Cosmic Palette


Summary: Hinata Hyuga is a talented, aspiring, beautiful painter, Naruto Uzumaki is the handsome heir to a famous company that trades talented works of art. What happens when you add love and business together? A Cosmic Palette. Rated T. NxH







Hinata dipped her paint brush carefully into her azure blue, and continued finishing painting the sky, Kenny G "The Moment" playing in the background.

Meet Hinata Hyuga, beautiful, 19 years old, and a professional painter.

It wasn't exactly a job her dad had approved of, but he allowed her to paint as long as she was co-partner to Neji in the Hyuga Company.

Hinata was only too happy to agree, as long as she got to paint. Painting was Hinata's world, the only time where she could truly be herself, with no worries about anything else other than what her next colour should be.

She didn't have to worry about society's expectations, family expectations, didn't have to be perfectly polite and graceful. It was where she could take out all her emotions; capture the beauty of the world that so many people missed.

It calmed her down, relaxed her when she needed a break.

And although she wasn't entirely aware of it, Hinata Hyuga had a lot of talent, a lot. She could capture perspective, depth, light, and grace as easily as if you were looking at the real thing, something even more beautiful.

She could find the most beautiful things about something most people never noticed, she saw art in everything.

This was another reason why her father consented to let her paint; he wasn't ignorant enough to ignore the fact that his eldest daughter had potential in the profession, no matter how small that profession might be.

She smiled as she finished the last stroke; it was a painting of the sky outside a young girls bedroom, bare aspen trees outside. It depicted a young girl, looking out over her window ledge into the world beyond. The girl had messy dark-brown hair escaping from a braid, small fingers reaching out as if to touch the tree.

The girl's green-blue eyes twinkling with an inspiring awe, her pink lips forming an O-shape, and rosy cheeks gave off the impression that the girl was breath-taken.

She had painted it for a close friend, Ino Nara, whose youngest daughter, Shina, had recently been allowed to leave the hospital from a serious concussion.

She hoped Ino-chan would like it, as well as Shina-chan, and Shikamaru-kun; she had put a lot of effort into it.

She gently let out the canvas to dry, washed and put away her equipment, and smiled as she looked at her workshop.

She had had it made a year ago, by her favourite pond in the manor, and it had a beautiful scenic view, never failing to give Hinata inspiration when she needed it.

She would look at it for hours, remembering fond memories, and contemplating any thoughts or problems she had.

She had always thought that the pond had a sweet, romantic feeling to it, with its soft hues, and mystical aura.

She had never tried painting it, for she knew she would never succeed to capture such timeless beauty, and it seemed; somehow, wrong to capture something so beautiful.

She gave another small smile, before lifting herself up, and locking the workshop up.

She had to meet with another close friend, Sakura Haruno, about some paintings for her upcoming wedding.

Naruto Uzumaki grinned as he reclined on his chair in his office in the Uzumaki –Namikaze Corporation; known for trading extremely talented works of art, and being skilled in many different areas.

Meet Naruto Uzumaki, dashing, 19 years old, and the respresentative for the Uzumaki-Namikaze Corporation.

Naruto was grinning because his best-friend/rival, Sasuke Uchiha, from the equally famous Uchiha Foundation, had finally proposed to life-long friend Sakura Haruno and they were planning their wedding.

"About time that Teme finally proposed!" He chuckled when his phone rang. He looked at it and the screen read: TEME CALLING.

"Well speak of the devil," he flipped the phone open, "What's up Teme?"

"Don't call me that, Dobe," his voice sounded as stoic as ever, "And Sakura wanted me to call because she wants you to meet up with a friend of hers. Apparently her friend is really talented and she wants you to check her out so you can come up with ideas for the wedding."

Naruto grinned, "Sure! That sounds cool! So, tell me Teme, "his voice got sly, " How's it going with Sakura-chan? Hmm." His voice replied something entirely different.

"Shut up Dobe!" Naruto could already see the faint pink tinge to his cheeks and burst out laughing.

"Just joking Teme!"

Sasuke snorted, "Whatever, just remember that Sakura wants you to meet up with this person tomorrow at five in your office."

Naruto waved his and offhanded, "Sure, Teme, sure. I've gotta' now for some ramen, you wanna' come?"

Sasuke sighed, "Sure, but I'm not paying for you this time."

Naruto grinned, "We'll see about that."

Hyuga Hiashi stepped into the room, his broad figure intimidating the meek butler, as he greeted his two close friends, Minato Namikaze and Fugaku Uchiha.

The trio of men had grown up together since childhood, and each had successfully founded equally famous and wealthy companies.

"Congratulation on your youngest son's engagement, "Hiashi wished Fugaku, a faint smile on his lips.

Minato grinned, "Same, when's the wedding?"

Fugaku thanked them, "The wedding should be near the spring."

"A good time to be married," Hiashi noted.

Fugaku nodded, and Minato grinned, turning to Hiashi, "What about Hinata, Hanabi, and Neji, Hiashi? How are they fairing?"

"Hanabi is doing well in school, Neji is excellently handling the Hyuga company with Hinata, and Hinata, "here Hiashi paused, unsure of what to say.

Minato filled in for him, the grin still remaining on his face, "Hinata, I'm hearing, is not only n excellent co-partner but an excellent artist as well!"

Fugaku agreed, "I agree with Minato, Hiashi, I've been hearing a great deal about how talented the eldest Hyuga daughter is in the arts."

Hiashi nodded slightly, "I'm only hoping that this passion of arts she has will take her somewhere."

"It will," Minato promised, sounding completely sure, "I recognize great talent when I see it, and I can already tell that Hinata will go far."

Hiashi nodded once again, "I can only hope; she does remind me so of her mother."

The trio's eyes all softened, "That she does," Fugaku said, "And like her mother she will go somewhere."

Wanting to get out of the sad memories Hiashi turned to Minato, "And how is young Naruto doing?"

Minato chuckled, "Naruto is…well he's Naruto; I doubt that boy will ever get out of trouble."

The three men chuckled, and exchanged drinks, chatting and laughing together as they had done growing up together.

"Now, now," Kushina tried soothing Mikoto, "I know you're extremely happy but is crying this hard really necessary? You did the exact same thing for Itachi you know."

Mikoto only sobbed harder, leaning against Kushina, "But my wee, little Sasuke's all grown up, getting married and everything!" She collapsed into sobs once again, and Kushina snorted at the mention of 'wee little Sasuke'.

"Oh Mikoto, what am I to do with you? Only Hikari could ever get you to stop crying."

They both saddened at the mention of their late best friend.

"You know she always used to say that she wanted to be there at our kids wedding," Mikoto's voice was barely above a whisper.

Kushina blinked back tears, "I know, and she used to joke about making embarrassing presentations about them too."

They both shared a laugh at that, though their laughs sounded more like weeping.

"I miss her so much," Mikoto sadly cried.

"I know, I do as well," Kushina's voice was hoarse, "And sometimes I get so happy and sad looking at Hinata."

Mikoto nodded, "I know, she's just so much like her mother and she doesn't even know it."

Kushina grinned, "Although she has her father's ability to scare the living wits out of anyone when she gets mad."

They both shared a laugh, and embraced each other, happy for Sasuke's engagement but saddened at the thoughts of their deceased best friend.





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