Agent Fox knew she was being followed. She reached into her pocket and slipped out a knife, never could be too careful after all. Down a dark ally she walked. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the shadow follow her. A flash of a knife, rustle of fabric and the other woman was pinned up against the wall.

"Agent Serpent," Agent Fox said, smirking slightly.

Agent Serpent laughed. "I see you haven't lost your touch," she said. "Any chance you'll return to Sliver Moon? You're still one of our best field agents and-"

"No," Agent Fox said, cutting her friend off as she unpinned Agent Serpent. It had been almost fourteen years since she quit. Fourteen years since her husband died.

They had been the best, Michael and her. They went on missions together, one of the best teams Silver Moon had known. Then he proposed to her. The Silver Moon Agency had forbidden them to tell anyone outside of the agency about the marriage. Fox wasn't even allowed to tell her mother. When she got pregnant it became impractical to go on missions, and so Michael had to go without her. The day after he went out for a particular dangerous mission, she got the message that he was dead. She quit soon after that, to protect her child, her beautiful little girl.

"You can't hide her forever you know," Serpent said.

Fox glared at her old friend. "Yes I can," she said, "I've hidden her for thirteen years. I even left home so that the Blood Blade Agency couldn't find her. She won't be captured by the Blood Blades, and she's not joining the Silver Moons. She'll stay safe with her grandmother."

"Apparently you haven't done as good a job keeping her secret as you may have thought." Serpent pulled out a list. "Agent Owl was able to get his hands on the names of some targets the Blood Blades are after."

Fox looked down the names. For the first time in a while, she prayed. Please, please tell me she's not there. She stopped at one name, her eyes growing wide. Her heart and her stomach fell into her shoes. "No!" she hissed, almost sobbing, staring at the name in front of her.

Samantha Keyes

Fox was quiet for a moment, her eyes closed. Then she took a deep breath and opened her eyes. They burned with a fierce determination. No way were those monsters going to touch her little girl.

"Tell Agent Phoenix that I'm back in," Lana said to Serpent. The latter nodded and both women disappeared into the shadows.


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