"And that is why I am out of bed," Potter finished.

I just stared at him. "That is the maddest thing I have ever heard."

"What?" He actually sounded hurt. Merlin, Potter is a work of… something. I don't even know.

"Potter, you got out of bed for candy? Who does that? Especially when they boast about the insane amount they keep in their trunk."

He shifted. "Um, me?"

"Whatever. I won't give you detention, but only if you share some of the candy with me." I was out of chocolate, okay? And every girl knows how ridiculously important chocolate is to a girl.

"Thanks, Lily-Flower!" Potter kissed me on the cheek and ran, his feet surprisingly silent on the stone floors.

"You're welcome… James," I said.

Two Years Later

"Lily-Flower!" called James

"Yes?" I asked.

"You know how two years ago you wanted candy in exchange for not turning me in?"

"No," I said. James did a lot of idiotic stuff. Of course I wouldn't remember one stupid incident two years later. I wasn't Sirius.

"Well, I got the candy!"

But free candy is, of course, okay. "Thanks, Potter," I laughed.

He pouted. "We regressed to last names, Evans?"

"Just giving you the response I would have."

"How about the response you would give me now?"

I leaned forward and kissed him.

"I must admit, I prefer that one."

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