"Hold still, Perry the Platypus!"

Finishing his backflip, Perry looked up at Doofenshmirtz with a raised eyebrow, silently asking: "Are you being serious here?" At this the human hesitated.

"You know, you're right. Why should you stop moving when I'm trying to hit you with my -inator, that would be kinda strange, wouldn't it? But then again you never…"

At this Perry tuned the evil scientist out and scanned the room. He couldn't help the feeling that he was being watched. And not the kind of 'Monogram and Carl are bored and hijacked the surveillance-cameras to watch the battle' watched. But…there was no one there. Even Vanessa was out with some friends of hers. The penthouse was empty except for Doofenshmirtz and Perry himself.

But still, they were being watched, the platypus just knew it.

Well, that's my rewritten prologue. The whole story is going through a Make-Over.

Perry: Grrrr!


Perry: (mimes "Make-Over")

Oh, you don't want to know, believe me.

Perry: (Points at the phrase: "hit you with my -inator")

You want to know what you're dodging there?

Perry: (nods)

(winks at him) You'll see next Chapter, don't worry. Now, would you be so kind?

Perry: Grrrrr grrrrr gr! (tranlation: Night doesn't own Phineas and Ferb. R&R)