Violet sighed, letting the darkness welcome her to the gloomy morning that was Morcucorp. She looked outside, everything was dull, boring, surrounded by a swamp. 'It's the exact opposite of Poppy.' She thought.

She slipped on a dark purple skirt with black leggings underneath. She pulled a black Paramore shirt on and applied some black flats. She put her hair up in a black pat pin and applied dark eye liner. This was her. This has always been her.

She turned to her door and opened it, only to see Brandi and Esme standing there, smiling at her.

"Hey girl, Morcubus needs to see all of us, now."

'Oh joy, what is it this time?' she thought.


I woke up to the smell of flowers in my room. The light shined through my window greeting me with the early birds. I sat up and yawned. It's been 3 years since we last saw everyone. I'm willing to throw down some money and bet familiar faces were seen last night. I threw on some shorts that went up to mid thigh and pulled on a light purple tank top. I no longer wore my hair in those childish flower pins. I just wore it down. I attached some suspenders to my shorts and put on my converse. I was different now. I was a woman. Sadly, I looked out the window. I wonder if Violet has changed.


Chaz sat up. Stupid Morcubus and his meetings. He slowly slid out of bed, unwrapping Carla's arms from around him. She had fell for him easily. She was a good distraction. She would make him forget about… her. He remembered the last time he saw her, how her blue eyes filled with tears. How her blonde her suddenly lost its shiny glow, or when that spirit she used to have at the games was suddenly gone. He remembers how she used to cheer him on. He chuckled, he missed her. But this is where he was now.

His eyes saddened. He said such cruel things to her. He slowly took out a picture, a picture of him, Travis, Liberty, and her, Summer.

"I'm sorry Summer, one day, I hope you'll forgive me."

Little did he know that Carla was listening the whole time.

At the Morcucorp Meeting


Chaz smiled and sat next to Brandi, Esme, and Rusty. Carla sat next to her friend Laura, another new member. Makoto and Tobor sat together, as always. Like Robot like Robot I guess. Preston was smiling and sitting next to Beebee. They got back together after Beebee joined his side. Elmira sat with Gabby and decided Barney was a goody goody type. She didn't need him. Carl sat next to them and acknowledged them. Skip sat next to Elmira, giving her, the look. She scoffed. Shirley sat next to him and poked his shoulder, glaring at him hard. He was dating HER, not Elmira. Dutchess, who was upset because Derek chose Tina, sat next to her friends, Goth Boy and Yuki.

"Eh, Goth Boy, Yuki would bite your face. But it seems as if someone else already did." Yuki smirked and stuck her tongue out at the Goth. He glared in response.

"Biting is a sweet feeling of relieving emotions. Some people find it lovely and I disgust it. That is why I disgust you." He turned away and started writing a new poem. One full of hate and evil for the young girl.

Yuki frowned, but shrugged it off and began talking to Dutchess.

Patrick, Rhonda, Sylvia, and Gonk sat down with that group.

"So, what do you think Morcubus announce?" asked Gonk.

"I don't wanna start anything," said Rhonda, "But I read in the paper that Morcubus is going to accept a truce with Tina."


"No way, theres no way Morcubus would join sides with… HER." Dutchess said scoffing.

Sylvia, feeling sad, said, "Oh come on, remember all the good Tina has done for us in the past?"

Patrick sighed, "Well, she did help me win Shirley over for a date, but than Skip stole her. So I guess Tina really didn't help at all."

Rhonda tapped her chin, "Not really, she got me involved with things that weren't true. Like when someone asked her something, she'd say, 'Go ask Rhonda, she knows everything.'"

"Isn't that a compliment?" Asked Sylvia.

"Gonk doesn't like her. Gonk got her and pretty girl and dinosaur stuck in cage."

"BUT GONK SHE FREED US! And I HAVE a NAME!" Sylvia turned to look at him. He flinched but nodded, "Tina is good person."

Ruthie smiled and sat next to the teachers, "Hello, I am advertising my cookies all around the world. One day I'll be more famous than Morcubus. Try a cookie." The teachers smiled and nodded at each other, taking a bite.

The other new agents all came in and sat down. They all started chatting and than five minutes later Morcubus walked into the room. He sat on stage and grabbed a microphone.

"Okay everyone sit down and shut up. I'm sure those of you who weren't dozing off in your dorms last night ran into a couple of problems." Chaz quirked an eyebrow. He missed something? "Tina and her little agents decided to pay us a little visit last night and totally destroyed everything! The café is a wreck, theres glass all over the entrance floor, and there are motorcycle tracks all outside!"

People gasped and whispered to each other. What could have been so important that they would have come here?

"Well, I'll tell you why they did it. They were looking for a girl. One of their girls. I took it upon the liberty to take her for myself when I saw her one day. Too bad they didn't find her." He hit a button and a tube rose from the center of the stage. A blonde haired girl with blue eyes appeared. Duck tape was over her mouth and her arms were tied up behind her back. She was screaming, but they came out muffled. Chaz' s eyes widened. Clara saw them and frowned. It was Summer.

Summer slowly turned to meet Chaz' s gaze. She noticed how different he was. How he lost the glasses and got taller. He was a lot more muscular and she couldn't look away from him. Her eyes filled with tears and she finally looked away. Morcubus glanced at Chaz, "You will be the one to take care of her." He smirked. Chaz clenched his fist, why was Morcubus doing this to him?

"But after tonight, I realized how much their family 'means' to them. I cant afford anymore damage so were returning her tonight. Agent Walker and I have chosen the following people to go with us. Chaz, Rusty, Violet, and Beebee. See you all at six. Chaz, take Summer to your dorm." He pressed another button and the tube released Summer. Chaz sprinted up the stage quickly untying the girl. He ripped the duck tape off and she screamed. "OW!"

He grabbed her wrist and lead her to his dorm. All the while she was screaming and trying to stop him. He opened the door and saw Clara, "get out."

"But, Chaz-"

"Carla, don't make me say it again."

"…I'm sorry Chaz, but were through. I know how much this girl means to you." The red head slowly walked up to hug him and than pulled back. "Take care of her. It's obvious she's the one with your heart." She slowly walked out the door and closed it. Chaz remained silent. Summer just looked around his room. There were pictures of his favorite bands, some of him, and there was one of him, her, Travis, and Liberty on his bed stand. She smiled and sat on his bed. He walked over and sat next to her.

"I'm sorry Morcubus took you. I had no idea. But were taking you back tonight." He muttered. She smiled.

"I know, thanks for telling me Chaz." She leaned in and laid her head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around her waist.

"I'm sorry for not being there for you, Summer."

"Its okay Chaz-"

"No, Summer, its not." He took her face and made her look at him, "I left you guys for some stupid guy. I'm telling you this because I miss you. I miss ALL of you. I hope, if its not too late, to switch sides." Summers smile turned into a huge grin. She pulled his lips to hers in what started as a sweet kiss. He pulled her body to him, desperate to feel more of her. She slid her hands up his chest and he moaned. He slid his tongue into her mouth and the tongue battle began. They both fell backwards, hoping that six wouldn't come as fast as they thought it would.

Chaz woke up to his clock reading 5:30. He smiled and looked down at the beautiful blonde curled up in his chest. He pecked her forehead. "Hey, sunshine, it's time to go home." She opened her eyes, "Really?" He nodded, rubbing his hand on the bare of her stomach.

They both got up and slipped their clothes on and fixed their hair. He smiled and took her by the wrist to find Morcubus. He looked at the little cube in his hands, its was filled with all his things. He was going back where he belonged, home.