Last Chapter

The front door opened letting the warm Boston air breaze though. A smile twitched onto the seventeen-year-olds pink lips as she sat on the small comofrotable couch. She stretched out her arms being tense from sitting in the same position for so long.

She sprinted around the corner with a grin and was met with an even brighter smile. Wrapping her arms around the younger boy she pulled him into a hug. It had been too long since they had seen one another last.


Hannah appeared beside Trevor with gleeful smiles. Her mother broke them apart and hugged Sean bear-like, "Oh Sean! It's so nice to see you. It's been months."

"Yeah-" Trevor messed up Sean's already messy brown hair with his hand. "I didn't know you were coming."

"I told Emmie," he shot his girlfriend a look and she shrugged her shoulders.

"I thought telling you was too much effort," she explained when her mother shot her a look. This resulted in a scoff from the older woman. "Plus, Sean and I have buisness to attend to!"

"Oh do you now?" Hannah eyed the too warily.


Trevor saw the wheels turning in Hannah's head, "What kind of buisness?"

Emmie bit her lip as she held out her copy of Atlantis, "Don't worry Mom. What did you think I was talking about?"

Hannah and Trevor shared a laugh causing Sean to blush awkwardly. He moved past them and carried his bags up to the spare room where he normally slept when he stayed over. Hannah had made Trevor clean it out after she saw how disasterous his house was.

The sound of the door shutting made him spin around to see Emmie leaning agaisnt it with a dazzling grin. She skipped over to him and pushed him so that he was sitting on the bed. He smiled as she plopped down beside him and wrapped her arms around his torso bringing them into a blissful hug.

"I missed you."

He kissed the top of her head, "Me too."

"I can't believe I missed your birthday," she pouted up at him. "And to think, you are almost the same age as me now!"

"In a few months I'm going to be jailbait though," he wiggled his brows.

Emmie snorted, "You aren't jailbait. We are like a year and a half apart."

"I can't wait to tell everyone I have an eighteen-year-old girlfriend."

She rolled her gray eyes at his immaturity, "I bet you can't."

Spontaneously, he stole a kiss from her lips. She smiled against his own happy to finally be able to be with him. They had been seperated for nearly three months. It was terrible.

All the long distance phones calls... emails... Facebook chats... even Skype. Nothing compared to being able to press her lips against his.

When they broke apart she walked over to her closet slowly. She glanced back at Sean with a devious smirk, "I got you a little something for your birthday!"

"Oh?" he bit his lip as she bent over to dig through something in the depths of her closet. The action couldn't help be acknowledged by caramel eyes appreciatively.

She held whatever it was behind her back as she made her way back over to him, "The only way to get your present is if you pass a test."

"What kind of test?"

Placing a finger under her chin she looked thoughtfully down at Sean, "Well... you have to show me how much you care about me."

"Show you?" Sean frowned as she nodded her head happily at him. How was he supposed to show her that he cared? He kissed her, flew all the way out here just to see her, and gave her hugs...

He grabbed her hand and pulled her into a kiss. It first started out normal as usual. Just a little peck on the lips that ended up getting a bit of tongue action. But when she went to pull back he cupped her cheeks between his large hands and pressed his mouth harder against hers.

Emmie breathed heavily as she broke back to get air. She looked down at Sean as he smiled up at her softly.

"I think I know how to prove it..."

She raised her eyebrows, "Oh?"

Sean kissed her gently, "I love you."

A blush fought her cheeks as she gaped at Sean. Had he said that to her before he gave her such a passionate kiss she would have laughed at him.

She shoved the present into his hands not sure what else to do. He broke eye contact as he looked down at the leather bound journal that rested in his lap. He twisted it in his palms seemingly transfixed by the object.

After a moments silence Emmie exhaled loudly. Her palms were sweating and her stomach was tied in nots, "I love you too, Sean."

His eyes had tears in them as he blinked up at her, "Thank you."

"I bought if for you so you could, you know, write stuff down like your dad," Emmie scooted closer to him on the bed. She rested her head against his shoulder causing her long waes to cascade against his arm. "So that one day when you have a kid they can read all of your adventures."

Their lips melted into one anothers once more. Sean didn't know if they would end up together in the end, but there was one thing he did know. He loved Emmie and that was enough for him. And he couldn't wait to go on more adventures with her.

The end.