When the cab pulled up in front of the hotel where Agnes Dipesto had booked them for the night, David swallowed a laugh. "La Dolce Dipesto", David murmured to himself. David could tell by the huge animated heart beating on the roof that this was no ordinary Motel 6. That minx had booked them in a honeymoon hotel. David looked over at Maddie who had fallen asleep on the way from the airport. All the tension and worries that creased her brow during her waking moments were not visible as she slept. She looked young and innocent and it touched something deep in his heart to see her that way. David pushed this feeling aside. Even though he was tired, David felt as wound up as a rubber band. He just wanted to eat something and fall into bed. He shook his head; something told him this was not going to be an easy night. It sure hadn't been an easy day.

It had actually been quite a day for David Addison and Maddie Hayes. They had flown across the country to follow a lead on an important case. It had turned out to be a wild goose chase. Then they raced to catch the connecting flight to Newark airport to catch the red eye to LA. The airline had no reservation for them. Now, they were stranded for the night. Strange. Or maybe not so strange David realized. Agnes at work again! He really needed to have a talk with that woman when he got back to LA.

David knew that Maddie was going to throw a fit when she saw where Agnes had put them up for the nigh but David was amused. He had always wanted to sleep in a heart shaped bed.

"Maddie. Maddie." He gently shook her arm. "Wake up. We're here." David looked at her as she woke up slowly. Her hair was tousled. Her face was devoid of make-up and she was still the most drop dead gorgeous woman he knew. David pushed that thought away too.

"David." Maddie crooned still half asleep. The way she said his name made him want to do a Price Charming and wake her from slumber with a kiss. But pals didn't kiss. Maybe a peck on the cheek or forehead. But passionate kisses were surely not allowed in Maddie's Pal's Handbook. "David, where are we? What time is it?" Maddie opened her eyes. Her face held a dreamy, soft expression which instantly dissolved into a mask of horror when she saw their accommodations for the night. David stifled another laugh at her obvious dismay.

"Where are we David?" she asked him sharply "What is this place?"

David ran his hands through his hair causing it to stick up on top in sharp spikes. "I don't know Maddie. Agnes booked us here." David told her impatiently.

"Well she can unbook us!" Maddie turned to the driver 'Driver please take us to another hotel. Thank you." There had to be another place where they could stay for the night. Why would they stay here? Why were they booked here? Maddie's head was whirling and not in a good way.

The driver shook his head. "Sorry Miss. This is the only place for miles around. And it's starting to snow. I'm going home now."

"Please." Maddie begged "There has to be another place nearby!"

The driver shook his head. Maddie felt ready to strangle someone. How could this be happening to her? Why were the fates conspiring to torture her with David Addison? The fates she fumed? Or a quirky receptionist that really needed to start minding her own business!

David strode to the reservation desk as Maddie followed close behind mumbling and grousing. He ignored her as he greeted the hotel clerk. "I have reservations for David Addison and Maddie Hayes."

The clerk smiled at him. "I have a reservation for Mr. and Mr. David Addison" she told him happily "You are booked in the Cabin of Love!" the clerk gushed.

David's jaw dropped. Agnes had gone over the line. He didn't even want to look at Maddie as the clerk dropped this new bombshell on them. All he heard was a venomous growl coming from her direction. David refused to look at her. He really was too tired and too aggravated to deal with Mt. Saint Maddie tonight. My God, he thought disgustedly, it's not like she's been assigned to a bunk in a concentration camp!

"There must be some mistake!" Maddie sputtered. The clerk grinned from ear to ear. "No mistake mame. Your husband booked this room especially to celebrate your 5th anniversary!" Maddie looked at the clerk like she had three heads. "My husband?" Maddie felt the blood rush to her head. Why?

"I want another room!" Maddie demanded "A separate room!"

The clerk look puzzled. "Sorry but we are booked solid. There aren't any available rooms." The clerk smiled at Maddie "Believe me, you will love this room the clerk snuck a peek at David and her eyes glazed over. "There's a heart shaped bed, a champagne glass Jacuzzi. You are one lucky.."

David didn't let the girl finish her, he took Maddie by the arm and steered her to the cabin. Maddie pulled her arm away from his angrily. "Get your hands off me Addison" she fumed.

"Watch what you wish for." He threw at her "It just might come true."

"We can't stay here!" Maddie continued her tirade. " I won't stay here!"

David paid no attention to Maddie as he opened the door to the cabin. After all, there was nothing he could say to her to calm her down. He was an innocent pawn in Agnes' game too. They would just have to make the best of it. "Wow!" he breathed quietly as he strode into the room. It was a lover's dream. Hearts and flowers on every surface. Plush carpets. David's eyes were drawn to the heart shaped bed in the middle of the room. A red felt comforter covered the bed which was filled with heart shaped pillows. He also couldn't help but notice the 2 story champagne glass which stood in the center of the room. A spiral stairway lead to the mouth of the glass as well as a huge shower on the second floor. This looks very interesting he smirked to himself. If only he wasn't there with a pal, he thought bitterly.

Maddie stood like a statue in the middle of the room. As she looked around the room, her face registered shock and anger. "I'm going to kill Dipesto!" she vowed "what was she thinking?" she threw a nasty look David's way "Or did you put her up to this?" she fumed "Husband?"

David couldn't believe his ears. She was putting the blame on him? She thought he had arranged this fiasco? His eyes turned to green ice. "Now, why would I do that? Pal." He told her in a cold, biting tone "Believe me being in a place like this with YOU holds no attraction for me." Yeah and the Pope ain't Catholic he thought darkly.

"Same here!" Maddie cried childishly.

David just shook his head. She really was a piece of work. "So tell me Maddie. Why are you upset?" he taunted her "Can't pals have a sleepover? We can have loads of fun. We can tell secrets, brush each other's hair." He smirked at her. "So many things PALS can do together." He clapped his hands in delight.

Maddie looked at him through blue chips of ice "Stop it Addison." She warned.

David flopped on the bed "Your wish is my demand" he told her mockingly.

"Don't get too comfortable on that bed." Maddie told him.

David closed his eyes relishing the comfort of the bed. "And why is that?"

"And why do you think?" she shot at him. "I'm not sleeping on that bed with you." She sputtered.

David sat up. He felt anger building in him but he would not give her the satisfaction of letting her see how she had hurt him. "Why? Can't pals share a bed?" he asked gazing at her with innocent eyes.

Maddie wanted to scream "I'm sleeping in the lobby!"

David began to laugh. He couldn't help himself. She was nuts. Maddie turned to him "Why are you laughing?"

David narrowed his eyes, a half smile playing on his lips. He tossed at her each word as a well-aimed jab "Nervous? Is this like the time you sat in the back seat cause you couldn't control yourself around me?" he jeered. "Maybe you're afraid you can't control yourself now. Pal."

Maddie stopped dead in her tracks. Why did he have to bring that up? Her stupid pacts and trying to keep away from him. How stupid she was. How stupid I am, she admitted unhappily. She turned to him but refused to let him see her agitation. He lived to torture her. One night she said to herself. One night in bed with him. Surely she could do that. But she didn't know how her body, heart, and soul could stand to have him lay beside her and not touch her. But as he tossed the words back in her face; they were pals. Pals didn't crave one another's bodies.

"Dream on, Addison!" she snapped at him.





Steel blue eyes glared into cat green ones neither willing to break the gaze. Finally David looked away. "I'm hungry." He told her; changing the subject. He was tired of these pointless arguments. "Are you hungry?"

Food! That's what was on his mind, she thought. Here she was having a nervous breakdown and he wanted food! She looked at him in his black leather jacket and skin tight jeans and had such a feeling of sadness and regret it almost knocked her over. Why couldn't she get over this man? She was the one who pushed him away. Karma was making her suffer for all she put him through. That could be the only answer! Maddie heard David's voice calling her out of her revelry "Earth to Maddie, do you want to get something to eat?"

Maddie and David noticed the snow starting to fall as they made their way to the dining room. They felt uncomfortable as they entered. The entire restaurant seemed to be full of young and not-so young lovers. They all seemed to be glued to their lover; holding hands, kissing, touching.

The hostess smiled at them. 'David Addison" David told her. "And Maddie Hayes." Maddie added. "I have a table for the Addisons." The hostess smiled.

"The Addisons?" Maddie and David repeated together.

The hostess nodded, I have seating for David and Maddie Addison but nothing for a Maddie Hayes, David smirked at Maddie. "My wife here is a modern woman. Plans to keep her name."

"I'm not your wife!" Maddie spat at him. The hostess looked confused. "Well, over this way please." She led them to their table wordlessly.

Maddie Addison. Why didn't that sound so bad? Maddie pushed the thought away. Ha! Her married to David! Not in this lifetime. And why did that thought suddenly fill her with sadness? Maybe David was right. Maybe she was nuts she thought as she followed David to their table.

The hostess led them to a table already occupied by two other lovey dovey couples. David looked at the hostess with a plea in his eyes" Is it possible to get a table for two? Me and the missus would like to spend some time alone." The hostess giggled and batted her lashes at David flirtatiously which set Maddie's teeth on edge. "Sorry, but all our couple share tables with other guests." Her eyes danced "You have plenty of time alone in the love cabins!"

David sighed "Ok" he pulled at the chair for Maddie. "We can do this." He whispered into her hair. The smell of her shampoo and perfume nearly knocked him off of his feet. He sat down with a thud.

The two couples at the table greeted Maddie and David as they sat down. Maddie noticed both couples looked ecstatic and a feeling of envy ran across her heart.

One couple was young, maybe early twenties. They introduced themselves as Mark and Rose Hartman. The other couple seemed to be around David and Maddie's age; early to late thirties. They were Pete and Joan Morris.

Maddie and David sat quietly, never meeting the other's eyes' as the couples talked. The young couple was newlyweds and they were on their honeymoon. Love and passion emanated from them as they couldn't keep their hands or mouths off of one another. Maddie tried to avoid looking at them. She was also avoiding looking at David. She was very uncomfortable and wanted to go home. The Morris' were celebrating their 5th anniversary. The two other couples talked and laughed. Neither realized that Maddie and David were not adding anything to the conversation.

Both were lost in thoughts of their own. David felt angry and watching the happy couples was painful. Maddie was confused but she also felt discomfort as she looked at the couples. They made it seem so easy. Why wasn't it easy for her and David? Maybe because you ruined everything form the minute you slept together! Maddie tried to shake the thoughts away as she tried to eat her meal. The lump in her throat was so big she could barely swallow.

Halfway through the meal, Pete asked David "So what's with you folks? Newlyweds. Anniversary. You've been awful quiet."

Maddie threw a look at David to see how he would answer. She shifted in her seat nearly knocking her water glass over with her arm. David gave Maddie a quick look as he gave the man a slight shrug. David chuckled. "Uh well it's kind of complicated." David explained.

The two couples stopped talking and listened to what David was saying. "Complicated?" the young wife asked. She was clearly confused "Well, we are celebrating an anniversary." He stammered. Maddie looked at him "We are?" David nodded. 'We are." He looked into Maddie's corn flower blue eyes. He could lose himself in those eyes if he wasn't careful. But David was very careful around Maddie these days. "Five years ago today you walked into the agency for the first time." "And you remembered?" her voice was soft, curious. Warm. She remembered that day. The first time she had laid eyes on David Addison. David shook his head his eyes were still staring onto Maddie's. She felt as if he were looking into her soul. "Agnes reminds me. She has it on her calendar. Along with birthdays and other occasions SHE finds special." He told Maddie emphasizing the she. Maddie looked away from David's penetrating stare and looked down at her barely eaten meal. She had lost her appetite.

The couples followed this exchange clearly bewildered as most people who spend time around Maddie and David usually wind up. "So you're not married?" Mark asked.

Maddie shook her head. "No, we're business partners."

"And pals." David added giving Maddie a crooked smile that didn't quite meet his eyes, Maddie noticed.

The two couples repeated 'Pals?" The younger woman asked what the other three were thinking. "Pals? What's that supposed to mean?"

David shrugged 'Beats me. Ask the blonde here. She's the one who told me that's what we were."

Maddie shot lightening blots out of her eyes at David. "We're business partners and friends." She tried to explain.

The older woman's eyes were wide open "So why would you come here? At a lover's retreat?" She asked "If you are just friends I mean."

Maddie sighed deeply. "It's a mistake. Our secretary made the reservation. She probably didn't know what kind of place this was." Maddie tried to understand herself. "This is probably the closet place to the airport! We have to get back to LA We have a business to run"

The two couples nodded without understanding. The younger couple's eyes perked up with the mention of LA. The three couples spent the rest of the dinner discussing LA and Blue Moon.

David couldn't wait for this excruciating meal to end. Maddie didn't look as if she was having the best time either David thought. It was uncomfortable to be around couples who were so obviously in love and not afraid to show the world their emotions. David realized Maddie had not looked his way through the entire meal. She had scarcely eaten, he noticed, and had barely said a word. What was eating her, he wondered? Maddie refused to look up. She couldn't bear to look at David. She was feeling emotions she thought she had buried deep within herself. She knew she could never truly be over David Addison but she had managed to lock her emotions inside herself. Being around these couples was unbearable for Maddie. All her feelings for David were creeping back to the surface and she felt powerless. The love that these couples were displaying could have been her and David. If she hadn't destroyed it that is!

Finally, the dinner ended. Neither David nor Maddie was thrilled by the idea of returning to their cabin. David felt raw and angry and the thought of spending the time in that room with a pal while Maddie was unhappy her feelings for David would be exacerbated by being in that room with him.

The snow was coming down in sheets as they made their way back to the cabin. Maddie was walking along quietly, lost in thought, until a snowball hit her on the side of her head. She looked over at David who was grinning in mirth and already making another snowball. Maddie bent down picked up a handful of snow and lobbed it at David. David laughed and threw the second snowball. Maddie ducked and threw a snowball hitting David in the chest. David threw another one at Maddie leading to a full blown snowball fight. By the time the fight ended, they were both laughing hysterically and soaking wet.

"That was fun!" Maddie admitted as she wiped the snow out of her hair and off her face. She always had fun when she was with David. He always knew how to make her laugh. That was part of his charm.

David smiled back at Maddie. He was thinking that they hadn't laughed like together in a very long time. He wiped the snow off of his face and out of his eyes as he looked at Maddie. Suddenly words flew out of his mouth "Yep! Snowball fights with a friend, a pal, are great fun!" he quipped. Maddie's laughter died on her lips as a veil covered her eyes.

David wanted to bite his tongue. Damn! What the hell was wrong with him? Here they were laughing and fooling around like the old days and he had to go and ruin it. But then again he thought darkly; isn't that what she insisted they were? Pals? So he had just echoed her own words to him. So why did she suddenly look so sad and lost? Interesting.

They were both drenched from their impromptu snowball fight. Maddie shook out her hair. "I guess we better get out of these wet clothes." She stated not meeting David's eyes. She was still miffed about his reference to pals.

"Guess so." David drawled in that husky tone she could not resist. "Would you like some help?" he purred. Maddie ignored him. Why was he always baiting her?

Maddie looked around the room looking for a private place where she could change and freshen up. Her face reddened when she realized the only place that seemed to have a door was the small toilet on the second floor. The shower was not private at all. It was all glass and mirrors and no doors or privacy. Maddie's throat tightened when she realized that there was no place in the cabin to change without David's prying eyes watching her. She swore to herself that she was going to strangle Agnes Dipesto when she got back to Blue Moon.

Maddie turned to David who had gotten a towel and was drying his hair. "Notice anything Addison?" she asked him her brow knotted in a frown. "I notice you're not very happy." He told her throwing the towel on a heart shaped chair and throwing off his jacket. Maddie's breathe caught as she looked at David. His shirt and jeans were molded to him leaving nothing to the imagination. She suddenly could not get the image of a naked David out of her mind. She shivered with desire and forced herself to look away. David mistook her shake of desire for coldness. "You really better get out of those clothes Maddie before you get sick." He told her his voice full of concern. She hated when he spoke to her like that. It made her want him even more. She liked the cold snide David. Him she could dislike.

"David have you noticed there is no privacy in this cabin?" she told him shrilly "Look at the shower! Glass and mirrors." She pointed up.

David looked up at the shower. Maddie was right. Glass mirrors. No doors. David swallowed his mirth. He tilted his head to the side and gave her a curved smile. "Wellll, nothing I haven't seen before anyway. Miss Hayes."

Maddie struggled to hold on to her composure. "Get over yourself Addison." She threw his jacket back at him. "Get out" she told him.

"What? Why? Where?" David sputtered.

"I don't care! Go to the dining room. Go to the lobby. Wait outside! I don't care just go!" she told him 'I want to take a shower!"

"I promise not to look." He told her with big innocent green eyes that could not be trusted she knew when it came to peeking.

"No! Leave!" she told him adamantly!

David's face hardened "I am totally wet and uncomfortable. I'll leave after I take a shower and put on some dry clothes. Ok with you Pal." He spat the words at her.

David's stomped across the room removing his clothes and tossing them away as she strode up the circular steps leading to the shower. By the time he reached the top, he was completely nude. Maddie heard the shower and despite herself could not peel her eyes away from a naked David. Her eyes feasted on three nude Davids. The mirrors allowed her eyes access to every side of his male form. Maddie felt herself begin to melt as her eyes caressed him. Suddenly, David caught her eye. A wicked grin covered his face as he winked at her. "Care to join me pal?" he called to her.

Maddie averted her gaze and busied herself looking through her overnight case for pajamas and dry clothes. She found two pairs of panties and nothing else. She knew she always kept an extra set of clothes and a pair of pajamas in that case. What happened to them? Surely not Agnes again? No jury in the world, especially one made up entirely of women, would convict her!

David's hot breath on her neck alerted Maddie to his presence. "Booo." He whispered. The feeling of his breathe on her neck made her want to throw him down on the bed and….she pushed these thoughts far away. Damn him! He was deliberately breathing on that spot on the back of her neck right below the hairline which he knew drove her crazy. Why was he torturing her? Why did he hate her so?

Maddie quickly turned around to escape the exquisite torture that his breathe on her neck was causing. David was standing close to her. Too close. He had a towel wrapped around his waist but he was still damp from the shower. Maddie swallowed hard and averted her eyes looking past David. "Do I really have to leave, Maddie?" he asked her in a plaintive voice. "I swear I won't look."

"I have nothing to sleep with. Nothing to wear tomorrow!" she told him upset.


"You heard me!" she told him "Check your bag. See what's in there."

David looked through his bag. He had a wrinkled white dress shirt, a pair of gray sweats, a holey black tee and nothing else. "Agnes!" David shouted.

"Agnes!" Maddie concurred. "Can I borrow that white shirt?" she asked him.

"I don't know." his voice was like liquid honey as he eyes looked her up and down slowly 'I kind of like you all wet and damp." He teased, "and naked." Maddie's blushed to the roots of her hair as she threw David a withering glance. David felt himself becoming aroused. He tried to tighten the towel around his waist which only made his arousal more apparent. Maddie couldn't help notice how the towel pointed outwards where it should have laid flat. She turned her eyes away but felt her legs turn to jelly. He was aroused, she thought. It was just a physical reaction she told herself. It had nothing to do with her.

"Can I borrow that shirt?" she asked again.

David began to pull the clothes out of the bag. Maddie admired David's muscular back and legs and the way the wet towel outlined his tight butt. Pals! Pals! She cursed that word as she caught the shirt David tossed at her.

"Unless you'd like me to go to the hotel shop. I'm sure I can find you something black and slinky. Or we can walk around naked and see what comes up." He teased.

'The hotel shop sounds like a good idea. David when you leave can you see if its open?" she told him "We can pick up some clothes there."

"Certainly!" he told her in is Curly voice.

David dropped the towel leaving him momentarily naked as he quickly put on the sweats and leather jacket He made his way out of the cabin leaving Maddie to her unwelcome thoughts. Damn David Addison! I hate him! No she didn't hate him. She still loved him. This admission caused her to break into tears as she headed for the shower.

David headed for the reception area and the hotel shop. He noticed that there was about a foot of snow on the ground and it didn't look like it was letting up any time soon. If the snow continued to fall they wouldn't be able to fly back to LA til who knew when. Why did this thought suddenly make him feel very happy? Very happy indeed he thought as a huge grin broke out over his face. Things aren't quite all over with us Miss Hayes, he thought. Now, it's time you realize it too Blondie Blonde.