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Chapter 18: The Final Battle

Itachi's eyes flashed as Ameratsu flames shot forward at Nagato as he charged at Tobi. The red head slammed his fist into the ground causing a wall of flames to shoot up. The flames countered each other for a second. Thinking quickly Nagato used his control over wind to increase the power of his own flames and then used some water he pulled from the air around them to blast the ameratsu flames. I was enough to weaken the flames.

As this happened the Asura path shot forward and transformed his arm into a chainsaw. Itachi dodged the attack just to be hit in the side by a flurry of paper. The paper wrapped around him and then pulled him into the next room.

"I gave you your eyes, Nagato," Tobi said, "how could you turn on me for all that I have given you?"

Nagato answered, "I was only a means to an end for you. When the time came you would have turned on me."

Tobi snarled and said, "Too bad…you made a good leader. Now you shall fall along with the rest of your clan!"

With that Tobi and Nagato along with his six paths of pain charged at each other.


Itachi rolled across the ground and started right at Konon who took her human form with a pair of large paper wings.

"You cannot beat me," the Uchiha killer said with his eyes activated.

Konan said, "We shall see Itachi."

The two stared at one another with equally emotionless gazes.

Outside the tower…

Kisame roared as he swung his sword with the intent of ripping Gin (finally found out that his name was told in the old Japanese way, so I called him by his last name the whole time) apart. Gin swung his great sword and the two weapons met with a loud clang. The opposing swordsmen grappled and wrestled against the other for supremacy.

Kisame pushed Gin away and went through hand signs before he yelled, "Water Style: Water Shark Bullet!"

Kisame pushed his arms forward and out of the water on the ground and all over a shark formed charging right at Gin.

Gin went through some one sided hand signs of his own and yelled, "Wind Style: Tornado Blast!"

Gin clapped his hands together sending a tornado forward. The tornado dispersed the water the shark was made of and sent it flying at Kisame. Kisame was hit just to turn into a water clone.

Kisame burst out of the ground nearby and brought Samehada down with the intent of shaving away the flesh of Gin's head. Gin dodged the attack and swung his sword. Kisame ducked and received a knee to the nose. Kisame dug his heels into the moist ground. Gin charged forward and swung his sword meeting Samehada with a loud clang. The two traded blwo their clangs just barely audible over the sound of the dragon warlords attacking around them.

Kisame kicked Gin away before swinging a fist slamming it in Gin's face knocking him away. Kisame then went through a few hand signs and called out, "Water Style: Rain Water Shark Wave!"

Kisame slammed his hand on the ground sending multiple water droplets in the air. As the droplets fell they took the form of different sharks.

Gin quickly went through hand signs and yelled, "Moon Release: Lunar Shield!"

Gin held his sword out and a wall of lunar light formed in front of him deflecting the water attacks. Kisame growled in frustration and went through hand signs again.

"Water Style: Great Shark Bullet!"

Kisame pushed both his arms forward and an enormous shark made entirely out of water shot forward at Gin.

Gin raised his sword and yelled, "Moon Release: White Moon Splitting!"

Gin swung his sword down sending a wave of silver chakra forward that sliced right through Kisame's jutsu. The water spread out like a flood. Gin shot up and actually started flying. Kisame looked up in shock before he gained an enraged look. Kisame snarled at the man.

"That's it," the mad swordsman growled, "I've had it with you!"

Kisame completely uncovered Samehada before he placed it against his chest. The spikes on the blade began to spread across Kisame's chest and then his whole body. The man grew a bit in height and his robe and shirt ripped leaving him only in his pants. His body became slightly sleeker and a tail grew. He grew large fins on the backs of his arms and his face became distinctly more shark like.

"Now," Kisame said with a dark scowl and a slightly deeper voice, "I'll show you why they call me the tailless tailed beast!"

Kisame roared and charged forward. Gin dodged one strike but a follow up knocked him backwards and into a lake. Kisame grinned and then shot forward tackling Gin into the water.

Once underwater, Kisame started punching doing his best to make Gin open his mouth so he could drown. Kisame sank his teeth into Gin's shoulder drawing blood and making Gin cry out in pain making a gurgling noise and sending bubbles to the surface.

Kisame grinned as he continued to gnaw on Gin's shoulder. Gin brought suddenly sent out a volt of lightning chakra through his body making the shark man cry out in pain. As Kisame let go Gin pulled back his fist and let loose a punch powered by wind chakra knocking him backwards and out of the water.

Silver chakra covered him as he thought, "Gingetsu Myaku Transformation: Tsukuyomi the Moon Warrior!"

On the shore Kisame spat some blood and a tooth out of his mouth. He turned towards the water and yelled, "Come on! Is that all you got!?"

The water exploded and Gin, in his moon warrior form, rose up like a monolith out of the water. The giant raised his fist. Kisame looked up at the giant and said, "Oh, crud."


Kisame was crushed under the giant fist. The giant unleashed a flurry of bows forming a massive crater where Kisame was. Pretty soon blood was seen on his massive fists. The man rose up and cracked his knuckles and in a flash reverted back to Gin. To be sure Gin went through hand signs and fired a blast of fire forward and burned the body of Kisame.

Gin rubbed his bleeding shoulder before he took out a plasma pill and ate it. Then he picked up Samehada and put it away in a special storage scroll. He knew that he could get a lot of money for returning it to Kirigakure.

He glanced behind him to see Jiraiya and Naruto jumped over him and headed right for the tower.

He grinned and was about to take his leave when he heard an explosion. Gin looked at the hole and ran forward and then he jumped into the hole that was formed.

He was greeted with the sight of Itachi Uchiha being surrounded by a twister of paper. Gin saw the paper make complete mincemeat of a piece of furniture meaning that the paper was actually very sharp.

Despite being in a literal storm of blades Itachi was completely calm.

Itachi went through hand signs and said, "Fire Style: Phoenix Sage Power Nail Crimson!"

Itachi threw some shuriken incredible fast and he fired a blast of fire chakra from his mouth nfusing the two. The burning blades flew forward. The paper dispersed avoiding the flames before some of the paper folded into shuriken firing forward. Itachi simply opened his eyes and the shurken burst into black flames. More paper shuriken came from his back. These actually managed to pierce his skin. Itachi spun around and went through more hand signs.

"Fire Style: Phoenix Fire Sage Technique."

Itachi fired a volley of small fireballs as the paper user's twister. The paper dispersed to avoid the flames.

Gin jumped through the paper and swung his sword. Itachi dodged the attack and opened his eyes intending on capturing Gin in a genjutsu. He was shocked when Gin didn't even stop.

He dodged a few more attack and then whipped out a kunai with lightning speed and stabbed it into Gin's chest. Gin burst into water. Gin burst up from the floor and swung a lot of kunai that riddled Itachi's back. Itachi spun around and dodged another sword swing from Gin. Then he had to dodge another volley of paper shurken and kunai from Konan.

Konan formed her body quickly and the paper in the air around her formed a large circle.

"Paper Chakram!"

The massive circular blade shot forward. Gin performed a shushin to avoid the massive paper blade, but he didn't have time to dodge the massive blade.

Itachi said, "Tsukuyomi."

Suddenly, purple chakra appeared around him and formed a large rib cage. The chakram slammed into the rib and it pushed against the ribs. The ribs groaned a bit and started to split. After that the chakra burned and was deflected off it.

Gin charged forward and yelled, "Moon Release: Fist of Tsukuyomi!"

Gin unleashed a powerful punch that launched a huge fist. Itachi's eyes widened as the giant chakra fist slammed into the ribcage surrounding him. The sound of cracking was heard the ribs around Itachi broke. Silver charka focused around Gin's hands as he unleashed a vicious combination that not only smashed into the ma's body, but it also formed multiple lacerations. Gin slammed a knee into Itachi's stomach.

The last member of the Naraku clan jumped back and said, "Moon Release: Lunar Wave!"

Gin clapped his hands sending a wave of silver chakra that formed and knocked Itachi through the whole in the wall and sent him flying through the air.

Konan formed her body and then said, "Paper Person of God Technique!"

Countless sheets of paper shot forward. Unseen on the paper was a bunch of explosive note hidden in them. The paper shto forward towards Itachi and he was completely covered in them. The explosive notes then exploded with incredible force. Only human and paper ashes were left.

The sound of an explosion from down below got their attention. They both nodded and went down to the floor below.


Naruto and Jiraiya had finally arrived. The duo had been delayed by a bunch of Ame ninja. Naruto had taken out Umimoui to take the down quickly.

He and the perverted sage ran forward and landed in front of the fight between Tobi and Nagato. Nagato was alive and well, but the Animal Path was destroyed as was the Asura path.

Naruto said, "Surf, Great Wave!"

A wave of water shot forward from Naruto's trident blasting Tobi away from his uncle.

"You okay?" Naruto asked.

Nagato nodded and said, "Yes. Be careful he has the ability to turn intangible and he has the ability to use the powers of the Sharingan!"

Tobi rose up from the ground and spat out some excess water.

Tobi's eye hole in his mask flashed red and Tobi threw out a punch sending charka chains flying from his arm. Naruto spun Umimoui catching the chains and wrapping it around the weapon. He pulled on it with incredible strength ripping Tobi forward. He stabbed the weapon forward only for it to go right through Tobi's chest.

"You can't beat me," Tobi said, "I am a god given human form. I am eternal!"

Naruto said, "Oh. Shut up! Bring the fury of the Storm! Double Tortoise Shell!"

There was a huge flash of blue. On Naruto's arms was a pair of large blue shields. They were both in the shape of shells and had massive crystals on them.

Tobi unleashed a flurry of kunai and shurkien. Naruto covered himself with his shield and he jumped up. The shield closed together and he rolled forward like a pin ball. Tobi dodged the giant pinball of doom just for it to turn in and nearly bowl him over again.

Inside the giant shield made ball Naruto's eyes flashed green. The giant ball that was once Naruto sped up with a wind chakra concentrated on it. Tobi turned intangible and avoid the main attack. However, he turned tangible at a bad time and he was nearly killed by multiple blades of wind that followed the orb sliced his chest.

Jiraiya, Nagato and the remaining path sof pian came forward to take the advantage of Tobi's disorientation.

Nagato held out his hand and suddenly increased gravity around Tobi making it impossible for the man to move.

Jiraiya's hair grew to an incredible length and he called out, "Wild Lion's Mane Technique!"

Jiriaya's hair shot forward and formed a large mouth that roared and sank its teeth into the immobilized Tobi's shoulder. The man cried out in pain.

The Deva path sent a wave of gravity forward that applied pressure to all of Tobi's body making it near impossible for him to breathe. The Preta path jumped behind Tobi and started to drain the chakra from his body. Tobi manged to phase out of the path's grip and then smashed a mine made out of explosive tags into the man's chest. It exploded destroying the man. The Naraka path unleashed a brutal right hook that cracked Tobi's mask. Tobi dodged to the left and then spun around slamming his fist into the Naraka path's jaw breaking it and then used the Ameratsu flames to burn him.

The Human path jumped up and grabbed the back of Tobi's head. The path started to pull on him and started to remove his soul. Unfortunately, Tobi took a hidden dagger out of his sleeve and stabbed it into the path's head killing him.

The Deva Path sent out another gravity wave sending Tobi backward and smashing him back into the wall.

Jiraiya quickly summoned two toads. One was green and the other was purple. All Jiraiya did was point at Tobi and the two toads immediately understood.

The two toads opened their mouths and their tongues shot forward like bullets. Their tongue's pierced both of Tobi's shoulders. The two toads then started whipping Tobi's body with their tongues at incredible speed and with incredible strength for such small amphibians.

"Way to go pervy sage!" Naruto said as his weapon turned back into a regular sword.

Suddenly, Tobi caught their tongues and pulled on them like rip cords and slammed them together effectively knocking them out.

Jiraiya growled and formed a Rasengan and shot forward and slammed the attack into Tobi's midsection making the man cry out in pain. The toad sage jumped back and Naruto's eyes turned green.

"Wind Blade!"

Naruto swung his sword sending a blade of wind that Tobi was able to turn intangible just as the attack smashed and sliced through the wall.

Tobi glared right at Nagato wanting to kill him quick because this gravity attacks were getting annoying. Just as his Sharingan eye flashed Jiraiya knew what was going to happen. He pushed Nagato out of the way just as the black flames burst in Jiraiya's face. The toad sage screamed in absolute agony as the black flames.

Naruto looked down at Jiraiya. He got on his knees. He looked into Jiriaya's eyes and saw the life leave the man's eyes.

"Fool," Tobi said, "Thinking that he could stop me. He met the same fate as all who stand in my way."

Naruto's eyes turned furious. The curse mark on his neck spread and Naruto ascended to his second stage form. He glared right at Tobi and growled, "Freeze, Shimotora!"

The ice katana appeared in Naruto's hands. Naruto then growled, "Freeze the blood in their veins! Great Tundra Hunter!"

Shimotora flashed and in its place were pair of gauntlets with large claws on Naruto's hands.

If Tobi hadn't been so arrogant he would have noticed Naruto's eyes were now completely purple.

Tobi launched the Ameratsu flames again. Gravity split them apart as Naruto shot forward and his claws started to glow with frozen energy. Naruto swung his claws slicing Tobi's chest. Ice spread from the wounds shocking Tobi. Naruto continued to swing and claw at the insides of Tobi. In a matter of secons Tobi's body was completely covered in ice.

Naruto jumped back and chakra spiraled around his arm. Charka focused in his hand and an orb of fire, water, lightning, wind, and earth formed on his finger and a large orb fromed in his palm.

Naruto shot forward and yelled, "Five-Pronged Rasengan!"

The attack slammed right into Tobi's frozen body. The ice cracked and it all shattered destroying Tobi's body. As Naruto walked away he snapped his fingers and gravity increased around the icy remains of Tobi were completely obliterated under the intense pressure.

Naruto dropped to his knees and roared in a mix of rage and sorrow at the death of his godfather. Nagato walked forward and placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder. The two then shaired a family hug. They immediately separated though, because it got awkward.

With that Naruto left to go back to his village. He just hoped that Tsunade didn't kill him when the time came.

Three weeks later…

Naruto sat down on the couch with Kira in his arms.

After Naruto left Ame he went back to Konohagakure. Tsunade was glad when she found out that the Akatsuki was dead, but was upset when she found out that her perverted teammate died. She was upset and they held a memorial. A few of the toads showed up, except Gamabunta because he didn't want to accidently sit on one of the guests.

At the same time Naruto was focusing with the gravity power he got from his fight with Tobi. Turned out Naruto got an ability to control gravity like his uncle could with the rinnegan.

Naruto currently sat in front of the TV. He had been given a vacation for his victory over the akatsuki. Naruto sat with Kira when Tsume, Yugito, and Fu entered the room looking at each other excitedly.

"What's up girls?" Naruto asked as he looked at the trio.

Fu giggled and said, "Naruto…Yugito and Tsume have something to tell you."

Naruto looked at the two and asked, "What is it?"

Yugito grinned and said, "Well…you see me and Yugito have been feeling weird lately. We went to hospital and I don't know how to say this."

Tsume blurted out, "We're pregnant!"

Naruto's eyes widened for a moment. Naruto swayed back and forth and then collapsed on his back with a smile on his face.

Kira asked, "What does pregnant mean?"

Yugito picked her up and answered, "It's an adult thing. Basically…it means you're going to be a big sister soon."

Kira was quiet before she squealed.

"Whee! I'm going to be a sister!" she hugged Yugito's stomach making her giggle slightly.

Timeskip: Sixteen years later…

Naruto sat in the kages office going through some important files while his shadow clones went through his useless paper work. A few months after the death of Tobi Tsunade resigned giving her position to Naruto. Naruto immediately worked on trying to get better relations with different villages. This took about three years of his time as Kage since most of them weren't willing to let go of some old grudges.

Naruto looked over at a picture on the wall. It depicted Konan wearing a wedding dress and Nagato in a tuxedo.

Naruto smiled fondly at the memory. About a year after Tobi's death Nagato and Konan fixed up Amegakure and at some point Nagato proposed. Naruto, his wives, and Kira were all invited to the wedding. Naruto wound up being the best man and Kira, much to the joy of everyone else, got to be the flower girl. Naruto remembered a few girls there talking about how cute Kira was in her flower girl dress.

Right now the two had a son and daughter they named Kushina and Yahiko.

Naruto also remembered what happened to Gin. It turns out Gin went to Kirigakure to return Samehada. There he met the Mizukage, Mei Terumi and was instantly smitten. He returned a few times after that to retrieve bounties and other things. Eventually they went out and about a year later married. Their son, Jiro, had grown up to be strong ninja with a mix of his mother and father's blood lines. Naruto remembered being invited to the wedding. He remembered saying that if he hadn't met Naruto and his uncle he never would have come to Kiri and met his beautiful wife.

Naruto also saw a picture of Tsunea standing in front of the ribbon cutting of a building. After retiring Tsunade actually did something to help her money problems. She opened up a casino in Tanzuka Gai. She was on her way tot becoming one of the richest women in the country.

Naruto was brought out of memory lane when the door opened.

"Team 7 reporting for our next mission, Rokudaime-sama," said his now nineteen year old daughter.

The girl had grown tall, slender, and was beautiful just like her mother. She wore a regular jonin flak jacket with a butterfly on the back some black ANBU pants, sandals, and had a miniature crossbow on her wrist. Over the years her bloodline had developed to where she could create more than butterfly wings with her chakra. She could form a scorpion's tail, a dragonfly's wings, a spider's fangs or legs, and so on. In the academy she had her father's reputation as a prankster to help increase her stealth skills. She became a prodigy just like him becoming a jonin soon after she graduated the academy thanks to her own intense training. She was jonin level even without her bloodline being used.

Naruto looked at her team which consisted of Kira's younger brother and sister.

Yugito and Naruto's daughter was Tora. Like her parents she was blonde and she had icy blue eyes that only turned icy when she was angry. She wore a black shirt with a purple jacket and some cargo pants with sandals. She also gained some cat like whiskers on her cheeks. Her bloodline had been altered with the Nibi's chakra like Kira. While he couldn't form creature parts like Kira she was able to control hellfire like Yugito. She was just graduated and she had graduated at the top of the class.

Tsume and Naruto's son was Hanto, named after Tsume's late ex-husband. Naruto wanted to name him Minato like his father, but he lost the coin toss. He had black hair and a pair of wolfish blue eyes. On his cheeks he had black fang tattoos. He wore a black shirt with a tan jacket and some short with sandals with bandages around his ankles. At his feet was a black wolf pup named Fang. He had his father's bloodline as well. His didn't change due to demon chakra, but he found a way to merge it with Fang giving him elemental control as well. They were coming up with their own moves to use.

The final member was Asuma Sartobi. Sometime after Tobi died Kurenai and Asuma got married. After a while though the man's smoking habit caught up with him and he contracted lung cancer. He died and Kurenai named her son after his dead father. The boy was growing into a miniature version of his father, minus the beard. He was about as tall as Hanto with dead features, short black hair, and red eyes like his mother. He had on a black shirt and short cargo pants and some sandals.

"Team 7," Naruto said, "Let's me see. Ah! Here we go. This is a D-rank mission. The Fire daimyo's cat and her litter have managed to escape her again. Your mission is to find them without causing too much damage."

Hanto said, "Dad it's just a couple of cats. What the worst that they could do?"

Naruto said, "Rule 1 of the ninja world. Never underestimate the enemy. Now go!"

The team ran out. Tsume, Fu, and Yugito came in.

"Let me guess…you gave them the Tora mission didn't you?" Fu asked.

Naruto said, "I'm considering this payback for when Hanto painted graffiti all over the Hokage monument and when he put hot sauce in my ramen broth."

The girls laughed fondly at the memory. When the latter happened Naruto ran around clutching his burning mouth yelled, "RAMEN! WHY HAVE YOU BETRAYED ME?"

The first time though they had to save their sochi from both Naruto and Tsunade's wrath. He painted the first hokage with a nosebleed and wide eyes, he gave the second hokage bug eye, and a bowl cut, he made the sandaime look like a monkey,he drew whisker marks, fox eyes, and the word doofus on the fourth's face, he painted a bubble from Tsunade's saying that she had implants, and had Naruto's head saying that ramen sucked.

Despite his anger at his son Naruto couldn't help, but laugh at the memory. His laughter increased when he heard screams coming from the forest.

"So," Tsume said sultrily, "they aren't going to be back for a few hours…Want to help us pass the time?"

Naruto grinned before his eyes turned green. The door and windows shut and locked. The blinds shut and silencing seals were put up.

"I love my life," Naruto said as he three girls converged on him.


Hanto sat against a tree with Fang pinning Tora to the ground with his teeth. The kittens were caught and being cuddled by the girls of the team. He and Asuma were the only two covered in scars. Then out of nowhere all the cats escaped somehow and made a break for it.

"Dad," Hanto growled, "I will get you for this! I swear by the prank god I shall get my revenge!"

Kira smacked Hanto over the head and said, "Shut up puppy. We need to catch those cats again. Move out!"

Hanto rubbed the back of his head and grumbled at the nickname his mom had given him. He and his team ran off to face one of the greatest challenges of their genin careers: catching the demon cat.

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