"Are you kidding?" She yelled into the phone. It was the hotel clerk informing them that they would have to stay another night since the blizzard had closed all the roads in the area. Maddie hung up the phone and looked at David. She had noticed how he had leapt away from her when he woke up. Was her nearness that repellant to him? That had only added to her agitation. Why were the fates conspiring against her? She had made it through the night, barely, and now they were stuck here for God knows how long. "We're stuck!" she told David.

David nodded running his hand through his hair; making it stick up in wild spikes all over his head. "Yeah, well the way it was coming down last night; I'm not surprised." He yawned.

Maddie jumped out of bed and David was treated to the sight of her breasts bouncing as she paced back and forth across the room. David just watched her silently. What was there to say?

"Aren't you going to say something Addison?" she asked shrilly. "We're stranded. Stuck. Marooned!"

David nodded again. "Okaaaay/" David told her "There's nothing for us to say or do to change this Maddie."

"I have nothing to wear! Remember!" She turned to face him; hands on her hips and a mean look in her ice blue eyes.

David's green eyes looked Maddie up and down; his eyes seemed to burn a hole through the stupid shirt she was wearing, burning the parts of her body his eyes touched with his smoldering gaze. "You look fine to me" he whispered. Maddie knees buckled and she almost fell on to the bed. 'What are we going to do?"

David got up. "First, we'll call the hotel. They have to have a laundry service or something." He told her "and then we can go to the shop and buy some new threads. Simple."

"Not so simple Addison. I can't go traipsing around the hotel wearing this?" she told him pointing to his shirt.

David laughed "Not if you don't want to cause riot" he agreed "Tell you what. You call the laundry service to clean our clothes from yesterday and I'll meander down to the hotel shop and pick us up some new threads."

Maddie's eyes bore a hole in him "I don't trust you!"

"Maddie. Maddie. I will only pick up clothes I know you will wear."

"Addison. I swear if you come back with anything resembling what a hooker would wear you will be very sorry!"

David just smiled at her; threw on his jacket and left the room. When David reached the shop he realized that there weren't too many "Maddie" type clothes available. Not all of the clothes were provocative; but he still couldn't picture Maddie in any of them. He would choose carefully as not to get her wound up. For himself, he picked up a couple of sweats and some t-shirts with funny sayings. He also picked up some underwear for both of them. Satisfied with his purchases, he made his way back to the cabin just as the laundry service was picking up their dirty clothes.

David noticed Maddie had showered because her hair was damp. She was still wearing his shirt but with a huge bath towel covering it. He stifled a smile. He really was crazy about this woman.

Immediately, Maddie grabbed the bags from his arms and began pawing through them. She tossed David's clothes on the bed. She pulled out a woman's t-shirt. It was leopard print with a big red heart in the center of the shirt. There were similar t-shirts, a couple of pairs of leggings, and a pretty red sweater; nothing obscene or provocative she was happy to see, "Not bad Addison," she said approvingly as she continued to look through the bags like a kid looking for treats. Suddenly, David saw the smile leave her face and her eyes darkened in anger. She held up the thongs. 'What's this?"

"Sorry, Maddie really that's all that was available." He told her, his crooked smile plastered to his face. "Really."

Maddie suddenly changed track nearly knocking David off his feet.
"Actually I always wanted to try one of these." She told him holding up one of the black slinky thongs David had drooled over as he pictured Maddie wearing it. "Think I'll go and put on some of these clothes." She picked up the clothes and gave David a throwaway smile before heading to the private toilet and shutting the door.

David's jaw was locked so tight he thought it would break as he waited for Maddie to come down. He had quickly thrown off his old sweats and put on a new t-shirt and black pants. The words written across the front of the shirt told the world the wearer was a #1 Lover.

David heard the bathroom door open. Maddie came out of the bathroom wearing the leopard t-shirt and tight black leggings. David's mouth dropped as he watched her saunter down the stairs. He wondered what she was wearing underneath those pants. He felt himself tighten as his mind reeled off the possibilities.


Maddie put her head down and giggled girlishly. David's heart leapt. He hadn't seen that look from Maddie in a very long time. David smiled a back and gave her a quick once over. "Nice" he told her. "See I shop good." He told her teasingly.

"Reeaall good" her voice was low, sultry making David remember her in his arms telling him to..

"David!" Maddie's voice broke through his thoughts "Should we have breakfast? I'm starving."

"I could eat." he admitted "But do we have to go out there' He nodded his head toward the door "With them?"

Maddie shook with mock horror. 'Please no anything but that!"

David laughed. He went to the phone and picked it up. "Breakfast, lunch , me?" he asked Maddie playfully.

"Hmmm. Tough choice but I think I'll choose breakfast." Maddie gave him a look that David couldn't quite understand "For now." David returned the look; green on blue.

After breakfast David was feeling mischievous and decided to see how the champagne glass looked filled with bubbles. David poured bubble bath into the mouth of the glass as he turned on the jets. Before he knew it the glass was filled with tantalizing bubbles. "Hey Blondie blonde lookkee here" he smacked some bubbles down in Maddie's direction.

"David? What are you doing?" she thought the bubble bath looked inviting.

David threw some more bubbles her way but they disintegrated before they reached her. "Just wanted to see how this worked." He told her. 'You wouldn't mind if I took advantage of this awesome bubble bath? Would you?" he inquired.

Maddie shook her head "No, you go ahead. I'm going to watch a little TV."

"How bout you join me?' he proposed, his voice heavy with syrup. "There's room for two. Actually, this was made for two. How about it?" Maddie shook her head. "I showered already David but you go ahead."

David stood up, losing all pleasure in the possible bath. It wouldn't be fun alone. He pulled the drain and listened to the water go down the drain. Like this lousy relationship, he thought morosely.

"You didn't have to do that David. I told you I wouldn't mind."

"Whatever." He said petulantly. "I lost interest." He bandied 'I lose interest fast these days."

The words tumbled out of Maddie's mouth before she could stop them. "Oh you mean how you lost interest in me, you mean?" She wanted to swallow the words back.

David's face was overcome with puzzlement and a twinge of anger "Are you kidding me, PAL?" he flung at her. The words like knives thrown across the room. "I lost interest in you? I never stood a chance!"

"What's that supposed to mean David?"

"Nothing. It means nothing." He told her pacing back and forth like a caged animal.

"No, it means something."

"Maddie, drop it. Ok." David flopped on the bed and covered his face with a pillow.



'No David actually it isn't fine!"

David sat up, confusion covered his face 'What?" He asked her placing the pillow next to him and piercing her with those green eyes. Maddie took a deep breath "I said it's not fine David. We need to talk and what better time to do it." she looked around the cabin. "I mean what else is there to do?"

David smirked patting the bed beside him "I can think of a thing or two." The crooked smile was back "Or three."

Maddie shot daggers at him "Must you always joke?"

David gave a sight shrug "Who said I was joking?"

Maddie growled at him and fell onto the heart shaped chair turning her back to David. David could almost see the steam rising from Maddie. Place foot in mouth. "Maddie. Maddie. Sorry. Come on look at me." He coerced her. She ignored him; she made a show of turning on the television and settling back to watch. She felt David get up from the bed and come to stand behind her. She sensed his nearness and wrapped her arms around herself in a childish gesture. "Maddie" he whispered. "Talk to me" his voice was like honey.

Maddie didn't bother to turn around "Leave me alone David" she told him coldly.

"Brrr. Has the temperature dropped about 60 degrees in the past 10 minutes?" he bent over so that his mouth was against her ear. "Come on Maddie" he urged; his voice should be outlawed she thought unhappily. The combination of the sound of his voice and the feel of his breath on her ear and neck were too much for Maddie to bear. She practically jumped out of the chair and away from David. She refused to turn to look at him. She instead walked to the refrigerator as calmly as her wobbly legs could carry her and reached in for a bottle of wine. She poured the wine into a tumbler with shaking hands. David noticed her hands shaking and was happy to see the effect he was having on her. Pals indeed? But she would have to come to the same realization, and soon, if any of this was going to work out.

David followed her to the small kitchenette. He took the wine out of her hands. "A little early for drinking isn't it?" Maddie began to move away from him until her back was against the wall. David placed his hands against the wall using his arms to trap Maddie between them. His face was a mere inches from his. She could smell the peppermint on his breathe as he leaned close to her. "What do you want to talk about?" he asked; emerald eyes serious and searching her blue ones. Maddie fought the physical attraction between them and swallowed hard. "It's not what I want to talk about David. It's what we need to talk about."

"Okaaaaaay" he pushed her closer to the wall with his body. He couldn't tear himself away from her. He needed to feel her creamy skin immediately or he thought he would keel over with wanting. David's finger traced a path from Maddie's cheek, down past her neck to the top of her bosom. His finger left a trail of fire in its wake branding Maddie as his forever. Maddie took hold of his finger with her hand and gently pushed it away. At the same time she escaped the confines of his arms and made her way to the bed. Maddie took a sip of wine as David came and sat next to her. "Maddie tell me the truth. Did you mean the pal thing?" he asked. He needed to get things straightened out before he went crazy with confusion.

"Is that what you really want? For us to be uh pals?" as he asked this question his hand was lightly brushing across Maddie's neck, underneath her hair causing her pulse to quicken.

"What do you want from me David! You've made it clear that we're over, you've moved on I'm sure."

David was stunned. "I made it clear we're over?" he asked bewilderment evident in his voice staring down at her with impenetrable eyes. "Who is the one who gave the little 'We're more than friends. We're pals.' speech?"

Maddie remained silent. David continued. "After you, we, lost the" he couldn't get the words out of his mouth; in a strained, hoarse voice he continued, "baby, I was wrong. We were both wrong." He looked at her softly. "Maybe I was more wrong. I'm sorry I avoided you but you didn't seem like you needed me and I was a mess inside. I needed you but was too proud and too stupid to realize that. Or maybe I did and..well like I said you didn't seem to want to deal with it. Or with me so I just stayed far away. We never did talk about any of this you know."

Maddie was frozen in place 'I know" she admitted softly 'It was the worst experience of my life." She looked up at him and David noticed the tears in her eyes. "I needed you David. I wanted you and you weren't there. There is still a part of me that is angry at you for that."

David cut in "I know there are still parts of me that are angry at you for so many things."

Maddie looked into his eyes. 'Are we done then? So much anger. So much bitterness." Maddie felt destroyed to her core. She loved this man.

David looked at her; his eyes were shiny and bright. "What do you think Miss Hayes?"

Maddie shrugged to hide her inner turmoil. There were so many things she wanted to say to David. So many things she needed to say but she was frightened. But she knew that if they left this cabin without anything resolved it would truly be the end of them. She would be forced to sell the agency and carry on her life without David. That thought gave her courage and strength.

"I think that we need to hash things out between us David. I hurt you in so many ways by pushing you away. All that crap I pulled running to Chicago and marrying Walter." She turned to look David directly into his eyes which had turned into hard green marbles. "And even pushing you away by trying to convince you." She admitted bravely, "no, trying to convince myself that we were just friends."

"Why Maddie?" David demanded. "I really need to know! Why did you treat me that way." He went out in a low, controlled voice 'Do you know how you made me feel? Is we or isn't we? Does she or doesn't she?"

"Sorry. I made mistakes."

"Sorry is that all you can say? You made mistakes?" David was not happy with her response. "And you never answered the question about pals?"

"I can't change the past David. I was wrong. I said things and I did things that I sorely regret. I cannot change that no matter how much I want to. But I can change my actions from now on." She reached up and pulled him down next to her. She put her hand on the back of his neck and pulled his head down so that his mouth covered hers. She kissed him with all the pent-up emotions and feelings she had kept trapped inside her for so long. "Is that a kiss between pals?" she whispered her lips still on his.

David's tongue snaked out and licked Maddie's lips "I sure hope not" he answered gruffly.

David pulled away from Maddie and stood up again. "How can I be sure?" he demanded "That you won't change your mind again. That tomorrow we won't be back to being pals? Or worse making pacts?" His eyes glittered dangerously.

"My heart can't stand any more of your mistakes." He added heatedly.

"I love you David." Maddie admitted in a soft, tender voice. "If I could erase what I did I would. Let me show you how much you mean to me." She practically begged. "Give me a chance David to show you how happy I can make you!" she stood up and moved close to him until they were inches apart. "I can make you happy you know." She moved closer still until a ruler couldn't pass in between them.

Maddie leaned into David and began to run her tongue across his lips. David groaned and pulled Maddie closer to him running his hands through her hair. Their kisses tasted of love and hope and promise.

This time Maddie pulled back from David. "You didn't say anything to me."

David tried to continue the kissing "What?" his mind was on other things.

"You never told me how you felt about me." She told him pulling away again.

David looked at her like she had just grown three heads. "You're kidding, right?" he asked.
Maddie only glared at him. Blue eyes hurt and lost.

"I'm crazy about you Maddie. You mean to tell me you haven't figured that out yet?" David gave her a heart stopping smile "I am crazy, madly in love with you Maddie Hayes." He pulled her close to him running his hands up and down her body causing her to feel a slow burning begin and spread all over. Maddie's hands pulled off David's t-shirt and she began to cover his chest with small feathery kisses that made him groan in pleasure.

The heart shaped bed really was made for love. Maddie looked at the rumpled sheets and felt the heat spreading over her body as she remembered what had transpired between them; over them; under them for the past few hours. A completely sated smile covered her features as she watched David sleeping. He was on his back with his body spread diagonally across the bed. His hair was a mess, his face was full of stubble and she thought he had never looked more gorgeous to her eyes. She scooted closer to him on the bed and bent her mouth so it was near his ear. "I love you David Addison. Madly, deeply, forever and ever." David opened one eye and that crooked grin stretched across his handsome face. "Promise?" he murmured his voice still thick with sleep and sex. Maddie leaned over and placed a kiss full of possibilities on his mouth.

"Now can we take a bath in the glass?" he asked sitting up in anticipation of spending forever with this blonde goddess.

Maddie laughed and strode up the staircase only wearing what David had drooled over earlier that day. David bounced out of bed and followed directly behind her. He had never seen a better view in his entire life. He began to whistle "Let it Snow" as his hands reached out to touch what his eyes were devouring.

Maddie stopped dead causing David to run into her almost knocking them down the stairs. Maddie wound up laying half off of and half on David with his hands al l over her. And she didn't mind at all! Let it snow, indeed she thought happily as she leaned into him for a heart-stopping kiss.