Cover Up and Finish Your Onigiri!
Firaga Productions

A/N: A Japanese friend of my bachan's named Tomoko brought my bachan onigiri while we were sitting in the hospital today. She called me Keimi-chan, which only my bachan has ever called me. Doomo arigato, Tomoko-san. This is for you.

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon.

"Maybe she should be the one taken care of, for once."

Kimura Tomoko woke up on a beautiful fall morning with a splitting migraine, a sore throat, and a caugh that felt like she was going to cough her entire stomach up. She groaned as she stood up shakily. It was her day off, so she didn't have to worry about work, but both of her twins were at her home for the weekend and someone had to feed them. Kouichi ate like a bird, small doses in small incriments, but Kouji would devour every ounce of food in the building if she didn't portion his food and limit him to some extent.

She stood up and groaned, dizziness settling into her head and body. She collapsed back onto her bed and sighed. Maybe just a few more minutes...

Three hours later, she opened her eyes to see two identical twin boys whispering nervously to each other. One held a plate of onigiri in his left hand, gesturing wildly with his right. The other shook his head, holding a damp washcloth and a cup of steaming tea in his hands, eyes narrowed and clearly disagreeing with whatever his brother was saying.

Tomoko found herself coughing violently, alerting the twins that she was awake and not well at all.


She blinked sleepily and sat up, a decision she regretted immediately as the movement only intensified the pain in her head.

"You have a fever," Kouji said matter-of-factly, placing the washcloth on her head carefully. It was cool and damp, and she smiled at the slight relief.

"We brought you some onigiri," her older son added, holding the plate out to her. "In case you're hungry."

"But I think soup would be much better for you, so there's a pot of miso soup cooking right now. " He flashed a know-it-all glare toward his older brother, who merely smiled in return.

"And Kouji brought you some tea as well." Kouichi gestured towards the tea. Tomoko smiled, accepted the food and tea, and set them down on her bedside table. She then pulled her sons in close and held them tight, despite the dizzying headache screaming at her to lay down.

"I love you boys," she whispered with a smile. Kouichi hugged her back immediately, but Kouji hesitated slightly with the nervousness of one who wasn't used to such acts of affection, especially with his mother.

"You slept in too late and...Kouichi and I..we and you should be the one taken care of for once," Kouji stammered, awkwardly placing his hand on his mother's back.

"Thank you, Kou-chan," she said quietly, using a nickname she'd reserved especially for him, many years ago. He couldn't possibly remember it, he was three when he last heard it after all.

Still, the ponytailed teen snuggled in just a little bit closer to his mother. Until she let out a violent cough and collapsed back into bed.

"'kaa-san! Cover up!" Kouji immediately jumped back and pulled the blankets around his mother's body.

"And eat your onigiri!" The elder twin nodded towards the rice and switched off the light.

"We'll be back to check on you soon. Get some sleep." With those words, Kouji and Kouichi left their mother to eat and sleep off her fever. She surprised herself by the lack of protest. Normally, she would fight and make her own meal, struggle all through work, make sure Kouichi was fed and warm and taken care of, and "take care of herself later."

But maybe Kou-chan was right. Maybe she should be the one taken care of for once.