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"Do you feel like we're being followed?" Sammy said to Marissa at they walked to the mall one day.

"No." Marissa said. "You're probably just being paranoid."

Sammy crinkled her nose in thought. "Maybe," Sammy said unconvinced. She still looked over her shoulder every few minutes. "I just wish we could get to the mall sooner." Sammy stopped and looked down a familiar alleyway.

"Marissa…" Sammy started to say.

"No!" Marissa said, knowing where she was going with this..

"C'mon, it'll be faster," Sammy coaxed.

"I don't care."

"Come on Marissa!"



Marissa looked skeptical. "How much faster would we get there?"

"We'd be in the mall in about five minutes."

"…Fine." Marissa grumbled. "But only because my feet are sore." They started walking down the ally. About half way down men appeared at the end of the ally.

"Oh no!" Marissa squeaked. They tried to turn and to go the way, but they came to find the way they came was blocked by two more men.

"What do you want?" Sammy asked. The men didn't answer, they just pulled out guns. Suddenly one of the men fell over. The other three men plus Sammy and Marissa turned. A woman dressed in black with a bicker helmet covering most of her face was there pointing a gun at the remanding men.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," she told them. The men started to fire.

"Get down!" said Sammy and she pulled Marissa behind a few dumpsters in the alleyway. They covered their heads. A few minutes later all was quiet. Sammy and Marissa looked up to see the woman standing there.

"Samantha Keyes," she said, "You're coming with me," She beckoned with her gun. "You," She pointed at Marissa, "Stay down and count to thirty." Sammy stood up warily, her fingers shaking, and followed the woman out of the ally. The woman handed Sammy a helmet and pointed to a motorcycle.

"Get on." The woman said. Sammy put on the helmet and hopped on the motorcycle, feeling she'd better trust the woman with a gun..

They arrived at the Highrise few minutes later and went around the building to the back. The woman started climbing the fire escape and Sammy followed along. "How does she know where I live? Is this Heather's idea of a practical joke?" She watched the lady climb. "No, way too complicated even for Billy." When they reached her floor, they walked down the hall and went inside Sammy and her Grandmother's apartment.

"Where's your grandmother?" the woman asked.

"Um," Sammy thought for a minute. "With a friend…"

"Good." The woman said suddenly Sammy's phone started to ring.

"Answer it," The woman said after a few rings.

"Hello?" Sammy said into the phone.

"Sammy," Casey's voice said. "What's going on? Marissa came over to my house and told me you'd been kidnapped." Sammy looked at the lady, who'd seemed to hear the whole thing, and shook her head.

"It- It's one of Hudson's friends. He took me back home, Gram's not feeling well," Sammy said. "I'm fine."

"Sammy, are you sure you're ok? You sound weird, what's going on?" Casey's concerned voice rang out.

"I told you, Gram's not feeling well so I need to take care of her. I have to go, Grams needs some- some apple juice." Sammy hung up the phone and turned to the woman. "What's going on? Who are you?"

"I'm Agent Serpent," The woman said pulling of hr helmet. "I'm part of the Silver Moon Agency. We found your name on a list of people wanted dead. You can either let us make you disappear or you can join us. It's you're choice, for now."

"I'm thirteen!" Sammy exclaimed.

"So? Children are aloud to become agents starting at age seven, but are not aloud to go on missions until age fifteen."

"What if I don't want to do ether?" Sammy asked.

"Then they'll hunt you down and kill you. And whoever happens to be watching at the time," Agent Serpent said. Sammy thought for a minute.

"Ok I guess I'll join then." Sammy said. She couldn't let any of her friends be hurt by whoever these psychos were.

"Good lets see what you can do." Agent Serpent suddenly attacked her. Sammy ducked out of the way and looked for something, anything to defend herself with. She grabbed the TV remote and threw it at Agent Serpent, who easily blocked it. Agent Serpent easily ran over and knocked Sammy over.

"You're talent is promising," She said helping Sammy up. "Soon we'll have you just as good as you're mom, if not, better." Sammy stared at her.

"My mom?" Sammy exclaimed, extremely taken aback. "My mom was an agent?"

"She was Agent Fox," Agent Serpent said. "One of the best agents in the world, same with you're father."

"My father was an agent to?" Sammy said. "Will I get to meet him?"

"I'm afraid that won't be possible. He died before you were born," Agent Serpent said. "You're mother quit because it was too much for her. She had to take care of you and her husband had just died."

"Oh," Sammy said. "Some job she did," Sammy thought. "She just dumped me here at Grams."

"I'm sorry Samantha," Agent Serpent said. That sounded like a goodbye. "But I still have so many questions!" thought Sammy. "But before I go, we need to go over some rules. Don't tell anyone I was here. You can't tell you're friends or you're grandmother, no one."

"Doesn't Grams know about mom?" Sammy asked.

"No, she believes a cotton wool story about you're father too, and you aren't going to be the one who enlightens her," Agent Serpent. "Some one will pick you up tomorrow after school. They'll say: 'The moon is full tonight. Be careful of werewolves.' Got it?" Sammy nodded, questions still swirling around her head. Agent Serpent opened the door and disappeared down the hallway.

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