Cosmic Palette


Summary: Hinata Hyuga is a talented, aspiring, beautiful painter, Naruto Uzumaki is the handsome heir to a famous company that trades talented works of art. What happens when you add love and business together? A Cosmic Palette. Rated T. NxH






Chapter Six :

"I'm sorry! I'm so, so sorry!" Hinata said repeatedly, clasping her hands, and staring at Naruto pleadingly. "I'm really ticklish, so I j-just overreacted. I didn't mean it, I s-swear!"

Covered in flour, and soaking wet, a bedraggled Naruto stared sulltenly at her, and didn't reply.

"U-um...h-here." Reaching for a towel, Hinata gently rubbed flour away from Naruto's face, stifling a giggle at how matted his hair was. When his eyes snapped to hers, she regained her composure, and went back to trying to clean him up. They stayed like that for a while, in silence. Naruto stared at her intently, no expression in his (oh so blue) eyes, while Hinata did her best not to turn red (unsuccessfully).

It was difficult, what with Naruto's gaze focused solely on her, and Hinata determinedly did not meet his gaze, afraid she would make a bigger fool out of herself.

"There," she said at last, voice soft, "That's the m-most I can do. I'm a-afraid you'll have to go home to get f-fully cleaned up."


Hinata fidgeted, "Um, N-Naruto?"

"Are you free tonight, Hinata?" Naruto asked suddenly.

"W-what?" Staring at him, Hinata felt butterflies erupt in her stomach (he couldn't possibly mean what she wanted him to mean).

"I mean, if y-you're not busy at all, and stuff. I thought I could take you out to eat, you know, for dinner, or something," Naruto finished hurriedly, looking somewhere above her head, and stiffening.

Was it her imagination or was Naruto turning red? Feeling something like fireworks going off in her stomach, Hinata turned a dainty pink, and looked down. A smile was tugging at her lips, and she felt happier than she had ever felt before. Naruto was actually asking her out? Hoping she wasn't dreaming, Hinata tried to speak, but the words wouldn't come. Her throat was tight, and her heart was beating a mile a minute.

Taking her silence as a 'no', Naruto sagged, and scratched the back of his neck with a sad chuckle. "Eh, I guess I shouldn't have said that. Sorry if I made you uncomfortable, I-I'll just go now. Thanks for cleaning my clothes up." He stood up slowly, and began to walk towards the door.

What? No, I didn't mean it that way. Oh no!

Eyes widening, Hinata hurriedly got up. She definitely did not want Naruto to think she didn't like him like that, because she did. She really, really did.

"Naruto, wait!" she called, rushing after him, "I didn't mean it that way!" When my voice finally comes, he's not here to listen. I'm such an idiot! She met him by the front entrance, and stopped right in front of him. "I would r-really love to go to dinner with you. I'm so sorry you took that the wrong way, because I definitely did not mean that," she said softly, flushing even more, and looking directly at him.

"You don't have to lie, Hinata," Naruto said, forcing a smile, "Really, it's fine. I don't want to make you feel obligated."

"I d-don't feel obligated, Naruto!"

Shaking his head at her, Naruto flashed her a grin, "You're too nice, Hinata", and made a move to get past her.

Why did I have to be so stupid, Hinata groaned in her mind, I don't want things to go down this way. Desperately racking her brain for ideas, Hinata grabbed a hold of Naruto's shirt.

Please let this work, she thought, before pulling Naruto towards her with a quick jerk, and connecting her mouth with his.

Surprised, Naruto didn't react for a few seconds, but when it finally registered in his head that Hinata was kissing him (kissing him), he put his arms around her waist, and pulled her closer towards him, kissing her back with a smile.

Relaxing into his arms, Hinata felt a warm glow grow inside her, and spread throughout her entire body.

This felt right.

Finally, when both ran out of air, Hinata pulled back, and looked Naruto directly in the eyes. "I really like you," she said firmly, "Please, believe me."

Laughing lightly, Naruto tugged her back towards him. "I do now, Hinata, I do. I would say I'm sorry for not believing you earlier, but I can't lie. I quite enjoyed the way you made me believe you." Winking at her, he grinned as her face turned a dark red. There was a warm flutter in his chest, and he felt like bursting with pride. Out of everyone in the world, Hinata Hyuga, the most beautiful, thoughtful, and outstanding girl there ever was, liked him. Naruto Uzumaki, the clutzy, goofy fool that he was.

Slowly untangling herself from him, Hinata's blush cooled, and she began to speak. "I suppose you should go now, as we both have to get ready for dinner." Her cheeks were still tainted red, and her eyes could look anywhere, but at him.

Rolling his eyes, Naruto leaned in closer and closer, until their foreheads were touching. Bumping his nose against hers, he gave her a devilish smirk.

"Dinner can wait."

"The feels, Sasuke, the feels!" Squealing, Sakura flung herself into Sasuke's arms. "I cannot tell you how happy I am that they finally got together!" Outside Hinata's living room window, in a secretive, concealted spot, were Sakura and Sasuke. One elated, and overjoyed, the other disgruntled, and surly.

"Neither can I," Sasuke muttered, "Does this mean we can actually go on our honeymoon, now?"

"Yes!' Sakura said, beaming, "It took more than around 3 months, but they finally got together. I have achieved everything I wanted to in life now." Giggling, she hugged Sasuke tightly. "I guess we should go on our honeymoon now, though."

Rolling his eyes, Sasuke patted Sakura affectionately on the head, before dragging her out of the bushes, and back to their car. "Yes, please. I'm tired of seeing the dobe make a complete fool of himself in front of Hinata, and I definitely did not need to see them kiss." Shuddering, Sasuke resolved to delete the memory from his mind.

Looking back at Sakura, he smiled faintly. Her eyes were lit up, and she was smiling that smile of hers that always made his heart flip. Crazy, controlling, and obsessesive, though, she was, he loved her anyway.

He loved her for being the loving, dedicated, and witty person that she also was, for being the only one who had believed in him throughout everything that had happened. The only one who had had constant faith.

Seeing her smile, and laugh, and listening to her outrageous comments, Sasuke's smile widened.

He just really loved her.


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