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Chapter 1: Konoha's newest power.

Naruto uzuamki wolfed down his ramen at such a speed no one thought possible. He sat in his favorite seat in the local ramen shop Ichiruka's since it was probably the only place that didn't kick him out.

It had been like that all of Naruto's life. All his life he had been ignored by others. The adults all looked own on him with scorn and anger in their eyes. The children followed his example. As a result he was not very well liked by kids his own age so he had no friends. On top of that his parents died when he was born. Naruto was completely alone in the world.

The only ones he could call friends or family was Teuchi Ichiruka, his daughter Ayame, and his favorite teacher at the academy, Iruka Umino.

"Thanks for the ramen old man," Naruto said with a big grin.

"No problem Naruto," Teuchi said with smile, "and don't worry. The foods on the house tonight."

Naruto smiled and said, "Thanks."

With that Naruto got up and left. The old man shook his head sadly. Ayame hunger her head as she saw the boy walk away.

Unfortunately Naruto didn't live in a good part of town. He had been force to live in a dingy apartment for the past few months since the orphanage had kicked him out recently. Said apartment was in the red light district where not very man y good people were. As Naruto made his way through the village a few drunk civilians were coming out of a bar.

"Little brat," the lead drunk said with a slur in his voice, "Walkin' down the street all prowwd n' all. Let's teach that little punk a lesson."

Naruto was walking keeping an eye out when he heard the footsteps behind him. The boy started walking faster and the footsteps sped up too. Pretty soon the young blonde was running at top speed. The blonde turned a corner to try and lose them but wound up in an ally.

"All right demon brat," the lead drunk said, "Time for your punishment."

Naruto ws ten grabbed and pretty much beaten hard. He yelled at them to stop, but they just wouldn't let up. After a few punches the boy was thrown away and hit the ground hard. The boy groaned and whimpered as he rose up from the ground.

"Looks like the little monster is still moving," the second in command drunk said, "Let's beat him down again!"

The drunks approached Naruto. What they didn't notice though was that Naruto's eyes had now changed. Instead of the cerulean blue they were now a deep green and they flashed with color.

The drunks were about to converge on the child when he yelled, "LEAVE ME ALONE!"

As he yelled a huge blast of wind shot up forming a twister that knocked the drunks off their feet, out of the alley, and head fist into a shop across the street..


An old man sat watching the incident thorugh a crystal ball on his desk. He was shocked to see the power Naruto had just shown. He had also seen how he had been attacked. He set back in his chair and said, "ANBU."

A trio of masked ninja appeared in front of him.

"Bring Naruto Uzumaki here," the old man said, "I want to have a word with him."

The ANBU all said in unison, "Hai Hokage-sama."

Back with Naruto the blonde was staring at the three now unconscious men.

"What did I just do?" he asked to no one in particular.

At that moment a trio of ANBU appeared and quickly grabbed the boy before disappearing.

They reappeared in the old man's office. As soon as they did Naruto yelled, "Who? What? When? Where? How? Oh hi Jiji."

The old man smiled. This was another person Naruto could call family. The old man had cared for hi when he was really young. He also helped him when he needed it most. He was the closes thing the blonde had to a grandfather.

"Naruto," the old man said, "I want to discuss the recent incident where you were attacked by the drunks in the alley."

Naruto rose an eyebrow and said, "I'm not in trouble am I?"

The old man shook his head and answered, "No. I'm interested in it is all."

Naruto looked won and said, "I don't know what that was. It's the first time its ever happened."

The old man rubbed his chin and said, "Naruto do you know what a Kekkai Genkai is?"

The blonde shook his head and said, "No. The teachers at the academy always threw me out of class when we were discussing something important."

The hokage smacked himself in the forehead and said, "I can't believe this. A Kekkai Genkai is a mutation of ones DNA. The result is a dramatic increase in power that can have limitations or drawbacks. I believe you may have just activated one."

Naruto looked at the old man and said, "Cool."

The hokage looked at Naruto and said, "Naruto I have to ask. What were you doing in that part of town anyway?"

Naruto lowered his head and said, "The old lady in charge of the orphanage threw me out. She said something about demons being able to care for himself by now."

The old man in front of him gripped the arms of his chair so tightly the arms almost cracked.

"I see," the old man said, "Naruto I have realized something. You need proper guidance if you are to use this new power. I don't think that any of the teachers at he academy will be able or willing to teach you if it means you getting stronger."

Naruto hung his head as he herd this.

"Therefore…I'm going to do it myself."

The young boy looked up at the Hokage with bright eyes.

"You mean…you'll train me Jiji?" Naruto asked with sparkly eyes.

The old man nodded.


The blonde cheered and started doing a funny looking happy dance.

"Naruto," the old man said with an amused smile.

Naruto stopped his dance and blushed in embarrassment. If the ANBU in the room weren't so well trained they would have busted out laughing at the sight of the boy dancing.

"So when do we start?" Naruto asked excited.

"Tomorrow," the old man said, "During training you will stay at my clan complex."

Naruto smiled happily at the old man. This is how a legend started.

The training Naruto was put through was pretty much torture. Since Naruto's chakra coils hadn't fully developed yet Sarutobi, the old man, put him through strength and endurance training. The blonde had to run for miles with very heavy weights on his legs, arms, and chest. He also had to do multiple strike exercises. 300 punches with both arms, 300 kicks with each leg, 80 pushups, 50 squats, and onward. When Naruto got used to one exercise the number increased each time.

Naruto also learned three fighting styles. The first was the Mikon Kobushi (Wild Fist). Instead of a set path like other styles this one used irregular attacks and unorthodox methods to fight. What made it useful was that the basics were always the same while everything changed because whatever the user learned could be incorporated into the style. The second was the Humming Bird Style which utilized the hands and feet aiming at the weak parts of the body such as certain points on the body that can lead to paralysis or the joints. The final style was the Assaiki Kobushi (Crusher Fist). While most styles relied on the hands and feet this style utilized the hands, feet, knees, and elbows to attack an enemy. All the styles were fast and brutal.

When Naruto's chakra coils completely developed things got underway. Sarutobi was surprised when he found that Naruto had very high reserves for someone so young. It also meant that he would have trouble with certain things. The high chakra reserves made it hard for him to perform genjutsu since they didn't need much chakra to perform. It also meant that he wouldn't be able to perform a normal clone. Instead he taught Naruto the shadow clone which required more chakra then normal. Thanks to Naruto's reserves he could use more than a normal jonin.

While training Naruto used chakra control exercises like tree walking, water walking, kunai balancing, and leaf spinning to improve his control which helped him greatly in the field. While training Naruto realized that he gained a shadow clones memory when it was destroyed. With the help of his clones Naruto could train all the harder and learn more much faster. This became a great help when training with his fighting styles and jutsu training.

After three years of training Naruto and Sarutobi began experimenting with his bloodline. Naruto found that he had control over all the elements used in jutsu. He was able to instantly use them as a defense or offense. He also found tha by focusing that nature chakra of a certain element he could drastically increase the power of a jutsu. He decided call this bloodline the Butai Shishou Kekkai Genkai (Elemental Master Bloodline Limit). The pair also found that Naruto's eyes changed color when he called on a certain element. Green for wind, brown for earth, red for fire, blue for water, and white for light. They also found that Naruto could use sub-elements. When he did one eye was the color for one element and another color for another element. For example if Naruto wanted to use Lava one eye was red and the other was brown.

While training Naruto matured. The intense training made the blonde finally realize that being a ninja was a serious thing. He couldn't be all loud and obnoxious when he was on the battle field otherwise he would get himself or his team killed. After a few years he managed to break himself of that.

During jtusu training Naruto took a deep interest in hand signs and what they meant. Naruto studied the subject of them for a long time. Eventually Naruto started experimenting. After a few months of experiments the blonde, much to the shock and delight of the hokage, started creating his own techniques. He even created special taijutsu moves that he could pull off with the help of his bloodline.

Naruto got a chance to learn seals while training as well. He learned storage seals, suppression seals, lock seals, and much more.

During this Naruto took an interest in weapons. To help his student grow Sarutobi took Naruto to a weapon store called "The Iron Ninja". The store was covered from top to bottom with weapons. There Naruto searched and found a few weapons. A Kusarigari-Gama that had a medium sized scythe on one end of the chain and spiked weight on the other, a katana that had a black blade with a white edge and an amber in the hilt that was made to absorb perspiration, a large bo staff with weights on each end, and a pair of tonfa that were painted black with small blades along it's length and small weights on the ends.

After 7 long years of training and a lot of shadow clones later…

The civilians and ninja of Konoha were all heading sitting down in the stadium that was in the center of the village. Most of them were wondering how why they had been called to the stadium at this time. In the middle of the Arena was Hayate Gekko, Maito Gai, and Kakashi Hatake.

After a few minutes and everyone had found their seats Sarutobi got up and said, "Peopleof Konoha. For the past few years I have kept a secret from you. For the past seven years I have taken on a student."

Surprised murmurs went up through the crowd.

"Today he will be tested to see if he is worthy of the rank of Jonin," the old kage said, "First will be Maito Gai in Taijutsu, Hayate Gekko in kenjutsu, and Kakshi Hatake in ninjutsu. At least they will as soon as he gets here."

At that moment a pillar of flames shot up from the ground. The ninja gathered, including the recently graduated genin stared in awe. The flames died down revealing a figure around the age the new graduates. He was about 5 foot 4 with spiky blonde hair. He wore ea black jacket that had orange stripes running up his the sleeves and forming an X on the back. Under the jacket he wore a black shirt, ANBU styled pants, and blue sandals. They could see his face because over it he wore an ANBU style masked modeled after a fox. He also had bandaged wrapped around his wrists and hands and his ankles.

With the new graduates a puppy whimpered. The owner of sad puppy looked down at his dog and said, "What is it boy?"

The dog barked something and the owner said, "Whoa."

A guy in a grey coat with a high collar and sunglasses lookeda the owern who wore a grey hoodie and had fan tattoos on his face and said, "What is it Kiba?"

Kiba looked at the boy and said, "This guy has some pretty impressive strength Shino. It takes somebody pretty strong to make Akamaru tremble."

Back in the arena Maito Gai, a guy with big eyebrows, a green jumpsuit, and round eyes stepped forward.

"I'll shall test you first my friend," Gai said, "Now let us see how bright your flames of youth burn!"

The figure didn't answer. He just got into a taijutsu stance that Gai didn't recognize. Gai got into his own stance. The resident taijutsu master charged at the newcomer with incredible speed. The man simply dodged to the left and threw out an arm. Due to his speed Gai didn't stop in time and became the victim of a clothes line.

Gai crashed to the ground and jumped up almost instantly. He swung his leg around in a sweeping kick that the figure jumped over. While jumping he threw out a kick that Gai caught. He brought up his other leg which Gai was able to catch. The blonde then shifted himself down and caught he ground with his hand lifting his leg up carrying Gai. The blonde then spun around spinning Gai like a top and then threw him into the stadium wall.

"Gai-sensei!" came the voice of a boy in the stand who looked just like Gai only smaller.

Gai pried himself out of the wall.

Gai got back into his stance and charged again. This time the blonde spun around to avoid the kick aimed at him he threw out an fist that caught Gai in the back. Gai stumbled before turning around. The blonde was suddenly in front of him. The blonde then gave a quick punch to the stomach that made Gai double over. This was followed by an elbow to the face, a knee to the ribs, the boy's shin crashing into Gai's face sending him flying.

Gai rolled across the ground before stopping in a hand stand and flipping himself up. Gai spat out some blood.

"Unless you get serious," the blonde said, "I just might really hurt you bug eyes."

Gai cracked his neck. He then reached into his pant legs and pulled out a pair of weights. He dropped them to the ground with a loud crash.

The blonde cocked his head to the side. The blonde then form a hand sign and said, "Release."

He instantly felt lighter.

Gai and the blonde vanished. After a few minutes the sound of crashing filled the air. Multiple cracks in the ground formed as the two incredibly fast ninja hit each other.

After five minutes everything stopped. The blonde and Gai reappeared. The pair now had multiple bruises. Gai rubbed his sore wrist. The blonde shook his hands as if he had just hit something very hard.

"Sandaime-sama (pant) must not have been lenient in your training," Gai said.

His only answer was for the blonde to shake his head no.

Gai smiled flashing his bright teeth and said, "This has been a valiant fight my friend, but I must end this."

Gai reached for the bandages wrapped around his arms. He slowly unwrapped them. The blonde vanished from sight. Gai suddenly doubled over as he felt his opponents knee slam into his gut. The blonde brought up his opposite leg and sent Gai flying upward. The blonde's hands were then surrounded by miniature tornados. He slammed one foot into the ground launching himself upwards. He went above the flying Gai and descended.

As he fell he yelled out, "Crashing Hurricane!"

The masked boy unleashed a furry of combos that hit Gai in the joints of his shoulders, arms, legs and ankles. The masked boy ended the fight by bringing up both arms and slamming them down onto the taijutsu specialists chest as they hit the ground forming a crater.

The blonde stood up. The blonde rubbed his sore hands and said, "Brutality."

"Winner: Fox!"

Everyone stared in shock as Konoha's taijutsu specialist was just beaten into the ground. The medicars arrived and pulled Gai out of the ground and off to the medical ward. The mini me of Gai ran off the join his sensei.

Hayate coughed slightly before jumping up and jumping down frm the fighters box to join the blonde in the arena. The kenjutsu specialist drew his katana. The blonde undid the bnadages on his arm revealing two seals. He unsealed the one closer to his wrist unsealing a black katana with a white edge and an amber in the hilt.

The blonde got into a stance and pointed the blade at the sickly jonin with one hand. The two then ran at each other and met with a loud clang. The two swung their weapons meeting again and again with loud clangs and sparks. The two finally stopped and stood at a standoff.

"Gai was right," the sickly jonin said with a smile, "The Sandaime wasn't letting you off in training."

The blonde just nodded in response. The two then broke apart. It continued like this for a while. Attack, parry, counterattack, dodge, attack.

After a few minutes of this routine Gekko then formed a pair of shadow clones. The three then charged at he blonde.

"Crescent Moon Dance!"

The blonde braced himself for the oncoming attack. He simply held the blade parallel to his body and it met with a loud clang. There was a tense silence before Hayate's sword shattered like glass.

The swordsman stepped back in shock and looked at his shattered sword and said, "How?"

The blonde let out a low laugh and said, "This sword is capable of taking on earth chakra to harden. It just took a lot of it to harden it to that level. Now let me show you my favorite sword technique."

The blonde then focused chakra into his sword causing the blade to become covered in wind. Hayate braced himself just in time for the blonde to swing the sword and say, "Tornado Slash!"

A twister shot was thrown from the blade Hayate jumped out of the way of the oncoming attack, but the blonde spun slightly causing the attack to pivot and strike the man in the arm. Hayate screamed in pain as his arm was shredded. He fell to the ground with a thud as his arm was completely covered in cuts.

The blonde vanished and reappeared in front of Hayate with the sword pointed at his neck.

"Brutality," the blonde said as he looked down at Hayate.

"Winner: Fox!"

The crowd roared again.

'What is this guy?' Kakashi thought, 'I couldn't copy that sword technique or that taijutsu style he used. It wasn't one style it was more like he took more than one and put them together.'

Kakashi came down from the fighters box and put away that little orange book he was reading and lifted up his headband, which was covering his right eye, to reveal a red eye with three comma-like mark in them.

"So that's the Sharingan," the blonde said with a raised eyebrow behind his mask, "I thought it would be more…impressive or threatening."

Kakashi simply scoffed and said, "Just because it doesn't look deadly doesn't mean it isn't."

Fox cracked his neck and then his knuckles. Kakashi blurred through hand signs and said, "Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!"

The two silver haired man fired a large fireball at the blonde. The boy simply held out his hands and turned diverting the flames. He spun around and set the flames flying right back at the man. Kakashi dodged to the right to avoid the flames aimed at his person.

Naruto charge forward and drew back his arm yelling out, "Hurricane Shot!"

The blonde fired a powerful gust of wind that Kakashi took head on. The silver haired jonin was knocked off his feet and into the stadium wall.

'I couldn't copy that either,' he thought as he pulled himself out of the wall.

Kakashi then charged at the blonde who got into another stance. The blonde dodged to the right and unleashed a quick shot to the man's shoulder disabling it. Kakashi stumbled before spinning on his heel. The blonde then swung around aiming his leg at the blonde's skull. He ducked under the kick before swinging his arm up nailing the silver haired man with an upper cut.

Kakashi rolled across the ground and hten rolled his shoulder and cracked it before going through more hand signs.

"Fire Style: Dragon Fire Blast!"

The blonde focused chakra into his hands and yelled, "Hydro Pump!"

A huge jet of water shot out of his hands colliding with the dragon and putting out the flames. Steam rose into the air as the flame were put out.

Kakashi stood up with his arms crossed. His guard was relaxed, but not completely down.

"Wind Style: Drilling Air Bullet!"

A bullet of wind shot through the air. Kakashi barely managed to jump out of the way. The bullet slammed into the wall drilling a huge crater.

Fox shot out of the steam and said, "Heat Fists!"

The boy's hands burst into flames and unleashed a combo that Kakashi was smart to dodge. Kakashi grabbed the boy by the front of his jacket and threw him away. As he did Kakashi quickly went through hand signs. He held out his hand and lightning started focusing in his palm. The sound of birds filled the air. Kakashi then charged at Fox yelling, "Chidori!"

Fox focused chakra into his hand. Small sparks danced on his hand. Kakashi's attack got closer and closer and then…

Kakashi's eyes were wide in shock. His strongest attack was just stopped cold…by some kid.

"That was the Chidori?" the blonde asked. He scoffed and said, "Some assassination technique. Noisy and so little control over the element someone could easily detect it. Since the attack is so obvious someone of your level or higher could easily catch it."

The blonde rose his left hand and said, "This is an assassination technique."

The blonde focused chakra into his hand bright sparks flashed and his entire hand glowed with electricity. The only noise it made was a silent buzz. The blonde drew back his fist and yelled, "Thunder Shot!"

The blonde slammed his fist into Kakashi's chest blasting out the back. There was a gasp of terror from everyone watching. Then there was a poof as Kakashi burst into smoke revealing a bisected log.

Kakashi now stood a few feet away breathing hard.

'That was really close,' Kakashi thought as he calmed down his heart rate.

Before the fight could continue the Sandaime intervened and said, "That is enough."

The old man vanished via shushin and then reappeared across from the two.

He turned to Kakashi and said, "Kakashi go. You need to relax after nearly getting killed like that."

The old kage turned to his student said.

"I must admit you were right when you said you were jonin level," Sarutobi said with a smirk, "I thought that you were exaggerating when you brought up the suggestion. Anyway I must admit I underestimated my own student. Not the first time. Anyway remove your jacket."

The blonde removed his jacket showing his arms were surprisingly muscled. This made all the girls present swoon. The kage reached into his robe sand took out a vest with the kanji for element master on the back. He handed the vest to the boy who put it on.

"I officially congratulate you on your victory here my student and I am proud to welcome you among the ranks of the jonin," the old man aid with a proud smile, "Now…why don't you take off that mask? Show the people our young prodigy."

The masked boy nodded before reaching up and lifting his mask. As he removed it people gasped. The blondes eyes were dark blue with slightly slit pupils an whisker marks that made his face stand out.

The girls present blushed as they saw the new jonin's face.

"Welcome to the ninja world Naruto Uzumaki," the Sandaime said with a smirk at the shocked looks from everyone.

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