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The story that was never told; The Salvatore's life before Katherine.

Florence, Italy.

"Stefan! Damon! Venite al piano di sotto!"
Come downstairs.

Stefan heard his fathers deep, booming voice calling him from downstairs.
He warily placed down the book he was reading and stood up from his chair by the window.
A glance out onto the streets of Florence told Stefan why his father was calling him.
A black horse-drawn carriage waited outside; all the curtains were shut.
This didn't alarm him. The burning Italian sun could often be harsh on the eyes.
It did not occur to him that the sun was now setting, setting the previously sapphire sky on fire with different shades of burgundy.
"Ah, fratellino. Please, ladies first." Damon said, allowing Stefan to be the first to descend the elegant stair case.
Damon never called Stefan 'Fratellino' - Or 'Brother' in English.
When he did, he was up to something.
Ah Damon. He was…. A character.
He was handsome to say the least.
Blessed with the dark hair that made the girls of Florence drop at his feet, Damon was most definitely a womanizer. Much to the dislike of his father, Guiseppe.
Damon's eyes were the deepest brown anyone could ever imagine. "Deep pools of molten chocolate" as Stefan had heard them so eloquently described by Damon's admirers.
Everything that could suggest Damon was a dark and sinister character seemed to be unimportant to the "sweet girls of Italia".

Stefan did have his fair share of looks – he was just more appealing to women from outside Florence.
He just did not have his brother's dark hair, or his fathers deep brown eyes.
He had his mother's mouse brown hair and his grandmother's leaf green eyes.
As Stefan walked calmly down the stairs, he caught a glimpse of his father giving instructions to their house maid in fluent Italian.
"Assicurarsi che tutto sia perfetto! Perfetto!"
Make sure everything is perfect. Perfect!
Why was it so essential that everything was perfetto?
As Stefan looked around, he noticed that the rugs covering the bare floor had been cleaned, the wooden banister had been polished and the silver on the shelves had been scrubbed mercilessly.
Their elegant house was cleaner than he had ever seen it. He found himself wondering desperately what the occasion was that had put the cleaning staff into a frenzy.
As the door opened, he found the answer.
She stood in the doorway, wearing a fitting cream corset with a green skirt the exact colour of Stefan's eyes.
Golden curls were topped with a pale green hat with a dainty white ribbon running around it. The only difference in her colour scheme of cream and green, was a ring made of lapis lazuli. It was the exact colour of her eyes.
She was beautiful… Yet different.
When she opened her mouth, she spoke perfect English and was definitely not Italian.
"Ah! Katherine! è un piacere!" His father greeted her warmly, taking her hand and kissing it lightly.
'It is a pleasure.'
"Il piacere è mio, Giuseppe!" Katherine replied, bowing her head in respect and gratitude.
'The pleasure is mine, Giuseppe.'

Clearly, she spoke fluent Italian also.
His father, Guiseppe Salvatore, was greatly pleased by her fluency in his language.
"Please, meet my sons!" His father said, indicating majestically to his sons that stood side by side, both admiring the foreign beauty in their home.
"Stefan and Damon."
Katherine curtseyed, but never removed her eyes from the young men that stood in front of her.
"Katherine Von Swartzchild. I was sent to England after my family perished in Germany. I have since been sent to Italia. Your father was gracious enough to offer myself and my hand maid a place to stay." She said, smiling warmly at Guiseppe.
Damon took her pale hand and kissed it as lightly as his father had.
"Siete più che benvenuti qui, Miss Katherine."
'You are more than welcome here, Miss Katherine."
Katherine smiled, and fluttered her eyelashes at Damon. "Tu sei gentile come tuo padre." She said, smiling warmly.
'You are as kind as your father.'

Damon seemed relieved that she spoke fluent Italian.
His English was not yet perfectly fluent.
Something that his younger brother was remarkably smug about.
His English was more or less perfetto.

"Adalina!" Guisappe called to the house maid. "Please show Miss Katherine and her hand maid to their rooms!" He said, pleased as Katherine and her maid smiled in gratitude.
"Gudren." Katherine's maid introduced herself, curtseying just as her mistress had.
"It is a pleasure to have you here with us." Guisappe smiled, taking Gudren's hand and kissing it lightly. Not as lightly as he kissed Katherine's hand, Stefan noticed idly.

Katherine disappeared up the stairs after Adalina – Gudren following close behind.
Gudren was average, to say the least.
She wore a simple white dress – white upper half, simple white skirt.
The only thing that stood out was the washed out grey scarf she wore around her neck.
It was the height of the Italian summer – why would anyone need a scarf?

Stefan however, seemed to be the only one with doubts about their new house guest.

She was German, but there was no German accent there. Only English.
Get to know her before you judge her. She could have been in England since she was two years old. Maybe that's why she doesn't have a German accent.Stefan told himself.
He put his thoughts to rest, and climbed the stairs to his bedroom.
He passed Katherine's room on the way up and heard her and Gudren talking in whispers. The whispers stopped as he walked past.
Stefan paid this no mind, and simply retired himself to his room, intent on getting some sleep.

"She is a possible wife for you, Damon? Maybe you can finally settle down. Give me those grand children." Guisappe said, sitting comfortably on the rich fabric of the European chair he had brought over. The chair sat in the lavishly decorated front room, which was currently the place in which Damon was under interrogation from his own father.
"Father, I have told you a million times. I do not want to settle down. I am not ready for a famiglia!" Damon said.
This discussion had been had a thousand times before.
Damon was not ready for a 'famiglia' – 'Family'.
His father was adamant that he settle down soon – that he marry a respectable woman with a respectable family and have more Salvatore children that would grow to be respectable men in an Italian society.
Everything was about respect with Guisappe Salvatore. He valued respect greatly, and demanded it from his sons and his peers in Florence.
"Dannazione Damon!" His father never said 'Dammit'. His upper lip quivered and his eyes burned in their sockets. With rage or passion, who knew?
"I will marry father! When I am ready!" Damon protested.
His father simply tutted and stormed from the room, leaving Damon staring out of the window at the beautiful city of Florence, bathed in the silver light of the moon.

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