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Chapter 12

Greg woke slowly to the soft touch of a calloused hand running over the inside of his wrist and the palm of his hand. Without opening his eyes he smiled and stretched, lacing his fingers through the hand as the leather of his sofa creaked under him. Grinning, he looked up from the lap where his head had apparently fallen when he'd drifted off. Nick smiled softly back.

"You know you snore, right?" Nick grinned.

"I absolutely do not," Greg responded, pretending offense through a giant yawn. "Mmmph. How long I been out?"

"Not long." Nick watched with increasing interest as Greg rose and stretched again, a narrow band of skin revealing itself between loose jeans and tight tee shirt. Greg raised a speculative eyebrow as he noticed the look on Nick's face.

Patience, indeed.

Greg turned and angled himself over Nick, resting a hand on either side of Nick's shoulders and bringing himself nose to nose with the man, noting the blush and dilated pupils. He flicked his gaze down to Nick's mouth to see him bite down on his bottom lip. Greg took a deep breath and climbed onto Nick's lap, one knee falling to each side of narrow hips. Nick licked his lips and let his eyes flutter shut as he slowly ran his hands up Greg's thighs to rest on denim clad hips, thumbs seeking and finding the skin under that tee shirt. Greg hissed as calloused thumbs made circles there.

Nick opened his eyes and smiled. "Really?"

Greg opened his eyes and smirked. "That's one of my favorite erogenous zones."

Nick stuck out his bottom lip in thought. "I didn't realize it was one. I mean, I knew it was adjacent to oneā€¦."

Greg licked his lips and slowly moved his knees to the floor between Nick's sock clad feet.

Nick's eyes widened.

Greg smiled and watched Nick through his lashes as sat back on his haunches, his own hands falling to Nick's hips.

"You trust me, Nicky?" He looked the man squarely in the eye.

Wide-eyed and slack jawed Nick nodded, never breaking eye contact. "Always," he said softly.

"If you want me to stop, all you have to do is say. I would never want to do anything to make you uncomfortable."

Nick cocked his head. "Gorilla-grams aside, you mean?"

Greg chuckled. Then the fingers and thumb on his left hand worked to pull a tight black tee shirt out of a denim waist band and explore the warm skin underneath.

Nick let his eyes flutter shut and his head hit the back of the sofa.

Greg smiled and popped the button on Nick's jeans.

Nick's eyes popped open and he sucked in a sharp breath, eyes on the ceiling. Greg slowed, waiting for any sign he should stop. Nick looked down at him and bit his lip again.

And Greg took it upon himself to demonstrate just how sensitive the inside of a man's hipbone could be. Pulling jeans down just enough to completely reach it, Greg alternated between sucking, licking, and nipping that four inch section of skin until Nick had been reduced to a panting mess.

Nick dropped one hand on Greg's shoulder and his other he dropped over his eyes. He licked his lips and bit his bottom lip again. He couldn't believe how good this felt. Greg hadn't even come close to his cock, and if this went on much longer he was going to lose it, regardless.

Greg looked up to gauge Nick's expression and smiled before sucking hard on the skin below him. Nick sucked in a deep breath, and Greg knew he'd almost won the battle. He brought one hand up and slowly ran the heel of his palm over the still denim encased erection just beyond the bare skin he was abusing.

And the battle was won.

Nick stifled his cry as the hand on Greg's shoulder fisted the tee shirt there.

Greg kissed the skin again before sitting back on his heels, giant grin lining his face.

Nick peeked out from beneath a hand, and then let his hand cover his eyes again.

"I think I proved my point?"

Nick peeked again from under the hand still covering his eyes and nodded as he adjusted his pants uncomfortably and grimaced. "Christ, that's mortifying," he said, just barely audible.

Greg's grin slipped. "Mortifying?" he whispered, nervous.

Nick looked at him again from under his fingers, sharply, hearing the tone in that one word. He smiled. "I haven't come in my pants since middle school," he said, blushing.

Greg's grin returned, full force. "Oh." He stood and grabbed at Nick's hands, pulling him to his feet. "Go take a shower. I'll throw your stuff in the wash."

Nick protested a bit, but eventually gave in, realizing a hot shower would feel really good right now. Greg let him have his privacy as he shucked his clothes and stepped into the shower, meaning to grab them as soon as Nick was hidden behind the shower curtain. When the door clicked open, Nick popped his head around the curtain and eyed up the man reaching for the clothes he'd placed on the vanity.

"Hey, Greg?" he queried.

The other man turned to look at Nick out of the corner of his eye. "Yeah? You need anything?"

Nick beckoned with a finger. Greg dropped the clothes and a strong hand fisted in the front of his tee shirt, bringing his lips in reach and his head and shoulders in range of the spray of the shower.

Greg grinned. "Dude, you're getting me all wet."

An evil smirk lined Nick's face for a split second before he acted. With one tug he had a fully dressed CSI in the shower with him, hot water flattening his dark blond hair and molding his shirt to his torso as a look of delight and incredulity lit his face.

"Oh, yeah?" Greg said in challenge, as he moved, backing Nick into the wall of the shower and trapping him between the forearms Greg rested on either side of his head. One quick flick of his eyes down the torso and Greg dove for Nick's mouth as Nick fisted the hem of his tee shirt, this time trying to work it over the other man's head. Eventually, breaking contact with Nick's mouth, Greg pulled the shirt over his head and let it fall to the floor of the shower in a wet heap. He stood back a bit and watched curiously as Nick slowly ran his eyes and hands over the newly exposed skin, seemingly in awe. Greg wasn't sure he'd ever been held in that kind of gentle reverence before, and he found it both humbling and horribly arousing. But he still needed to tread lightly, he thought groggily as rough thumbs brushed softly over stiff nipples and dark chocolate eyes pierced his, gauging his response and stowing it away as any good investigator would. Greg groaned and took Nick's mouth again as Nick hooked his fingers through sodden belt loops and pulled their hips closer, hissing at the contact of wet denim against his own arousal.

This wouldn't do.

He popped the button on Greg's jeans and started inching the wet denim down his hips as Greg continued to attack his mouth, though smiling.

Halfway down his hips he realized something: there was nothing underneath but warm skin.

"Commando? Really? All day?" Nick asked, eyes wide, as he thought about working along side Greg all day.

Greg smirked as he moved his mouth down the side of Nick's neck. "Complaining?"

Nick let his head hit the shower wall and his eyes close as he relished the feeling of that mouth on his skin and the skin of naked hips beneath his fingers. "Absolutely not," he hissed through gritted teeth. After a moment of dizzying arousal, he set back to work at ridding the body before him of the rest of that wet denim, Greg taking pity on him and helping him out, the denim joining the wet shirt on the shower floor.

Nick pushed Greg back away from him just a bit, wanting to look, to see something he was familiar with but had never looked at in this context. Greg braced his hands on the shower wall and watched as Nick perused. "Meet with your approval?" he whispered, not wanting to break whatever spell the shower seemed to have woven.

Nick raised his eyes to Greg's, nodding, before lacing a hand through the damp hair at the back of Greg's head and pulling to join their mouths again. With his other hand, Nick moved from Greg's hip to his cock, taking another man's arousal in hand for the first time, ever, with a sense of purpose and awe.

Greg groaned into his neck, biting down at the juncture of neck and shoulder when Nick ran his thumb over the head. Nick smiled at how much he liked the reactions he was pulling out of this man.

Greg pulled back to look him in the eye again, as he reached behind him for a bar of soap. He made a quick lather and let it run down himself slicking himself and the hand around him. He leaned until Nick's hand was trapped between them and let the lather fall down Nick as well, before moving Nick's hand to encompass them both and covering it with his own. He kissed Nick, quick and rough, then rested their foreheads together so he could watch. Nick watched, too, until he got close. As the hands sped up, his eyes clamped shut and his breath came out in stutters. Greg looked at him through long, wet lashes.

"Nicky," he whispered, "look at me. Please," nearly begging.

Nick opened his eyes to look deeply into Greg's, and came as Greg did.

Leaning back against the wall and blinking rapidly, he smiled.


Greg kissed him once, softly. "Yeah."