It's not like I like getting in trouble. So I try to keep my head down, and try no to stir up trouble.

That's why on any given weekday afternoon, from three to four, you can find me in the same place.

The graveyard, with my boyfriend, Casey.

It's not like it's a bad place to hang out, if you ignore the dead people all around you. And, aside from the two psychos who got arrested for illegally burying murdered people under the coffins, it's usually a trouble free zone.

Actually, it really is peaceful. And Casey isn't allowed to meet me anywhere else.

So, at three, I meet him at the gate, and we head off to Sassypants Station.

"You know Sammy, tonight is the one year anniversary of our meeting."

I blink. "You mean, a year ago your old friend Jake plowed Marissa and me over with my own skateboard?" I think about it. "You're right, it is New Years Eve Day, isn't it? Wow, time flies! At this time last year, I was taking my life in my hands on Marissa's handbars."

"Think how much has changed! You and I are going out, Marissa and Billy are going out, I'm in high school."

"Last year at this point, as far as I was concerned, Heather the Horrible was an only child."

"And you were living with your parents."

We're both quiet. "And our parents didn't know each other," I say finally. "Wow. Now we're meeting at a graveyard."

We talk more about what had changed since we met. It turns out a lot. Most good, like us getting together, some bad, like our parents getting together and Casey's friend, Danny, becoming a juvenile delinquent.

Casey's phone goes off. He picks up quickly, and I can tell it's his mother by the way he motions me to be quiet.

"Uh, yeah, I'm studying." Pause. "At the library." Another pause. "Well, actually, I'm just leaving. I was about to call you saying I was coming home." A long pause. "Well, yeah, you could… But the librarians don't pay attention to me 'cause I work it the back." Pause. "Right, yeah, I'm heading home now."

He hangs up, and glances at me. "Sorry, I gotta go. I told her I was at the library and she asked to speak to one of the librarians." He shakes his head.

"Well, I guess Heather must've gotten her cunning evilness from someone."

He gives me a quick kiss, and rushes off.

I decide to start my homework there. It's nice out and I'm not expected by Grams or any of my friends.

As I start my work, I get the uncomfortable feeling, like someone's watching me.

I shrug it off and continue my math. By the time I've finished, the sun's starting to set, and it's 6 o'clock, so, yeah, I'm kinda late.

I bust out my skateboard and began riding home. But the feeling's back, so I look around. Call me paranoid, but I've been trailed more than once.

So I look around, and what do I see?


Still, I'm more cautious as I head home. I stop at a light, when I feel a tap on my shoulder.

Well, I didn't hear her sneak up, but when I whip around, there she is. Medium height, in her mid-thirties, with two long blond braids. I blink at her, and at her weird clothes, which look, like, fifty years old.

I blink at her. She smiles sadly back.

"Samantha, I am in dire need of your assistance. There is unfinished business."

I just stare. "And you are?"

"Sophie Driscoll."

Well, let me tell you, that name sounds really familiar, but I'm having no luck figuring it out, so I just ask her, "What do you want?"

She sighs. Then she eyes our surrounding. "Perhaps this isn't the place or the time. I'll meet you outside the graveyard at three tomorrow."

"Um, maybe four would work better. I'm meeting someone there at three."

She nods knowingly. "Young Mr. Acosta, am I right?"

I blink at her, wondering what she knows and how she knows it. Instead what comes out is "If you know I meet Casey there then why did you suggest we meet then?"

She snorts and shakes her head. "Sammy, not all is at it seems."

I blink. "But-"

She holds up a finger. "Tomorrow."

I watch as she walks off. Sophie Driscoll, why does that sound so familiar?

I'm still pondering the strange conversation when I enter the apartment.

"Where have you been? I thought we established a time for you to be back?"

"Yeah, I'm sorry. I got held up on the way home."

"Not Heather."

"No no. Someone else. It's nothing, really."

"Well, alright. I worry, you know that."

I smile. "Yeah, I know."

That night I dream that Casey and I are being chased by Heather, who's holding a chainsaw. She's cackling "Die my pretties! DIE!"

Then we rush into the graveyard, and Heather chases us.

Suddenly about twenty winged Monets and Tenilles descend upon us, shrieking.

Casey begins to wrestle them, and I take on Heather. As we fight Heather pulls out a knife.

I begin running, trying to escape her. I'm running past Casey and my spot when Heather tackles me.

We're fighting when my face gets pinned to Sassypants's grave.

I read it, then all of the sudden, I'm snapped from my dream, a sudden realization upon me.

"No! It-it can't be!"