MySims Academy

Based off the Characters of MySims

Me: Welcome one and all to MySims Academy! Where you will see your fellow game characters face the life of DRAMA! I apologize for not having written in so long, I had writers block. I did however get MySims Agents a few months ago and than for Christmas I got MySims Kingdom and I instantly got all these ideas. :) Disclaimer goes to… Lyndsay!

Lyndsay: HA! In your FACE Chaz! Ahem… XoxILoveYouxoX doesn't own MySims, MySims Agents, MySims Kingdom, or anything else EA game related. She only owns her character, Tina.

A girl stepped out of a van. Her tan skin shined as the bright sun hit it, reflecting the light of her beauty on everyone watching. She had long black hair pulled back in a pony tail. Her bangs covered the right part of her face and her eyes were a dark pink. Her pony tail went to her butt and she wore a black tank top. She wore neon pink skinny jeans with holes in the knees and a pair of white flats. She smiled and grabbed her things. She dragged her suitcase through the flat pavement. She passed many fountains, beautiful flower beds, and gawking boys. She smirked; this was going to be fun.

She made her way into the Principles office. An old geezer sat behind the desk. He had a full white beard and a white mustache. He had bright blue eyes and was in a … king costume?

"Hey gramps, I'm looking for Principle Roland. Where is he?" She asked. She saw a platter of cupcakes next to him and he grabbed one as he laughed.

"My dear, I am Principle Roland."

She got on her knees and bowed, "Oh, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to offend you at all!" He chuckled a bit and motioned for her to sit down. "Nonsense happens all the time. Have a cupcake." She nodded and reached for one and sat down.

"You must be our new student, Tina Lavendier. It is quite a pleasure. I am Principle Roland, although I prefer the term, King Roland. Ruler of Cupcakes!" He laughed out loud and stood.


'This guy is crazy…' thought Tina.

The door opened and there stood a girl with blonde hair with a red bandana to support her ponytail. She had on a red sleeveless shirt that showed her belly button. She wore brown cut-off gloves and blue shorts that went up to her knees. She was wearing a pair of brown boots and had a watch attached to her wrist. A small brown bag was on her back and she had blue eyes. Two gold hoops emerged from her ears as she smiled.

"You wanted to see me Principle Roland?" she asked sitting next to Tina.

"I AM KING ROLAND! RULER OF CUPCAKES! And yes, I did. This is our new student Tina. She is your new room mate. Treat her well." He gives Tina a key to her dorm and smiles. "You are excused." He turns to his cupcakes and begins to eat them all.

The girl turned to Tina, "Hi, I'm Lyndsay. Grab your things and let's get going." Tina smiled and followed her instructions. She followed Lyndsay to there dorm on the second floor. Tina and Lyndsay chatted about regular things while Tina set up the things in her new dorm. All of a sudden there was a bang on the wall and Tina jumped.

"Oh don't mind them. There are boys next door so it's always gonna be loud." Tina nodded while Lyndsay talked about all the types of people in the school, the Goths, the mean kids, the dramatic ones, etc. Tina needed to get some air so she walked outside. Suddenly there was a shout.


She instinctively ducked out of the way as a red-headed brunettish guy ran past her. He wore gold sunglasses with dark blue shades. She stood up and sighed. Suddenly she was pushed onto the ground and she groaned.

"Oops, my bad." She looked up and saw a guy with a red cap. He had blonde hair and a black shirt with a white skull on it. He wore holy dark jeans and black and white vans. She looked into his gold eyes and instantly remembered him; Derek.

Back in the summer when Gino's restaurant almost caught on fire.

"Stupid agent, leave me alone! You've got me in enough trouble!" Growled Derek. Tina didn't look scared, she simply smirked.

"Now Derek, we don't want your Aunt Shirley to find out about the Gino incident do we?"

"What? You wouldn't! … Fine, I'll talk. But don't say a word about this to my aunt!"

What if he recognized her. She quickly hid her face pulling her dark hair over her face. She couldn't let him see her. "I-Its fine… an accident…" She mumbled.

"Hey, you look familiar, have we met?" He asked. He stood up and offered her a hand but she stood up herself.

"N-no this is my first time here. Oh look at the time, I've got somewhere to be!" she quickly ran off and left him in his own world.

He stood there, puzzled. She looked so familiar. He had to know her from somewhere. She looked kinda… scared. He shrugged than kept walking. Nothing he needed to worry about.

Tinas POV

I ran back to my room and slammed the door shut and I heard some cussing. I turned the lights on and there was Lyndsay and some guy, making out. I stood there shocked.

"Ahem, um, Tina, this is my boyfriend… Buddy." She laughed nervously. I turned to get a good look at him. His eyes weren't really… eyes. They were black dots. He had short blonde hair and curly bands parted to the side. He had a couple of freckles, but not too bad. He wore a red shirt and black paints with white converse. He wasn't bad looking.

"Hi, im Buddy!" He smiled and stuck his hand out and I looked at it. I don't know where that hands been, so I grabbed his wrist and shook it. "Nice to meet you… Buddy. I'm Tina."

"Oh! Your Tina? I have a slip of paper for you. It says you have to go to the office and get your schedule." He reached in his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper and gave it to me. I read it.

"Bread… milk… 14 pounds of bacon? What are you talking about Buddy?" I asked confused. He took it quickly and reached in his other pocket.

"Oh, ugh, wrong paper. Here." He handed me a different one and I read it. Huh, guess I really do have to go.

"Alright, bye guys." I walked out and made my way to the office. I walked down a set of stairs when I accidently bumped into someone. She growled at me and I backed up.


She growled again. "Foolish peasant, leave now. Or I'll hurt you severly." I gulped when another girl came up the stairs.

"Esme!" she cried, "Wait for me will you?" she looked at me and smiled evily. "Hi, I'm Brandi. Who are you?"

I was too scared to answer her question. Esme growled at me again, "ANSWER HER!"

I jumped and nodded and turned to Brandi, "Y-Yes, I'm Tina Lavendier. Nice to meet you."

I looked at Esme; she had bunny ears and purple eye shadow on. She had short brown hair that spiked out in the back. She wore a black dress that had a white belt and fish net sleeves. She had neon pink boots and didn't look like the type to mess with. She had dark brown eyes that could make a UFC fighter shake in their speedos. I looked at Brandi.

She was hyper, but had an evil smile. Her hair was black and was put up in two big tails. It had purple streaks go through it. She wore a purple and black striped shirt with a black belt and white jeans. Her shoes were purple converse. Her eyes were a lighter shade of brown, but the creepiest thing about her was the eye patch she wore on her left eye.

"You shouldn't stare at people. Esme hates it when people stare." Said Brandi smiling. Esme glared at her, "Be quiet minion!"

"Um," I interrupted, "I hate to interrupt…"

"Esme hates that too."


Brandi frowned and didn't say anything else. Esme looked at me, "Continue."

"Oh… I have to get going. I have to get my schedule." Esme grinned evily. "Well, bye, I hope we have LOTS of classes together." I shivered and quickly ran down the stairs. I hope I never saw them again.