Okay, this is a quick notice for you guys.

As of today Gryffindor Princess has been stopped and I'm not going to produce more chapters.

The reason why is because I started the story with Violet way too young and I wasn't getting ideas and such.

Therefore I'm starting the basic plot again from fifth year. I will have the story rewrote and I will have Violet best of friends with Lavender because I like Lavender and want to give her more screen time in a writing way.

I will do a small summary of the first four years and the events.

And I'd do pairings that will make people ask what I'm on.

The Name of the new story will be called Diary of a Hogwarts Witch.

Demon Girl 15

P.S Ideas are welcome to be suggested. Check the forum on my profile page and look for the topic on my forum.