

"It began when your grandfather was a general for a guy by the name of Mundus. After a while of servitude he quit since he finally saw the injustice and evil around him. He started one man war against Mundus and his army. Sparda sealed Mundus and his army back in the underworld, but in the process sealed his own powers away. Eventually he met and fell in love with Eva, and had your father and your uncle. Your mother was an Umbran Witch. She was sealed away by another witch by the name of Jeanne. After she woke up she basically started cracking skulls. She took a job as a hit woman. One of these jobs was to kill your father. Needless to say your old man gave your momma one hell of a fight. The two clashed again and again over the next few months. Eventually they fell in love. I even had the pleasure of walking your mother down the aisle. About a year later you came into the world."

Danny was listening with rapt attention and asked, "What happened?"

Rodin sighed sadly and said, "The world had a sick sense of humor. Some government agency comes and starts pounding at our door. They said they had found out about our abilities. They said that wanted your mom and dad to come with them, and they wanted you too. Needless to say they were thrown, or dropkicked, out the door. It seemed quiet for a few weeks. Then they came back with more men and guns. To make sure that their power didn't wind up in the wrong hands they sealed all their weapons and power inside of you. They were weak after that and easily taken. Right before they came I got you out of there and left you at the Fenton's house back in America."

Danny gasped and looked at his hands. He had all of parent's power? Man he couldn't wait to try using them. That was when something clicked.

"What happened to them after they were taken?" Danny asked.

"They were human after they sealed their powers in you," Rodin said, "They didn't survive the experiments long enough."

Danny felt his eyes widen. His head hung and tears started to leak through his eyes.

Rodin placed a sympathetic hand on Danny's shoulder.

"Kid," Rodin said, "I swore on your parents' graves that I would help you. I plan on doing just that. I'm going to train you in what they knew. Are you willing to learn?"

Danny turned his head up and nodded.

For the next year Danny was pretty much tortured. For his parents' weapons he had to go deep into his mind to meet them. After a lot of meditation attempts, which involved falling asleep and then getting bashed over the head by Rodin, he finally got it right.

Needless to say some of the creatures there really freaked him out at first especially Agni and Rudra. How many times do you see a pair of talking swords?

He was also genuinely freaked out by Cerberus, Beowulf, and a few of the others.

After being introduced to the "Devil Arms" as they called themselves Danny's real power woke up. After waking up from that incident Danny found that his hair was now silver, like his father's and that his eyes were now a blue green color.

After waking his power and weapons Danny had to learn how to use them. During that phase Danny was frosted, burned, cut, struck by lightning, and shot. Danny also had to take part in killing someone. Well he didn't' actually have to kill him. Rodin put something in his drink that made him imagine that he had killed someone. Rodin repeated this until Danny was moderately okay with killing just so long as the person deserved to die.

Danny was surprised to find out that Rodin knew a thing or two of ecto energy. He learned a bunch of different tricks.

When Danny started training with his mother's weapons he found that certain ones had changed to suit his gender. The first was the Scarborough Faire. The red guns turned black and had a gold and silver trim. On top of that the backs of the guns had blades on them making them useful for close range combat.

The other weapon that changed was Odette, a pair of ice skates. The light blue weapons had turned a darker blue and from a pair of ice skate to a pair of roller blades with wheels that looked like they were made of ice themselves. They did keep the gold exhaust pipes on each side however.

Danny also found that he was able to take the monstrous form that he used to kill Pariah when he needed to. He learned that he could also take different forms using his different weapons. Sadly, he hadn't been able to do just yet.

Danny also had to learn the different styles used by his parents and his uncle.

When Danny wasn't training himself into the ground he was working in Rodin's bar. He learned a few different drinks and a few social skills while learning how to talk to people. Danny also developed a taste for his own fancy drinks especially fancy different milkshakes.

In Amity Park….

Screams of terror echoed through the air as explosions rang loud. People were running for their lives.

After the death of Pariah and the disappearance of the strange creature Plasmius, the vampire ghost, looked all over the ghost zone to find him with no luck.

Danny's foster parents, Maddie and Jack, were upset that their "son" was gone. Needless to say they blamed the local town hero Danny Phantom since he had taken the suit they thought he had done something horrible to Danny.

Plasmius had grown sick of waiting and decided to lure Danny out. He rounded up all of Danny's ghost enemies and sent a huge wave of ghosts to attack the town.

At that moment Mr. and Mrs. Fenton, their daughter and Danny's supposed sister, Jazz was fighting off the ghosts as best they could. They were joined by Danny's two best friends Sam Manson and Tucker Foley, and a recently upgraded Red Huntress.

The ghost hunters were fighting valiantly until they were cornered by a bunch of ghosts that resembled police officers.

"Round them up men," ghosts in a white suit with black gloves, boots, and tie with a skull like face and green eyes.

The ghosts rounded up the fighting humans.

"Let go of us you ghost filth!" Jack Fenton yelled angrily.

"Oh will you shut up," the ghost said as he took out a night stick and bashed the overweight man over the head.

The white ghost, Walker, walked up to the five and said, "You have a lot to answer for. Possession of dangerous weaponry, a vigilantly record, and reckless behavior. Normally I'd play the role of judge and jury, but just for the heck of it I'm going to play executioner."

The man focused energy into his hand and was about to fire an energy blast when-


One of the ghost guards fell to the ground with what looked like a bullet hole in his head.


More of the ghosts fell until only Walker was standing.

"What the heck is going on?" Walker asked as he saw his men die…again.

At that moment a voice said, "Oh Walker…."

Walker turned around to see the barrel of two guns pointed at his face. Just in time for the holder to pull the triggers. Walker's head was gone and his corpse was on the ground.

The figure lowered the guns and faced the shocked ghost hunters.

"Danny?" Sam asked as she saw the boy.

His eyes were bluish green and his hair was silver. He wore a white shirt with a pair of long black cargo pants and black and silver combat boots. On his hands was a pair of fingerless gloves that had metal studs on the knuckles. Over his shirt and shoulders he wore a long black trench coat with metal spikes on the shoulders with an overture of red. On the back of the trench coat was the Los Illuminado's symbol in green.

The boy smirked at Sam and said, "Hey there Sammy."

Sam felt tears and her eyes as she charged forward and crushed the boy in a tight hug. When she backed off she drew back her hand and then slapped him.

"You idiot!" she yelled, "Do you have any idea what you put us through? When you didn't come back from the fight with Pariah Dark we thought you were dead! Now you just show up like nothing has happened?"

Danny rubbed hi sore cheek.

Sam wrapped her arms around Danny again and said, "Don't ever do that again."

Danny smiled and said, "No problem."

Tucker walked up and was about to hug Danny when said boy stopped him.

"No hugs dude," Danny said holding out his hand, "Just shake it."

Tucker shrugged and shook his friend's hands.

Maddie and Jack were currently reaching for their weapons when Jazz smacked their hands away and glared at them.

"I'd love to catch up," Danny said, "but I have some skulls to crack."

With that he flew off toward the rest of the fight.

A little bit later….

Danny landed on the roof of a building. He looked down at the fighting going on. Well there wasn't really fighting just ghosts blasting things in their path.

Among the group were Ember, Desiree, Kitty, Lydia, Spectra, Bertrand, Skulker, and Fright Knight.

Ember looked up and said, "Hey check it out. The dipstick is back."

The ghosts all looked up, as well as the humans who hadn't fled yet, to see said dipstick standing on the roof of a building with his arms crossed.

"Lydia," Ember said, "Why don't you give him a nice warm welcome?"

Lydia removed her hood showing her green skin, red eyes, and hair that was in the form of a spiky Mohawk like hairdo. She spread out her cloak revealing her tattoos. The tattoos came to life and flew at Danny. The silver haired boy didn't move.

As the tattoo creatures surrounded the boy all the ghosts laughed while the humans looked shocked.

Then the sound of a guitar playing reached everyone's ears. A bolt of dark purple lighting struck the dome of creatures sending volts through their bodies and frying them. As they cleared away Danny was seen holding a large purple guitar that had a small bladed area and had small sparks dancing on the strings. Danny smirked before he began to rock out.

He played a loud solo summoning more bolts of lightning and a flock of bats that swarmed and feasted on the little ghosts.

Everyone was staring in shock. Everyone was thinking, 'Since when could he do that?'

Lydia was actually thinking, 'MY BABIES!'

After Danny finished his solo all the little ghosts fell to the ground either in the form of burned ashes or eaten from the bats that vanished when Danny finished the solo.

Lydia glared up at the boy and flew up screaming in rage over her lost babies. With the guitar still in hand Danny charged forward. As the two were about to meet Danny's guitar turned into a scythe and pulled it back before swinging it. There was a brief silence before a splash of green liquid splashed outward from Lydia who blacked out from pain and crashed onto the ground below.

Danny landed forming a small crater. He stared out at the ghosts before setting the scythe on his shoulder and said, "Whose next?"

Cut! Okay this is my first X-over fic so give me a break. Danny can use his parent's weapons and he had one Devil trigger. He'll be able to use the other ones at another time. I'll be giving him devil trigger forms for all the weapons including Bayonetta's weapons. In the end Danny will be on a team of three the next member will be introduced soon and the other one will be introduced later. Also here is what I'm doing. I'm giving the members an upgrade from their own show/game and then I'll add stuff from other games/shows.