Warning: This is a femslash story, but not between Bellatrix and Hermione. This story will mainly focus on Bellatrix and Hermione's mother/daughter relationship. It will also focus on Hermione and her other parent, Minerva McGonagall. Later, this story will have femslash pairings between Hermione and another witch. I haven't decided who yet, but we shall see. Most of the characters will be OC, I'm warning you now so I won't have flamers later on. If you don't like any of these things then please don't continue.

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-The Ministry of Magic

Ducking down, Hermione could feel the curse cut through her shirt and just missing her by a centimeter. The Department of Mystery was small so any fighting was done close up. Curses were flying in colorful jets across the room like fireworks. When the spells missed there targets they'd propel like missiles into the crudely cut black wall scattering debris over anything in it's crumbly reach.

Everyone was covered in black dust with red streaks of fresh wounds painting their skin. There were only five students to defend themselves against the seven very skilled Deatheaters. Their prospects seemed grim. Just as their prospects seemed grim, the Order of the Pheonix showed. There was white and black smoke everywhere as the Order members chased the Deatheaters. Nymphadora Tonks chased her aunt, Bellatrix LeStrange. The older witch laughed gleefully as she sent hexs flying everywhere. She did not particularly care who she hit.

One of her curses flew straight at Neville, hitting him square in the chest. Falling, he began to violently spasm. Foam squeezed through his lips. Hermione who was fighting across from the clumsy boy saw him fall. Though it was not widely said, Hermione would protect her friends at all cost.

"Impedimenta", screamed Hermione. Lucius became a frozen statue. Hermione, dodging runaway spells, made it over to Neville's side. As she did this Bellatrix sent a hex straight at her back.

Instead of causing the young gryffindor pain like it should have, the hex formed a pulsating golden light around her. A strong force, similar to a magnet, compelled Bellatrix to her. Now surrounding both in the light. Everything around the seemed to be moving in slow motion. Bellatrix looked at the girl with shock visibly written on her face.

"What are you doing", Hermione yelled in the Deatheater's face, "What is happening."

Bellatrix's open mouth couldn't seem to find the words in her suddenly dry throat. The black haired witch didn't even notice her the burn of her eyes being held open to long. All she could manage was to stare at the muggle-born witch in such a way that left a slit chill along the young witch's spine. Finally, she managed to get out one question, "W..were you adopted?"

"How did you know I was adopted?" Hermione asked voice quivering ever so slightly. She raised her wand a little as if to say 'tell me the truth or I'll hex you'. Though, shed probably never attack her without first being attacked.

"I...I" stammered Bellatrix eyes closed as her head swam with thoughts. It almost felt like she was drowning in emotion. Suddenly, a deep set pain began to pulsate in Bellatrix's arm, and that was the sign. He was there. The Dark Lord had come to take care of Potter himself. The veil that had been surrounded the two witches dissipated leaving the battle to rage on around them.

Turning their heads they saw him fall. They saw Remus Lupin fall through the misted veil in the middle of the room. In that moment, he was lost forever. Everything was still. Then it all happened at once. Harry running after Fenrir Greyback who had knocked Remus into the veiled door to death. The Order began grabbing children and disapperating. As if she wasn't thinking at all Bella grabbed Hermione and disapperated before anyone could do a thing about it.

- McGonagall's Room

Dumbledore went to the hospital the night of the attack at the Ministry of Magic. The press was hounding him for information. Worried parents would soon be popping into his home. Everyone would be worried about their safety and their families safety. Mail would be coming in four times faster than it was going out. Soon, the Owlery was full too capacity with owls waiting to carry back letters to their masters. Parents would be buying up owls like crazy for their children in hopes of keeping in communication everyday.

Dumbledore had more work than ever before set for his plate, but yet it would be another week before he was officially headmaster again. Minerva was still stuck at St. Mungo's thanks to Dolores's stunner spells. He knew the his dear friend would be in a terrible temperament because she was cooped up in a bed all day. She was going to be showing her famous Scottish temper by the time he got around to visiting her. He hadn't gotten up to visit her much because he used to be wanted by the ministry, but since the truth about Voldemort got out that night, he was no longer an unwelcome member of the community.

Unfortunately for him, he knew he had to go visit her that night. She had sent him seventeen owls and three patronuses since she was put in there. Very quietly Albus knocked upon his friends door.

"I already told you that I will not take the charm off the door until you let me out of this place!" hissed a voice from the other side of the door.

He between laughs he managed to say, "Minnie, you had better open this door or I guess I will just have to leave. Even though you sent a dozen owls ordering me down here."

The door flew open at such a speed that it sounded like a gunshot when it hit the wall. With a quick smile behind him to let the nurses know everything was alright he stepped into the room. It was spot clean. Obviously, Minerva had been waiting to be let out because she was dressed in her normal robes and had a suitcase packed at the end of her bed next to a stack of essays.

"Albus, it's about bloody well time you got here. What in Merlin's name took you so long! I've being held hostage here and they won't let me go," ranted the crazed woman as she paced the room.

"Minnie, sit down." Dumbledore was a eery calm. The elder wizard had not told his friend about the entire incident at the ministry. He had made sure that she only heard a certain amount of information about the whole ordeal. He had even talked to the staff about censoring the truth from their patient. They were too happy to oblige, seeing as how no one wanted to deal with the Head of Gryffindor when she was upset or angered more than she already was. News had spread fast that night. Everyone in the hospital was abuzz with fluttering rumors.

"Albus, what's wrong? Are you here about the attack at the ministry?" Minerva had caught onto the gravity of the situation as soon as she saw the seriousness marring her old friend's face.

"My friend, how much do you know about the incident at the ministry?" questioned Albus as he took the visitors plastic covered green chair that sat next to Minerva's bed.

"Albus, answer me right now, what happened?" Minerva Started to rub the back of her in worry. She didn't show any other signs of concern. Her professional face had already slammed into place, effectively masking her emotions.

"First, tell me what you know and then we can talk about what actually happened." Albus face was impassive as he stared at his friend.

"The only thing that I've been told about or found to read was that Potter had fought He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Apparently, the Deatheaters broke into the Ministry of Magic. I also know that you were there and that everyone now knows You-Know-Who is back."

"Yes, everyone does indeed know that Voldemort is back." Minerva flinched at Albus's use of his name, but otherwise appeared unaffected by anything said. "It all started with Harry believing that his godfather was trapped in the Hall of Prophecy. His frietwit decided to go alongwith him to the ministry by riding on the back of thestrals-"

"Wait there were other students there? That was never published! Who was it?" exclaimed Minerva. Her brow furrowed, showing the worry she felt for her cubs. "are the children alright Albus?"

"Minerva, just calm down for a minute and don't interrupt until I'm done." He waited for her to nod her head to show she understood before he continued. "Like you asked, I will tell you the names. Hermione, Luna, Ginny, Neville, and Ron went with Harry to the ministry. Harry wasn't blocking his mind well enough when Voldemort sent him the false vision of Serius being tortured. It's clear now that Tom needed Harry to get a prophecy involving the two of them. When Lucius tried to get the prophecy from Harry, it was smashed. A fight broke out. Many were injured very badly, Min."

"Albus, is anyone dead? Are my cubs ok?" Minerva eyes were wide as her nails dug into the sheets in alarmed distress. Her animagus was showing its self as her nails became cat like claws.

"I'm sorry to say Min, but Remus fell through the veil in the Department of Mystery. Greenback pushed him into it. I've looked into getting him out, but I fear it's not possible. As for your cubs, none are dead, but some were badly injured. Mr. Longbottom has been admitted to St. Mungo's. He was cursed Bellatrix and unfortunately was trampled on during the battle. The rest were hurt, but are being treated at school by Poppy. A couple of the Order members sustained substantial injures, but nothing they won't bounce back from."

"Then the children are going to be ok then? All of them are safe and sound, either receiving medical attention at the hospital here or at school? Is...Is Hermione ok?

"Minnie, I need you to stay calm for what I'm about to say. Bellatrix disapperated with the girl before anyone could do anything. We didn't want to cause more alarm in the wizarding community so it hasn't been publicized. The Minister, Umbridge, and myself will be going to talk to the girl's parents today."

"Albus! You don't know where she is! Why are you just sitting here? We have to go look for her!" exclaimed Minerva, jumping up to grab her suit case.

"Minerva McGonagall! Sit down this instant.!" Albus voice boomed just like when the troll had caused chaos as the Fall Feast. "You don't think we haven't been looking for her? We've Been exhausting all of our resources looking for her. Now listen, I haven't finished.

"I've been speaking with Severus. He slipped some truth potion into Draco's pumpkin juice. I know it was wrong, but I had no idea he did it, and I'm still not in charge yet. Anyway, Severus asked Mr. Malfoy if he had heard anything about Miss Granger's disappearance.

"Draco had overheard his parents talking about Mrs. LeStrange. Though, she might go by Miss Black now. Her husband's body was found dead yesterday in an elder witch's home. She has gone miss-"

"Albus for Merlin's sake, just continue. No one needs to know about the details when my child has gone missing."

"Your child?" Albus chuckled. He knew his friend favored the young Gryffindor. She even thought of her almost as the child she always wanted to have. Minerva never had children because refused to have children only with someone she was in love with. Albus had known about her relationship with Bellatrix. He also knew that stern witch still loved the female deatheater.

"I mean, you know, how she is my cub, Albus. She is a child under my care. Thus, I referred to her as my child."

The Headmaster knew she was just making an excuse. He couldn't help, but let out a small smile at her pathetic excuse. "Of course that is what you meant. Though, I think you may reconsider your phrasing after I tell you the next part."

Taking a deep breath, Albus told Minerva the part of the story he had been dreading telling her. The Scottish witch had a very temperamental nature and he wasn't sure how she was going to react to his news. "Mr. Malfoy also heard his mother talking about Bellatrix's daughter. From what he gathered, he believed that Hermione is her daughter."

"Bellatrix has a daughter?" breathed Minerva. Turning to her friend she managed to ask in a torn voice, "Albus, who is the child's father?" Her eyes glistened with the tears she was just barely managing to hold back.

The Headmaster could tell his friend was crushed. He knew she still held her ex-lover very close to her heart. In fact, the grey haired wizard wouldn't be surprised if she was secretly hoping for her and Bellatrix to someday get back together and start a family. "That is a bit of a mystery. Young Mr. Malfoy had heard something that befuddled him. Apparently, he had heard long ago from his mother that Bellatrix had a had a baby with another witch. Minerva, I'm asking you this as one of your closest friends who cares very deeply for you, is there anyway you could be the father of Bellatrix's baby?"

"When was Miss Gr...Hermione born exactly?" Minerva had a dazed look in her eye. At first, she had been hurt that Bellatrix had gotten pregnant with a man's baby. She was a lesbian for crying out loud. Then, as Albus began to talk she knew in the back of her mind that Hermione could be her daughter. The ebony haired witch had gotten Bella pregnant before. Unfortunately, the baby had died while still in the womb.

Minerva was a very skilled witch, especially when it came to transfigurations. She had transformed her anatomy into her male counterpart three times in her life. One, to see if she could do it. Two, she had sex with Bella and got her pregnant on accident. Three, had been a year before Voldemort's supposed demise. After the last time, she hadn't heard from Bellatrix again. At that time she had given the crazed deatheater a choice: join the light and date Minerva or stay with the dark and never see her again. What if she had thought Bella had chosen the dark simply because she never saw her for two years after that encounter.

"She was born September 19th, 1980. Which would put the time she was conceived whom where in January or February of 1980."

"I...I think I might her the girl's father," Minerva said looking at him with scared, but happy eyes.